Twin Bluebell dresses

Phew, I finally finished these. x__x Because they started as one hem that I cut in half and made into two dresses, there is a bit of uneven-ness in the folds. :S I didn’t even realise to check that before I sewed both dresses together. Thanks to that they’re a bit wonky at the back… but overall I think they look cute and I’m rather pleased with them. :3 I’d have to be, after all the time that I spent working on these, haha. :’D

But yeah, rather than my ramblings, I’m sure you all want to see photos. xD

Modeled on S & M type bodies. Both dresses fit both bodies, and the one that Lycee (dark hair) is wearing has more room, so it should also fit the L type body. Not the LL-bust, though, haha. xD

Sorry for the decapitated neemos, I found it easier to remove their heads altogether rather than push the hair aside, lol. :’D

But yeah, I made these dresses with Heather in mind… because we both love mori girl style clothes, so I thought that sewing something mori for our trade would be a good idea. xD And I’d found this lovely blue fabric that I thought was appropriate for mori style… although, in the end I’m not sure how mori these are after all, but well… they’re cute anyway. :’D

Next I’m gonna sew some clothes for my own dolls for a change… especially my BJDs need new clothes, and badly. @.@;;


  • Heather

    I think they turned out amazingly cute!! Also, where are those little blue shoes with the bows on them from?? So cute!

    I can’t wait to see what you sew for your girls, too!

    • mizya

      Aww, I’m so glad to hear that you like them! ^^ ♥ Which one is your favourite? I’ll pack it up for you. :) If I don’t have time to go to the post office tomorrow, I’ll ship your clothes the first thing on Thursday morning~

      The shoes are from QMagicDoll at Etsy. I bought them last summer thinking that they might match Chocolate Ice Lycee’s clothes, haha. xD But when I actually got Lycee home, I saw that the shoes are more blue while the mint in Lycee’s clothing is more green in tone, agh. xD Well, they’re cute anyway… I need to find a minty blue fabric that would match them.

    • mizya

      Okay, I’ll pack that one for you! ;3 ♥ Seems like I need to delay my trip to the PO until tomorrow because I’m also waiting on a package myself and seems like it’ll only be there tomorrow. >.>;; I used to have a PO right next to where I live, but they moved it far away… during winter it’s a long walk because I can’t ride my bicycle… it’s quite frustrating. :S

      But I’ll definitely ship out your things tomorrow! I’ll provide a tracking number via Etsy then~ ^^ Thanks so much for your patience!! ♥

      Yeah, I just noticed that they have some new designs available, uh-oh. >.>;; Since I have more neemo girls now that would need shoes, I think I need to make an order soon. Those kitty shoes especially are to die for! xD

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