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Souldoll Vito posing

Ookay, last week I finally got around taking some photos of Souldoll Vito male body’s posing, but it took me a while to get this entry up.

Last year I already addressed my biggest problem with this body: the chest joint. But I felt that those photos alone aren’t enough to show how much of a hindrance that one bad joint poses (no pun intended) for the body as a whole. So, I took some general posing photos to show how the chest joint affects handling this body.

As a warning: this post will be very opinionated. Souldoll has been one of my favourite companies since I started this hobby in 2005 and back then their Double bodies were the high standard for poseability. So, I’m quite sad that these days they don’t – for whatever reason – seem to put as much effort into engineering their doll bodies as they used to. I’m the type of hobbyist who loves these dolls precisely because they are poseable, and I strive for natural posing, so… when dolls aren’t capable of that, I find it very frustrating.

And one more thing that I would like to point out, is that Souldoll actually has two versions of Souldoll Vito body available:
Hidden Double jointed version
Shown Double jointed version

Photos ©Souldoll

So, if you go as far as to offer two different versions… I don’t think there would be any harm in making more of a difference between the two versions. You could have the hidden version with less noticeable joints for those who are bothered by joints, and then there could be the shown version for people like me, who actually want their dolls to be able to pose as well and naturally as possible, and who don’t care that much about whether the joints make the doll body look “less aesthetically pleasing” or whatever. Souldoll’s double joints are far, far from looking ugly, anyway. So personally I’m not at all bothered by the joints.

I did choose the Shown Double joint version body for my Berial. It looks very sexy, I love the propotions (apart from the huge feet, he’s a PAIN to find shoes for), the limbs are an absolute dream to pose… … but the chest joint. It ruins a package that would otherwise be absolutely perfect in my eyes.

And now, I will demonstrate this through the photos that I took:

Let’s start with sitting poses. The knee joints are damn awesome and he can sit with his legs apart nicely – unlike the Soulkid NL boy that I have. It’s more manly than sitting with the thighs together. I find it so strange if a male doll can’t sit like a man.
Unfortunately, another feature that you’d need for a manly sitting pose, is a slouch. And with this chest joint, it’s not really possible. Not to mention that the joint is very sharp edged and thoroughly unattractive.
Luckily he’s got such bigass (sexy) biceps that you can hide the torso gapping from some angles. But still, the torso looks very clumsy and stiff…
The gaping hole in his back isn’t very sexy, imo.
Switched up the pose a bit. Knee joints of love! They hold poses really well and are effortless to handle. These old style double joints by Souldoll are the best I’ve ever handled! BIG THUMBS UP for the Vito knee and elbow joints.
Unfortunately those sexy arms can’t hide everything…
… and especially not if you lift the arms up. I don’t think anyone can HONESTLY say that this looks good. I really don’t. And no, it doesn’t look much better with clothes on either (not to mention, you don’t really want to have a shirt there eaten by that awful joint).
Seriously, looking at this makes ME ache.
From the front… nothing natural about that torso.
Standing up…
Nice gap you got there, dude.
Looks even more ridiculous from behind! Like, what did the sculptor think when they made this joint…
And when you put the torso in its default pose… I feel like he’s constantly holding his breath and/or flexing his abs. Makes me uncomfortable as well…
Moved the arm out of the way. Stiff! We’re not in the army here…
Another thing that is especially fun for dolls with tanned skin: the damn joint grinds on his lower torso and there’s resin dust everywhere! Also, I did a bodyblushing for my guy and it polished the MSC coating all shiny right away. Niiiice. Totally not.
Reflect on your actions! Or, non-actions, seeing as you can’t bend your torso properly…
Back in the army now. But hey, awesome knee joints!
Let’s do the “sexy lying down” pose, uuuhhh! All the limbs look nice and natural, but… the torso. So stiff. Nothing sexy about this.
It’s like he was trying to get back up and he broke his back and can’t move from this position anymore. And well, broke his back rather literally.
You know how sexy it is when you’re lying down and a hot man turns to his side to gaze deep into your eyes… well, it would be sexier if he didn’t have a gaping hole in his side.
… yeah, I’m pretty speechless here. Not from hotness, but from horror.
Then I brought in Narae, because my Soulkid NL boy is another idiot with a chest joint. I only have mini girls with waist joints, Narae 43cm and Minisup old type bodies. BUT REALLY – I think it’s quite obvious which one here is a natural pose that doesn’t go against human anatomy.
The difference in bodyline is miles apart. Just look at both dolls’ navels and you can tell that something is seriously off with the Vito.
Waist joint = more aesthetically pleasing. No competition whatsoever.
Side by side comparisons. Narae with a natural slouch, Vito with… “help the upper part of my body was cut and is about to fall off” ?
Bodyline. No gapping whatsoever on Narae, only a smooth and natural shape.
Like… really.
The arms are really nice and hold poses well. They don’t snap back against his sides even if you leave them like this. Some dolls suffer from that, you can only have the arm close to their side or then extend it to the side as a continuation of the dolls’ shoulder.

