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Partnership with ForMyDoll

I’m happy to announce that ForMyDoll has chosen me as one of their partners, or as they call us: friends. ^^ I’ll be working with them now in July and August by purchasing wigs and reviewing them in my blog and on their website. I’m very excited about this chance!

I placed an order for the first two wigs yesterday, they are [FMDL-1124] Deep Gray-Silver in 8-9inch size and [FMDS-1075A] Sweet Brown in 6-7inch size. Once the wigs arrive, I will make a review post about them and also list the time that it took for the wigs to ship out and arrive.

I chose Registered Airmail shipping, so it will probably be a couple of weeks before the wigs arrive… but the possibility to use Registered Airmail shipping is one of the reasons why I like FMD a lot, because I think it’s always a plus to have more than one shipping options. Especially when EMS tends to be a little on the expensive side and if you only order small items like a wig and some eyelashes, it feels rather silly to have such small items be shipped by EMS. Only a handful of Korean doll companies offer registered shipping, some have it readily available in their shopping cart and with others you can ask for it. But some companies refuse to offer it at all, because they seem to view it as an unsafe shipping method. However, none of the registered airmail packages that I’ve received from Korea have gotten lost or damaged (I’ve had an EMS package containing a doll be lost for over a week though) and usually arrive within 1½ weeks, so I feel very comfortable using it.

Actually, with ForMyDoll, I’ve only ever used registered airmail shipping when ordering from them, and always received my items safely. So, I’m confident that this time will be no exception. ^^

I’m looking forward to receiving the wigs. The gray wig I ordered for Hesperie, as I’ve been looking for a bangless wig for her. I decided to go with the Deep Gray-Silver wig because the Light Lavender and Baby Pink ones were a tad too light and bright to my taste and I feel that they might clash with her face up. Hesperie needs either a dark or a neutral coloured wig to bring out the colours in her face up the best. If that particular wig had been available in this Gray Purple colour, then it would’ve been my first choice! I really like the wig colours that have lighter fibers mixed with gray, like Deep Mint Gray. They’re not too bright when mixed with a dark gray fiber. Hopefully in the future they will introduce more styles with the mixed fibers. ^^

The other wig is for Yoshiki, as I was rather disappointed with the wig that I got for him originally (from another company, not FMD). Often wigs are made and modelled in 9-10″ or 8-9″ size and they of course look great in that size… but then smaller sizes can look very different. I very much appreciate it when companies take the time to photograph the wigs in the actual sizes, and not just use 9-10″ wig photos for 6-7″ size wigs. Because it’s sure to look different in a smaller size. FMD is, thankfully, among these companies that take photos for each size, which is one of the reasons why I like them. :3

I haven’t decided yet which wigs to pick for my August review, but I’m eyeing at wigs like [FMDS-1116] Soft Brown, [FMDS-1109] Cream Pink and FMDL-1125] Sweet Brown. But I still have time to think about it, luckily!

I have [FMDS-1107] Soft Brown as Aimi’s default wig, and I really love the colour and style of it!

This reminds me that I should re-do her face up and take some new photos of her, ahah. ^^; Oh, and I’d also need to buy her eyes because Yosh kind of stole hers…

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