January orders shipped

A few weeks back flickr sent me an email basically saying that they’d delete my account if I keep posting about my shop/items that I’m selling in my photostream, so now I need to rely on this blog more for shop updates. Sorry for the inconvenience. :/

But yeah, I felt that I should make a small update about my shop because it has taken me longer than I anticipated to finish & ship out all the orders. I do have that two-week shipping schedule as default in the shop just in case, but generally I am able to ship out everything within 2-5 working days. This time the cause for the delay was that I had to go out of town for four days in between and also had other IRL responsibilities when I got back home. I also noticed that there were some quality issues with a few of the items and I wanted to fix those before shipping out everything. I’m really sorry for the delay, I will try to do my best from now on so that there will not be delay like this again. >.<;; But this morning I visited the post office and shipped out all the pending orders - well, except for one because I'll be making a couple of additional items for that one. xD But the buyer has been informed about this. Here's a photo from last night of the items after I'd finished packaging them:

I also seemed to strain my right hand/wrist too much due to this excessive sewing within a few days (and I’m right-handed so). -.-;; Yesterday it hurt like hell since morning, I could barely make a fist with my right hand because it hurt too much. Also, when I pressed the palm of the hand with my thumb, that hurt a lot as well… and my wrist seemed slightly swollen. It was really difficult to grab onto smaller items like a pen or a needle because of the pain. It’s a bit better today, although it still hurts. I closed up shop temporarily because of this… but we’ll see if I manage to take it easy because I have tons of things that I’d need to sew and I actually have the drive to work on them now. @.@;; Well, at least today I need to take a break because yesterday I did a lot of hand-sewing to finish up everything… I was still sewing around midnight, ahah. x’D

I was running out of business cards, so I ordered some new ones. I always hated the previous ones that I ordered from Goodprint because there wasn’t good enough instructions on making them and the texts ended up being really tiny and colours all wrong… now I ordered from Moo cards because they also allowed to order more than one design in one batch. I can’t wait to get them! :3 I’ll post a review about Moo’s service when they arrive~

Once again, I deeply apologise for the delay! m(_ _)m


  • Spica

    Aww, the clothes look so cute all neatly packed like that. :3

    Thank you for following me in Blogger! I’ve added a link to your blog to the Spica reads-list on my blog, I hope that’s ok? :)

    • mizya

      You’re welcome! ^^ I’m shy at commenting but I stalk a lot, haha. xD Well, I’m trying to comment more now, it’s my goal for this year.

      And sure, that’s okay! :3

  • Heather

    Oh no! Definitely take care of your hands!

    I think (or at least I hope!) you’ll like Moo, I think they have really great print quality, and the cards have a great feel to them!

    I can’t wait to get my little package from you either (hahaha, I’m the trouble-maker shipping out later!)… and I’m excited for the box I’m putting together to reach you!

    • mizya

      I haven’t sewn anything for two days now and my hand feels better… although when I was washing the dishes, I noticed that my wrist didn’t like that much. >.>;; I guess that sort of round movement while holding the uhh… dish washing brush? xD isn’t okay either… but I can’t exactly not wash the dishes either. If it doesn’t get better soon, I probably need to go see a doctor about it. >.>;;

      Oh my! xD You’re too sweet, haha~ ♥ I hope that I can continue sewing soon so that I’ll get your items sent out as well!

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