He’d make an awesome wrist watch model. A+ for the arms and legs, nothing for the torso.

In the end my opinion is… this dude is damn lucky he’s handsome as hell, because otherwise he’d be out of the door so fast. I’d love to get more Vitos, BUT I just… can’t deal with that idiotic joint. All I ask is why: why make it like this? I. just. don’t. understand.

I really wish Souldoll would modify the torso on the Shown Double joint body and move the joint lower to the doll’s waist. That would be so, so, so much better. Especially when there’s the Hidden Double jointed version that could keep this type of jointing, so where would be the harm in changing one of the two bodies? I know that I won’t get another Vito doll for as long as the joint is like this. I’ve talked with some other hobbyists and they won’t even consider buying their first Vito SOLELY because of the chest joint. So… Souldoll is definitely loosing customers over this.

Now, if they had only one type of Vito body available… I wouldn’t have much hope on them ever changing the joint. BUT, THERE ARE TWO. Why couldn’t Souldoll change one of them to suit the needs of those, who want their dolls to pose naturally? Nobody would loose anything, it would only lead to a win-win situation, as people who prefer chest joints and as few joints as possible could go for the Hidden version, while me and others who long for a waist joint and don’t mind the double-jointed elbows and knees could go for the Shown version. Win-Win!

Well, that’s enough venting for now I suppose. I’ll go back to admiring Yosh’s pretty face and cursing that useless torso…

Grr, torso gapping… !


  • jeims

    That chest joint is exactly why I hesitated getting a Vito and was definitely one major factor in why I decided not to get one. I love Souldoll in some ways, like their bodies look really good when they are just standing around and they have great face sculpts, but these idiotic gapping boobjoints are so ugly I don’t know if I’ll ever get more dolls from them.

    Thanks for the posing reference anyway -_-‘

  • Fantasywoods

    Ohh I love so many Vito sculpts!! But some of those poses look really creepy with the hole so exposed, not nice at all. I hope they do listen and make a second torso for the more visible joints body. It would be great!!!

    I’m also super surprised that He looks so nicely proportioned next to msd girls. I want a tall boy for my MSD girl (ordered Junia *_*) but I still haven’t search much about how they look next to Vitos, thought the difference might be too much haha. I’m new in the msd worl and it’s exciting :D

  • Chuiga

    Äh, en oikeasti edes ymmärrä miksi firmat vaivautuvat tekemään tälläisiä torsojointteja joita ei ole edes tarkoitus ilmeisesti posettaa. Tuo kun ei näytä millään tavalla fiksulta kun sitä liikuttaa. Varsinkin tuo paljastuva kolo kyllä ajaisi minut tälläisen kropan luota nopeasti.

  • Yenna

    This horrible chest joint is the reason I don’t have a Vito yet. I’ve been tempted several times, and again with the new guy, because he was available in grey as well. I have a character and everything for him, but that joint is the only thing in the way. I just can’t justify paying that much for a body with a joint that does not work in any way. I already went through this with the new Zenith body, and I’m not gonna do it again.

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