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More Lizanna eyes

A lot has been going on so I have lots of posts coming up in the next few days… or weeks, depends on how quickly I’m able to edit the photos – so beware of the spam, ahah! (( ´∀`;)) I made an unofficial promise to myself that I’d have all the remaining backlogged posts from 2015 up by the end of January but we’ll see if I’m able to do that. (-∀-`; ) Hopefully yes.

But well, let’s move onto the actual topic of this post. Since I was able to acquire DD Sheryl Nome, of course my next problem was: where to find eyes for her? ( ;´Д`) She’s more mature-looking than my other DDs and has smaller eyes, too, so it proved a bit tricky to find eyes for her, since most that are being offered (and obtainable for us non-Japanese hobbyists) are in the 22-24mm range. And especially after I saw Hisyo-Hisyo‘s photos of Sheryl with 16mm & 18mm eyes, I thought that I’d want at least 20mm eyes for mine. Perhaps even as small as 18mm. But – where to find such eyes? 「(゚ペ)

All my other girls wear urethane eyes from Lizanna and I’ve really liked those. They’re beautiful and reflect light very well. (。’▽’。)♡ Most of the acrylic eyes that I’ve tried have been dull and the irises quite pixelated but there hasn’t been such issues with Lizanna eyes. But they’re also offered only in 22mm and 24mm sizes. But since Juu-Yuki had recently had a custom colour event, I thought that I’d try and ask her if she’d be open to making custom sizes as well. No harm in asking, right? And thankfully Yuki agreed! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Well, first I made sure that the 22mm size eyes fit inside her head, so that she’d be able to use the same mould for the eyes, and only make adjustments to the iris’ size. I wasn’t sure whether I should get 20mm or 18mm for Sheryl, as a lot depends on the shape or the iris, too… whether the eye looks good or not. But Yuki was super accommodating and said that she could make both sizes for me to try in Sheryl, yay! (人´ω`*)♡

While I was at it, I also ordered a custom pair in case I’d win Shijou Takane from Volks’ lottery, but sadly I didn’t… I swear I jinxed it with the eyes, lol!( ´∀`)Oh well, I’m sure I’ll find use for that pair as well. I also got a couple of other pairs as I’ve been planning to order 24mm eyes for my DDH-06 twins. Back when I made my first order, only 22mm was available and I’ve always felt that it’s a bit small for DDH-06’s big eyes… so, I added two pairs of eyes for my twins as well. And then I also got one more pair that I wanted to give to Yenna as a (belated) Christmas gift, hehe~ (´∇ノ`*)ノ

I got the eyes already last week’s Thursday but I had to leave town that same day, so I didn’t have time for taking photos then, let alone making a blog post. I thought that I could do some size and style comparisons with all my DD girls, since I now have Sheryl, too. I myself appreciate seeing comparison photos, so hopefully these might be useful for other people as well.

This time the envelope arrived in Finland super fast, like only 3~4 days after it was shipped. But within Finland the speed slowed down, as usual… thankfully these express letters are delivered to my door, so I was able to check the eyes before I had to catch the bus.
Pretty boxes~ I said to Yuki that she can pack the eyes I ordered compactly, because there were so many pairs so that she wouldn’t have to waste the pretty boxes on me, haha!
And they were packed very compactly indeed! Three pairs were attached onto the lid, I was confused at first because I didn’t realise to check it right away. There was also a custom aquamarine-type colour for Yenna’s Kiyori – we decided to have the eyes shipped together to save on shipping. They’re sooo pretty! I’m trying to limit my blue-eyed dolls but that colour is so tempting, lol… !
All the pairs that I ordered, from top left onwards → Stardust Sapphire 24mm, Stardust Amber 24mm, Moonlight Amber 22mm, Moonlight Zircon 18mm, Angel Ruby/Amber 20mm, Moonlight Zircon 20mm

Here end the photos that I was able to take last week. I got to quickly try on both Zircons in Suiren (my Sheryl) and came to the conclusion that I like 18mm the best in her. She’s got more mature features, so I think a smaller iris size suits her better… the 20mm made her look more cutesy. The big irises suit Megumi (Mariko) well because she’s got more of a babyface, but for Suiren I definitely like the smaller irises better.

Yesterday I was able to do some comparisons of the sizes and shapes in my dolls, and naturally I took photos as well:

Quick comparison of 22mm and 24mm Stardust series eyes. The 22mm have yellowed a bit, I noticed. It’s a bit more obvious IRL than it is in photos, but it doesn’t bother me much – urethane eyes tend to yellow over time for obvious reasons. The iris is printed, so it won’t yellow and change colour, though.

First I compared 22mm and 24mm Stardust series eyes in my DDH-06 girls.

22mm Stardust series Amber in DDH-06
22mm vs 24mm
And finally, 24mm Stardust Amber
And I also took a photo of the 24mm Stardust series Sapphire in my other DDH-06 for comparison, since they have differences in their face ups so that might affect on how the eyes look, idk? In my previous post I have a photo of Emi in 22mm eyes: here

I’ve gotten kinda used to the 22mm eyes in my twins, although Emi always looked a bit more wide-eyed than Ume for some reason… so the 24mm eyes looked a bit strange to me at first, but now I’ve gotten used to them and I do think I prefer them. They’re easier to position and my girls don’t look so – well, startled anymore. Especially when I tilted their heads backwards, they always looked SO horrified with the 22mm eyes, lol!( ´∀`) Photo evidence: here.

Next I wanted to see how 20mm eyes look in Mariko. I prefer 22mm in her myself because as I said earlier, she pulls off the cutesy look well. But I thought that I’d take photos for reference anyway, because someone else might want smaller irises for their Mariko. It’s all about personal preference, anyway.

