Choco Mori dress & knitted sweaters

A big sewing update incoming. xD I had plans to make some casual knit sweaters already when I made the Snowflake Princess dress, but on Saturday I got a bit distracted in between and made a mori girl style dress first. :’D Ooops. But I like making mori girl style clothes so much~ >^< Thankfully Akemi was the one modelling, if I'd tried it on Kotone or Kotori, I wouldn't have wanted to give it up, ahahah... """oTL But yeah, I'm quite happy with how the dress turned out... it's a new version of a dress that I once made for Kotone. This time the edges are neatly finished. xD I don't have other than black and off-white thread for my serger, so then I figured I'd use off-white thread all around the dress for a decorative effect... thankfully I didn't screw up the stiching. -.-;; That's why I avoid doing decorative stiching, because I usually manage to screw it up really visibly somewhere. :D;; But this time the result is pretty good, I'm very satisfied~ I cry a little that I have to give this dress up, though! x'D [caption width="533" align="aligncenter"] I accessorised it a bit with Azone hat, bag and socks, haha. xD But they’re obviously not included in the sale.[/caption]

And then we have the sweaters that I finished this morning. :3 I’ve done sweaters like this for BJDs earlier (in SD, MSD and tiny sizes) and I’ve never liked sewing them. xD;; The smaller the scale, the more annoying. I did finish some of the edges that I could with the serger, but not all of them were possible… because it makes them kinda stiff & thick-looking, for obvious reasons. :S For my own dolls I never bother to use serger but I figured ’cause these shed a bit when they have unfinished edges, I should make the sellable ones more carefully. xD; Although, none of my Azone-made clothes have finished edges either and especially the knits shed a lot.

But well, I made these in three colours: light blue, light pink and white. There are two available of each. Lt blue and white ones will be permanently sold out once these are gone, I don’t have enough fabric to keep making more of them. The Light pink ones I’ll be able to restock if there is more demand. ^^

First all of them in one photo. xD The sweaters are made for the regular bust, but also fit Mio’s LL-bust, as you can see. :3

These are up in my shop now, along with the Snowflake Princess dress set. :3


    • mizya

      I thought that I had already replied, but apparently not. @.@;; I can be such a scatterbrain sometimes!
      Thank you so much for your order and kind words! ^^ ♥ I was hoping to ship out all the orders today, but when I was doing a quality check, I noticed that I need to fix a few of the sweaters… ><;;; It didn't help that I had to go out of town in between, so I'm behind in schedule now, gah! But I'll try my best so that I'll be able to ship out your order by Monday at the latest! So sorry for the delay~!

      • Heather

        No worries, I saw here on your blog that you said you were going out of town for a few days XD

        … and I do that all the time, I read responses to posts on my blog… and then think I’ve replied to them, when I haven’t at all 0_0

        • mizya

          Sometimes it’s hard to schedule hobby things when real life responsibilities get in the way. >.>;; I’ve been feeling really tired for the past few days, I wonder if I’m getting sick… I sure hope not, I have tons of things that I’d need to do! >__<;;; Haha, glad to hear that I'm not the only once. xD Especially when I'm busy, I feel like I forget everything! Too many things to remember at once, I suppose.

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