White dress (underbust corset + lace skirt)

Sewn already last week but I didn’t have a camera so I couldn’t take photos until now. I’m labeling this as a dress, because I doubt I’ll be using these much separately… unless the skirt works with other tops too. I didn’t photograph these separately (yet anyway) because I’m lazy. This isn’t an actual corset because it lacks certain characteristics, but I don’t know what else to call it, so… well, it does have lining, lacing at the back and boning, so it comes close I guess.

I did one practise version before this and it failed completely… this one turned out a bit better though it’s still wrinkly at some parts and I measured the back wrong so I can’t tighten it as much as I’d like to. Well, the pattern is fixed now so hopefully the next one turns out better… whenever I have energy to make another (if ever).

Used plain white cotton fabric and for the sides + back I used an ivory-toned lace fabric on top, to make it seem a bit more luxurious and to give it some shine & texture. There’s ruffled lace on the “hem” of the corset.

The skirt is basically two layers of store bought ruffled lace sewn together. I wish I had more of it, it’s so easy to transform into a skirt and it looks all fancy… x’D Also added a simple tulle train… it attaches to the lacing on the back of the corset.

Status: Not for sale

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