Checkered mori set

This set has been in the works for a while ’cause I haven’t had that much inspiration for sewing… but last night I finally decided to finish it and did some decorating and final touches this morning. It was supposed to be sunny, but of course it wasn’t so I had to edit the hell out of the photos again. -__-;;

But yeah, the set consists of a longer dress and a long vest to be worn with it. The dress by itself is somewhat plain, but it’s mean to be layered, so I wanted to keep it simple. The vest didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, but thankfully they look cute as a set. I may have to make one set like this for Kotone, too… if I have the energy at some point, that is. xD;;

I meant to put this up in my Etsy shop but it sold before I could, haha. :’3 Hopefully the new owner will like the set~ ♥

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