Golden Beige set for Minisup/Narae girl

Time for a shop update! I made some knit sweaters and ruffled skirts in Supiadoll Minisup size, but they also fit Narae girls. Well, Naraes hips are a bit narrower and her butt more flat, so the skirts are a bit loose… but it’s a decent fit. The sweaters fit both the huge Volume bust as well as the smaller Narae bust, though. :3 Took one photo of the sweater on Yun to demonstrate the fit on the Volume bust~

Mostly the modelling is done by my cutiepie Mi Cha, who is a Withdoll Cathy on the Supiadoll Minisup body. Old type, naturally. I’ve got no clue if the new Minisup has different measurements, other than the obvious bigger circumference of the bust.

Guaranteed fit on the old Minisup girl body and a decent fit on Narae. I don’t have any other bodies to try it on… although, well, it should also fit Withdoll girls because their chest cirmumference is around the same size size as Narae’s and they have bigger bums. Although, not quite as big as the Minisup, I don’t think. xD

But anyway, here are photos and links to the listings:

Golden Beige set for Minisup girl
Sample coordinate~ The kitty hat is made by Yenna, her Etsy shop is Dimensions Style.

Yun Hee here is a Narae with the Volume bust.

Listing: Golden Beige knit sweater

Listing: Beige ruffle skirt
I do have plans to make sweaters like this in Azone Pureneemo size, but it will take a while to make those. Skirts maybe if there are any leftovers of the fabric after I’m done with the Minisup ones.


  • Heather

    Oh my goodness I love that red wavy wig on her 0_0

    The outfit is, of course, amazing too… although I don’t think I have anyone it would fit XD
    I’ll be keeping an eye out for those Pure Neemo versions though!

    Tiny, sparkly cute sweaters? Yes please! XD

    • mizya

      I love it too, it’s a new wig and I tried it on for the first time here. xD It’s not as dark and brown as I’d hoped, but it’s much more well made than the Iplehouse wigs that I have for Yun. This wig is from Bluefairy… I wish I could get this BF wig in the same colour as those Iple wigs, then she’d have the perfect hair! I’m really picky about my dolls’ hair and eye colours, haha. :’D

      Haha, the knit is really thin so it should be easy to sew in neemo size too. xD Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll have a decent stock to update in the shop… I’m a bit slow. :’D Especially since my own neemos are demanind clothes, too. >.>;;;

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