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I’m really bad at updating this blog these days, ahah… (( ´∀`;)) But today I got new wigs from Crobidoll, which I ordered from their Summer Sale. Crobidoll has good quality wigs and they have a nice discount for some of them (and for some of the clothes, eyelashes etc) right now. I recommed checking them out! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I ordered my wigs on the 20th, they were shipped out the next day, the 21st and the wigs arrived to my door today. Crobi is always pretty quick to ship – at least for me. I usually get a shipping notice in 1-3 days.

And yeah, like I said, I find that their wigs are good quality. The only thing that I have to do for them is even out the bangs – if I get a wig with bangs, that is. For a no bangs style, like Nemesis’ wig, I haven’t had to do anything, lol! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ The wigs are usually pretty close to how they look in the shop photos. However, this time they didn’t have the exact styles that I was looking for my dolls available in their sales category, so I ended up getting a wig that I knew I could restyle to suit my dolls.

I got CRWML-107 (Light Black) in 8″ size for Saki (Oasisdoll Jadeite) and CRWL-107 (Peach Gold) in 9-10″ size for Suiren (DD Sheryl Nome). Basically Suiren could’ve worn 8″ size as well, but it would’ve been really tight with her fabric headcap, so I decided to go for a bigger size. This wig does have a light coloured wigcap so it shouldn’t stain, but I still prefer keeping the fabric headcap under there. Especially after I noticed that my Kagamine Len Volks wig seems to squeeze on my boy’s head and leaves these dent marks on his head. ( ´△`) I should get fabric headcaps for my Kagamine twins too, maybe that would ease on the pressure the wig has on the vinyl.

But aaanyway, onto what became of the wigs.

For Saki, I wanted a straight, mid-lenght black wig with straight bangs. I figured I’d get CRWML-107 because it was mid-lenght and had the bangs I wanted, so naturally all that was left to do after I received the wig, was to straighten it. Here’s how the wig looked when I got it:

It’s so princess-y, lol! (*´艸`*) Especially since Saki was wearing Yun’s clothes because she has to borrow Yun’s body. Earlier I had played with the thought of trying curls for Saki, but now that I got to see her in a curly wig… nope. (-∀-`; ) Straight hair it must be.
From the back.

Straightening this wig was quite simple. I boiled water in a kettle until it was boiling hot. Then I perched the wig on a glass bottle that I put in the sink. I took the kettle and started to carefully pour water on the curls, while holding the wig in place with my fingers at the top – but if you do this, remember to be careful and pour only a bit of water at a time – the steam is really hot and can burn your fingers! Σ(`・Д・ノ)ノ

After I had carefully poured water all over the wig, I took my Tangle Teezer and brushed the wig. That was to see if there were still some parts that hadn’t been straightened out – and there were. So, I boiled another batch of water, and then carefully poured more water onto the wig, brushed it again, poured more water, brushed it… until I was satisfied. After that, I rinsed the wig with cold water, took it off of the bottle and carefully dried it with a low heat setting on the blowdryer.

The bangs were also a bit uneven, so I fixed that as well. The wig ended up looking like this:

Pretty nice, even if I say so myself! You wouldn’t think it used to have curls, hehe~ (人´ω`*)♡ Straightening wigs is pretty easy when you do it with hot water. And of course, when they are made of heat-resistant fiber like Crobidoll’s wigs are.
Quite nice from the back, too.

And for Ren, I got the exact same wig. It didn’t have the kind of bangs that I wanted for her, BUT I didn’t really have a choice because it was the only one in this “Peach Gold” colour that is a mix of blonde and pink fibers. I needed a wig that would be Sheryl’s colour and style, as I recently bought the Date outfit set from Volks and I sold the Date wig that came with my Sheryl right after I got her. (^~^;)ゞ I hadn’t thought that I would be needing the wig, but none of the wigs that I have for Ren didn’t look quite right with the headband, soooo… I needed to get a similar wig so that Ren can wear that outfit as Sheryl, lol.

Well, the Volks Sheryl wigs aren’t really accurate in colour (and Volks’ fiber is horrible quality, the Shine of Valkyria wig is so frizzy even though I haven’t even used it that much on my dolls) because it’s this more dark golden blonde + salmon pink combo… when Sheryl’s hair colour is more of a lighter blonde with peachy pink tips. The Volks wigs are a nice colour, too, but I just don’t think they’re accurate for Sheryl. 「(゚ペ) I’ve been eyeing this certain wig on Taobao that is quite close to Sheryl’s hairstyle and colour, and I’ll be buying it once I figure out a good Taobao agent to use.

But yeah, in the mean time I needed something as a placeholder wig, so I decided to try this wig from Crobi since it was on sale. It needed some more work than Saki’s wig, because I didn’t want to straighten it completely.

The left side of this wig was kinda badly done… the curls weren’t as nice as on the right side. It proved to be a bit problematic… Saki’s wig had better curls, although that one was a bit meh on the left side as well.
In this colour, it’s easier to see how swirly the curls are. A bit too swirly & tight for my purposes.
The first step was to brush out the curls with Tangle Teezer. It helped to loosen the curls, but the wig became super poofy – especially at the top, lol.
From the back as well.

So, what I did after this was taking out a comb and my blowdryer. I put the blowdryer to blow hot air, and then I stretched out the curls with the comb as the hot air was blowing on them. I kept doing that for a while: took a curl into my fingers, stretched it out with the comb, held it in place for a while, and then combed it through. Same for another curl, then another, etc… I kept doing that for a while, until I had mostly loosened the curls.

However, the wig was still poofy at the top, so I took out my straightening iron to finish the job. I put it on the lowest heat setting and then again, took one curl at a time and straightened it at the top, while leaving the tips curly. I proceeded very carefully to make sure that I don’t accidentally burn the wig, although it shouldn’t be a problem as long as the fiber is heat-resistant. But it’s always better to start carefully! (๑´ㅂ`๑)

After I was pleased with how the wig was looking, I put some Volks wig treatment mist on the curls, because it was a bit static from all the brushing and whatnot… although, I managed to spray a bit too much of it towards the back of her head, so the fibers got stuck to each other a bit too much… but well, at least it was no longer static, lol. Here’s how the wig looks like now:

This one ended up looking like it has had work done on it, lol!( ´∀`)It’s much harder to just partially straighten a wig… it might’ve been a better option to fully straighten it and then curl the tips again. Oh well, it’s good enough for me.

I got a bit lazy with the backside, I could’ve used the straightening iron a bit more, after all.

Well, that was me playing hairdresser for a change. I thought that I’d post about this here since I took reference photos ‘n’ all. I’ll try to get some photoshoots edited and posted here soon-ish, too. (০ᄇ০)

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  • Sharon in Spain

    Both wigs look beautiful on their owners. I love that pinky colour, I had an Iplehouse wig in the same colour, actually it was a very similar style too…..and I cut off the curls. It never did look right afterwards but I still keep it ‘just in case’.
    Thanks also for the heads up on the Crobidoll sale, I need some wigs for my incoming Little Cosmos Dolls, I will have to check it out.

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