Snowflake Princess dress

Okay, so… today I finished sewing this dress set that I’ve been working on for three days or so. It’s for Azone Pureneemos, modelled on the M-type body. The set consists of a dress, underbust corset, wrist cuffs and a pair of socks. I also made a small necklace to go with it, although I didn’t have small enough jewelry locks so you need to remove the doll’s head in order to put it on.

I had hoped to create a really gorgeous OOAK dress set, but… the fabrics didn’t cooperate and I made a lot of mistakes with it. :S As a result, the quality of the dress isn’t as good as I’d hope for it to be… I really need more non-stretchy tulle (that dress was a pain to sew because it streched all over the place grr) and thinner cotton. The corset is lined, but that made it a little thick. :S Also, the eyelets are too big, but they’re the smallest ones that I have and I couldn’t come up with a better way to lace the corset, so…

Well, at least the outfit looks nicer in photos… for a while I wondered if I even dare to sell it because I don’t feel it’s the greatest quality, but… I do need the money more so I suppose I’ll have to put my pride aside for now, ahah. “””oTL The price will be lower than I originally thought to compensate for it, though… I originally would’ve considered selling a set like this for 35 euros, but I don’t dare to ask more than 28 euros for this one.

But anyway, here are the photos:

I’ll put it up in my shop on Monday or Tuesday, depending on how fast I get a couple of casual sweaters finished… it’ll be easier to update everything at once.


  • Heather

    Oh my goodness, it’s super cute 0_0

    I *wish* my best sewing efforts looked this good! XD
    Oh, also, when it comes to Pure Neemos, I actually prefer necklaces where you have to remove the head, as trying to do tiny clasps is too hard for me!!!!

    • mizya

      ( I used my admin power and combined your two comments, haha xD )

      Ahh, thank you so much. ^/////^ ♥ It’s just that I’m a perfectionist and super critical of my own work, so it frustrates me when I make obvious mistakes when I could’ve done something better. xD;;; But it does look cute in photos, at least.

      Haha, I just worry because a lot of people seem to make clothes and accessories so that they close at the back with snaps, buttons or velcro so that they’re easy to put on without removing the doll’s head… that maybe people won’t buy my stuff because it’s more difficult to put on. But I try to make the clothes as realistic as possible, adding snaps on the back of the shirt makes it so… well, doll-like. xD It does take more work to sew a seam at the back and then sew on the snaps, too, I’m such a lazy person that I never feel like doing that. :’D It’s also why I prefer to just make shirts as if I’d make them for a person – but of course with dolls you will have to remove the head to put it on, unless the neck is big enough to fit over the doll’s head – or hips if you want to avoid putting it over their heads.

      • Heather

        Well, for me, I’m perfectly happy removing Pure Neemo heads… I feel like Neemos are made to have heads and hands easily removed for clothes fitting… and I totally agree with you, I prefer the more realistic look to the clothes, without the giant snaps, or too thick hems, or awkward neck lines!

        A friend of mine maker her own tiny wire clasps for dolls like Fashion Royalty (whose heads are very difficult to remove) and those work really well too… but for Pure Neemos, she doesn’t bother XD She goes claspless XD

    • mizya

      Thank you~ x3 ♥ Ahah, I’m actually not patient at all – it’s a wonder I even got it finished. :’D There were a couple of times when I wanted to give up because it wasn’t working out… and it still could be better, but… yeah. xD I’m really not a fan of sewing corsets, lol~

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