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Why I don’t like chest joints

I’ll eventually do a proper review of the Vito body’s posing, but for now I’m addressing the only major problem that I have with it. The chest joint. Otherwise this body is such a dream, it has the awesome, awesome double joints at the elbows and knees and his arms and legs have a great range of movement in general. His wrists are also very poseable and his ankles, too, but he’s still stable. My Soulkid NL body is a complete idiot with the hidden joints, his legs are even broken at the back of his knees because there’s too much strain on the hidden joints…

So, for starters I decided to take some reference photos of the chest joint, which hopefully help to explain why I’m not a fan of this trend and can only hope it dies soon. I’m all for natural posing, and chest joints are far from the natural movement of the human body.

Don’t mind the difference between Hisoka’s head and body, he’s got a normal skin head on a white skin body. The difference isn’t noticeable when he’s wigged and clothed, but this way it’s more obvious.

First we have Soulkid NL boy and Vito double jointed guy in their default positions.
And from the side.
Then let’s get to bending these dudes. The NL body has a rounder and softer shape, so it doesn’t look too bad – and it actually bends more thanks to this as well. The Vito is all sorts of ridiculous, I don’t know who thought that this was a good idea on any level.
Nice gaping hole in the back for the Vito! And such sharp edges, ugh…
But percisely because the NL body has soft and round shapes, it tends to pull this kind of crap. Not fun. Vito can at least stay effortlessly in place, so… yay?
But not to worry, Vito can bend to the side too, and manages to look even more broken!
With the NL boy it’s easier to hide the broken-ness of the torso.
Vito’s legs are more stable, so he can lean his lower torso backwards better than the NL boy. But the upper part of the Vito torso really doesn’t bend forward much.
I sincerely doubt anyone can honestly say that this looks attractive in any way.

… yeap. I’m thankful that I no longer have a single female doll with a chest joint, ’cause things get even more difficult and ridiculous with boobs. x__x These two are my only idiots currently. But yeah, I’ll do a proper review about the Vito body’s posing later… I have lots of sewing work to do so I don’t have the time for now, next week is gonna be busy with IRL stuff.

EDIT: Look what this idiot did when I was posing him with his wife:

“Hjalp I broken”
… *sigh*


  • Janina

    On kyllä melkosen härskin näkönen toi NL-kropan rintajointti! Ne ei oo selvästi tehtaalla osannu ajatella asiaa ihan loppuun asti.. XD Onneks sentään muuten toi kroppa näyttää tosi hyvältä ja ainahan sitä voi vaatteilla yrittää blokkailla pahimmat virheet! ^w^

  • Irene

    Wow that last photo @o@. I guess the reason chest joints don’t bother me much is because I usually take more photos with clothes than without, and the torso does look more aesthetically pleasing when straight up ~ But I still have a soft spot for 1 piece torsos, especially with girls! XD

    All in all I have to say I prefer waist joints over chest joints in general though. Because chest joints have a strange tendency to “swivel” around more.

    I think it’s just a matter of priorities :D

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