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Maintenance: Getting rid of loose knees

Three of my Azone Pureneemo girls arrived with really loose knees and the other two are not as stable as when they arrived either… and I don’t really like that because it makes balancing them more frustrating. Sooo, I started thinking how with my BJDs I always suede them to improve their posing – although I prefer to use pliver instead of hot glue. But anyway – I figured that I could try sueding for my neemos too and when it comes to vinyl, hot glue is probably better so I went with that. I did this operation to Yumei and Kotone a few weeks back and now I did it to Kasumi, too… because her top-heavyness with the LL bust doesn’t help her loose knees at all, haha. xD I also took a few photos while I was it – in case anyone’s curious.

First you need your doll, of course.
Take the legs off. They’re held by similar pegs as the hands, so you may need to twist and pull, but they should come off okay. At least I haven’t managed to break any of the three dolls that I’ve done this operation to, haha. xD *knocks on wood*
Prepare your glue gun. I use one that I bought from a local crafts shop. Let the glue heat properly, but be careful if it gets too drippy, it’s a bit harder to work with.
Apply a thin layer of glue around the peg. The glue got too drippy while I was distracted taking photos, so my work is very sloppy here, lol. xD;; Not a very good example… With resin dolls a lot of people warn not to touch them directly with the glue gun and use paper or something to put the glue on, but… I always stick the gun right in there, lol. Nothing has happened so far… it also didn’t harm my neemos. *knocks on wood again*
Reattach the legs. This angle is the best for putting the leg back on, in my experience. The glue makes it a bit harder to push the peg back in, but it should still fit, as long as the glue layer isn’t too thick. But it’s easy to scrape off and redo.
And voilá! You have a steady poser again~ ( ´ ▽ ` )v

If I come up with any other tips for maintenance, I’ll be sure to post about those too. :3


  • Irene

    Thanks for being the 101st follower of my blog~
    These tips are useful! I have 1 pullip on a pureneemo body with the same issue, it’s good to know that it can be fixed in a much similar way to glue sueding BJD joints.

    • mizya

      No problem! :3 ♥ Having a blogger account definitely makes it easier to stalk everyone’s blogs, haha. xD

      Yeah, it was just a random thought that I had one day… ’cause I realised that even if I bought new bodies for my girls, I couldn’t be sure if they have stable or loose knees since it seems to be completely random. And they seem to get more loose the more you pose them. Or then I just play with my dolls too much, ahah. >.>;; But either way, I found that this is a good way to counter-measure that problem a bit. :3

  • Lisa

    WoW, I love your pics of your cute doll. I had the worse case of floppy joints on my Azone Pure neemo, This hot glue method worked just great. I also found that having a small pot of cold water with you helps a lot. I apply the glue as you do, then quickly dip my finger in water and run it around the glue line.
    Thankyou for sharing

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