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Because of my right hand/wrist I wasn’t able to sew for days… well, it’s felt better for about two days now already, but I didn’t want to risk irritating it right away, so I held until today before I started working on my projects again. :3 I have some plans for shop clothing as well, but first I’m going to finish a trade and work on some clothes for my own dolls… but hopefully I’ll be able to update the shop by the end of this month with some new items. I found really lovely knits the last time that I visited the fabric shop, so I plan to make a few sweaters in Minisup/Narae size~ ^^ And then some more stuff for Pureneemos, as well, ’cause it seems like those sell pretty well. x3

Anyway, here are some WIP photos of what I worked on today:

A dress in progress for the lovely Heather~ x3 I went a little overboard with the hem, it ended up becoming a bit too full for mori style :’D I’m still undecided about how to attach it to the top, I’ll have to think about it more tomorrow with a fresh mind.

Update (8th of Feb): I concluded that the hem is waaaay too full for one neemo dress and there’s not way I’ll get it attached without making it too thick… so I braved myself and cut it in half, so I’ll have two dresses to choose from instead of one, haha. :’D

The first dress is only missing snaps and the second one needs to be sewn together… I figured a name for these, they’ll be “Twin Bluebell” dresses. :3 There will be minor differences in detailing of the second dress… I can’t make another pair of straps from fabric because my fingers died. @__@;; Lace it is!

Super quick 1½hour “let’s see if it becomes even relatively coat-like if I cut the pieces like this”. Didn’t plan this very much so it’s kinda fail, I should’ve made the hem A LOT wider like my gut said… but ofc I didn’t listen to it. >_>;; Well, it’ll do until I have the energy to make a better one. I suck at making anything relatively jacket/coat-like, haha. x’D

Quite a productive day I’d say… I’ll continue tomorrow, too tired anymore today and it got dark already a couple of hours ago. Lamp light is not my friend when sewing tiny neemo clothes, haha!

Oh, and my first customer from Japan tweeted me! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It makes me so happy to see clothes that I’ve made on other people’s dolls~ ♥ 本当に嬉しいですね~!(´ ▽`).。o♡

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