Fairytale sets

I haven’t done much photography lately since I’ve been sewing. I’m starting the project of migrating my sewing posts from my old LJ community into this blog because it’s easier to have everything in one place… so, don’t be alarmed if suddenly there are random entries everywhere, lol. xD Luckily I can manipulate the dates so I can put everything into chronological order, yay~

But here’s my newest work that I’ve been working on for the past couple of days:

I found these really cute Fairytale prints at the local fabric shop and had to make something out of them. >u< I couldn't decide between Little Red Riding Hood and Three Little Pigs so I got both, haha~ I made tights out of the cute prints and paired them with a white knit shirt. I wanted to keep the shirt simple so that it won't steal attention from the tights' print. The fit is also loose, so that they should fit different dolls in the YoSD scale. Ciao Bellas are a bit slimmer than other 27cm tinies in general, you see...

But yeah, here they are:

Status: Available @ Etsy

Status: Available @ Etsy

And for fun, the packaging:

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