More mori and a simple neemo dress

I updated some new items in my Etsy shop today. One evening I had an idea to add some lace onto the neckline of the knit sweaters that I made before for more romantic look, and then I decided to try making a long skirt to go with them… I’d made four sweaters previously so I divided them in half: two don’t have the lace and two do. So, of course I also made two long skirts so that they can be purchased as a matching set with the sweaters.

I spent the whole day sewing those long skirts today so I’m pretty exhausted and don’t have the energy to babble much… they turned out pretty well, I think. But after this I doubt I’ll make more BJD clothes for sale, because they just don’t sell… too much competition I suppose. :/ So I’ll just make neemo clothes for sale from now on, because those seem to sell relatively well. I may accept commissions for BJD clothes, though, depending on the request and if I have the right kind of fabric. But no more ready-to-sell clothes for BJDs of any size.

The new pieces on Narae:

I think I’ll try to fix the waistband when I have the energy again, it’s a bit too wide after all…


And on Minisup:


I also made this simple neemo dress the other day. It has some really dumb flaws, but I’m selling it for a discounted price (9€ as opposed to 14€)

My next project is to sew a bunch of socks and make neemo-sizes versions of those knit sweaters. But I need to have a small break now, I’ve been sewing all day like a mad person, haha. xD I’m pretty much ready to go to sleep now.

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