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White skin resin comparison

The other day I took some photos of the white skins that I currently have in my possession (though IpleHouse will be leaving soon) and I thought that well, since I have this blog now, I might as well share them here. I should make posts about other resin comparisons that I’ve made, too… as soon as I locate the images, haha. xD 

When I take new photos, I will update them to the bottom of this page. So please scroll down for possible updates.

– updated on the 6th of January, 2014 

IOS white skin (old type) March 2012, Soom cream white (I got the doll in 2010 but don’t know when it was manufactured), Dollshe pale skin December 2012, IpleHouse white skin February 2013 and D-storic milky white November 2012

And here are some close ups of different combinations that hopefully show the differences a little better. There is a white skin Souldoll body behind the headcaps. It was made in July 2012 and is a nearly perfect match with Dollshe’s pale skin.

And some older comparisons that I’ve done earlier:


Update on the 6th of January, 2014:

Hopefully sharing this will be helpful. :3

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