Earthy colours

Building my sewing portfolio here, slowly but surely. I’ve made a lot of Azone dresses recently, but I started sewing for my BJDs for a change. Since I redid Mi Cha’s face up, I also wanted to make a cute outfit for her… since autumn is here and she mostly has summery clothes.

I bought more of the fabric that I made her pink summer dress from, this time in brown. I also found this ruffly fabric for super cheap (usually it costs 20€/m as a bolt, but I found a leftover piece of around 1,30m for 12€!! lucky~) and it matched really nicely with the “wrinkled” fabric that I got this idea for an outfit. Well, originally I wanted to make cute puffy shorts, but the Minisup bum is really full… it’s difficult to make a nicely fitted pattern, I’m bad with pants to begin with. -.-;;; Well, perhaps one day…

But yeah, maybe I’ll just post photos and let them speak for themselves… they’re quite bad ’cause I took them in a hurry, lol. x’D


Also, not a commission, but I’m too lazy to make a new tag, haha. I recently made a dress of that fabric for Yenna’s Avis as a gift. ^^ It’s like Mi Cha’s dress, just in brown while Mi Cha’s is pink. :3 I also left it without decorations, Yenna can decorate it how she wants, haha. xD


And I made a bikini, top and a short t-shirt for Yun in… July? Or was it earlier? I haven’t photographed any of those, ahah… ^^;; I was going out of town so I didn’t have time, and after I came back I’d lost interest. x’D They’ll appear in photoshoots in the future, lol!

Here’s one photo that shows the t-shirt a bit, though:

The text says “Hey boy”.

Status: Not for sale

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