First my Mariko’s default eyes, Moonlight series custom pink in 22mm
Moonlight series Zircon 20mm vs Moonlight series custom pink 22mm
Moonlight series Zircon 20mm

As you can see, the 20mm eyes gap a little at her bottom eyelid. Because if I’d positioned them to touch her bottom lid, she would’ve looked way startled, ahah… but if you like the gapped look, then 20mm is a good choice – with this particular iris shape at least. Some iris shapes don’t suit Mariko all that well (although of course this is just my personal opinion), for example these 20mm Angel series eyes that I tried in her didn’t look too good. They don’t gap, but she looks very startled despite that:

Angel series Ruby/Amber 20mm in DDS Mariko

And finally, I took photos of miss Sheryl in Moonlight Zircon 18mm & 20mm eyes, as well as the Angel series 20mm. With the Moonlight series’ eye shape 18mm looks better to me than 20mm, although 20mm works as well if you like the more cutesy look. Angel series’ iris shape suits her quite well in 20mm size as well. But the Moonlight Zircon 18mm’s ended up becoming my girl’s defaults since I wanted red-ish brown eyes for her~

Moonlight series Zircon 18mm in DD Sheryl Nome – while trying on the eyes, I noticed that her left eye is somehow smaller than her right one both in width and height. But well, asymmetry is common in dolls – and in people as well.
Moonlight series Zircon 18mm vs 20mm
Moonlight series Zircon 20mm in DD Sheryl Nome
Angel series Ruby/Amber 20mm in DD Sheryl Nome

I’m definitely super happy with the eyes, once again~ (´∀`)♡ Now all my girls are super pretty, hehe! (/∇\*)。o○♡ I made collages of the comparisons and posted them in my flickr:

Lizanna eye size comparisons

Lizanna eye size comparisons

And here’s the one I made earlier:

Lizanna Moonlight vs Stardust

Hopefully these are useful! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’ll do more if/when I get more DD girls, lol~

EDIT: Visited Yenna and she took photos of her girls as well:

Lizanna eyes

Lizanna eyes

And colour comparisons:

Stardust series Sapphire, custom turquoise and Aquamarine, all in 22mm

Starting from top left → Stardust Sapphire & Amber in 24mm, Stardust Sapphire, custom turquoise, Aquamarine & Amber in 22mm, Moonlight custom pink, custom violet, Amber in 22mm & Zircon in 20mm


  • starobots

    Whoa with the 20mm Zircon in Suiren it really emphasizes that one eye is bigger than the other, it makes it look like she’s squinting one eye. XD It’s weird but also kind of cute! I’m happy you were able to get some custom sizes done for your girls–I hadn’t realized that 22mm and 24mm didn’t work in some of them! :D Your comparisons are really helpful, especially the ones for your twins because my gf has an 06 now and I think 24mm fit her better meanwhile I have an Akira and a MOMO who wear 22mm so they can’t share eyes. XD; The 22mm don’t look horrible in them but I can see how startled they look so I’m glad I didn’t risk getting 22mm for her. (I’m still debating what colour I want for my Akira since she has her defaults in right now.)

    Sort of related sort of not–I think I remember you having to remove glue from the eyes for Mariko and Sheryl, what method did you find worked best and would you happen to have a link if you used a specific tutorial? I recently found out that the Akira I bought (first version) still has her eyes glued in, lol! I’ve heard of different methods but I’m always wary about what I should do when I don’t know the person giving advice. It’s kind of like when I looked around for ways of trying to whiten a doll and I got someone telling me to use acetone which just made me nervous. :T

    • mizya

      Yeah, I was a bit surprised to see that there’s such a big difference in the size of her eyes! It wasn’t very apparent with the Sheryl defaults, but once I put these Lizanna eyes in her – whoa! xD;;; Oh well, I still find her beautiful and love her to bits~ ♥

      I’m happy, too! The Sheryl eyes were nice, but they were the wrong colour for Suiren, and perhaps a little creepy with my style face up as well… I always had to darken them a bit in Photoshop so that she’d look a bit less intimidating with the tiny pupils, lol! XD I really love Lizanna eyes and since all my other girls wear those, too, I wanted Suiren to match them. Thankfully Juu-Yuki was super kind and agreed to make custom sizes for me~ ♥

      And I’m glad if these comparisons are helpful! :D 24mm eyes do work better for DDH-06, some 22mm are nice but it’s always a bit tricky to position them because the DDH-06 eyes are so big. But well, I do tend to prefer the doe-eyed look for the cutesy sculpts like DDH-06 and Mariko, so bigger irises look the best to me. :’3

      Ohh yeah… the Volks glue hell. :D;; Sorry to hear that you’ll have to go through it! With Mariko I tried dipping her head into boiling water, and with that method the glue did soften, but it also cooled down rather quickly so I only got it out bit by bit in teeny-tiny pieces. I almost lost my sanity trying to scrape that pesky glue out, lol! XD With Sheryl I tried the other alternative: freezing the glue. I put her head into the freezer for about 15 minutes, tugged on the glue with pliers, put the head back into the freezer for another 10-15 minutes, tried tugging on the glue again – repeated that for a while until I got the glue out all at once. I guess I should’ve kept her head in the freezer for a longer period of time to begin with and maybe the glue would’ve come off sooner, but I’m always a bit nervous about putting my dolls through extreme conditions, ahah…

      I would recommend the freezing method over the boiling water, because eventually I got the glue out in big chunks (sucky photo from my IG: here) as opposed to scraping it out in small pieces. Saved my nerves quite a bit that. xD I didn’t notice either method doing any harm to the dolls’ face ups, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the face up when removing the glue. :3

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