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Lullaby Poem wigs

I almost forgot to make this post even though I already took these photos on… Thursday? (;´∀`) Too busy with everything, my mom visited on Friday so I had a busy day and then I went to the funfair with Yenna later that evening, too. We were there on May Day with Aatos and Kizzy and had some leftover tickets that we wanted to use. And well, I’ve also been playing with my newest guy, too, lol. Today I need to continue sewing, so many new dolls to clothe! .( ̵˃﹏˂̵ )

But anyway, I got some wigs for my DD twins from Lullaby Poem on Wednesday. I have really mixed feelings about this company, ’cause on one hand they seem really nice ‘n’ all and they have lots of lovely natural shades and unique styles available, but… the quality that I’ve seen is not on par with their shop photos. ~( ´•︵•` )~

Not to mention, about a year ago I made an order to them with Aatos… although, the saga began in November 2013 when I asked if they could add the RedTea colour for a certain wig style, and they’d also posted photos of a new blonde colour, Milk, around the same time… Milk seemed like a lovely platinum blonde, as it was lighter than their first blonde, Vanilla, which is a darker, buttery blonde. And neither of us like dark yellow blondes, so we wanted to get the Milk colour. They jerked us around for, like, two months saying “the colour will be available for order next month” but it never was… and then when we asked about it YET AGAIN, they told us “Oh, Milk isn’t a popular colour so it won’t be available as a standard, but you can do a custom pre-order for it if you pay $3 more” and we were like… you haven’t even sold it as a standard, so how could you even say that you don’t get enough orders for it, since you’re not selling it in the first place??? (。ヘ°) But yeah, I gave up on the Milk wig then, because I was fed up with their false promises. Aatos got one Milk wig and I just got the RedTea wig.

Because it was a custom order, it took them over a month to make it, if I remember right… and when the wigs eventually arrived, my RedTea was 7-8inch instead of 6-7inch and the Milk colour was definitely NOT a light platinum blonde, but a really dark and yellow blonde. And the quality wasn’t all that great. (ーー;) So we decided to send the wigs back and get a refund. Luckily it was possible to send them back and get a refund, so they get points for that.

After that fiasco, I was reluctant to order from them again… but now that I got my DD twins, I really wanted a ponytail wig for Umeko and a nice airy long-ish wig for Emiko. ’cause I’d made these selfys of them that I posted once before:

So, I wanted to get the LPW019 with a ponytail in Mocha for Ume and LPW026 in Raspberry for Emi. I had to wait a while to make the order ’cause I needed to sell some old stuff to afford new stuff, but I checked every day and the wigs stayed in stock. They were in stock the day before I placed the order – but of course LPW026 in Raspberry was sold out when I got to place my order. *sigh* ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ So my final order was LPW019 w/ Ponytail in Mocha & LPW026 in Caramel.

On their website it says that they ship out orders within 7 business days. A few days after I’d ordered, I noticed that LPW026 was available in Raspberry again. I hadn’t received a shipping notice, so I decided to try my luck and ask if I could switch the LPW026 Caramel into Raspberry, because that’s what I’d originally wanted. To my surprise, they responded pretty quickly, even though it was a Saturday, and said that it was ok to switch the wig… BUT. They said that LPW019 in Mocha was sold out. *facepalm* (ーー;) They were very apologetic that they hadn’t let me know sooner, which makes me a bit less upset, but I still think that they should’ve let me know about it before, and not, like, only 5 days after I’d ordered when I contacted them. They have a friendly customer service, but they don’t seem very organised based on my experiences. But yeah, since the Mocha wig was sold out, I had to switch to another one, so I decided to try LPW003 in RedTea since it has braids. Because Ume looks better with her hair tied.

They shipped out the order the following Monday, and I think it took about 1½ weeks to arrive. The wigs were shipped in a cardboard box that had taken a little damage during shipping, but luckily there wasn’t a hole or anything and the contents were okay. I got a silicone cap and a wig comb in addition to the wigs that I ordered, I suppose they were a gift because the wig that I had originally wanted was sold out. So, they get points for that. They were in cute plastic bags with lace & flower patterns and the wigs were packaged as wigs usually are: inside a plastic bag, cardboard around them, inside wig nets and had stuffing to keep the wigcap in shape.

But… the quality of the wigs isn’t really all that nice, if you compare them to the shop photos. I took some photos:

First up is Emi’s LPW026 in Raspberry, modelled on Yun. The left side of the wig is really nice, it frames the face nicely and wraps around the shoulders very naturally. The right side… the curls are a completely different shape and somehow really stiff – they don’t settle nicely at all.
From profile the uglier right side looks nice, though….
… while the prettier left side is a mess. The curls towards the back of the head are completely different from both types of curls on the front side of the wig ??? Leeke has some crap quality wigs sometimes, but at least they make sure the curls throughout the wig are pretty much identical.
With some work, the wig looks decent… but there are some flyaways that stick out that I’ll need to cut. And I think I need to put wig wax all over to keep this thing in check. I like wild curls, but this is a bit too wild to my taste, almost. But thankfully the bangs are quite nice on this wig, it’s easy to style them. The other wig has awful bangs.

And next up is Ume’s wig:

LPW003 in RedTea. This is a mess all around, so many flyaways, curls all over the place, the braids are uneven, the wig cap shows right away if you try to style the bangs even a little, etc…
If Emi’s wig was pretty on the left side but not on the right, then this wig is the opposite: this right side is decent compared to the left side…
… mess, mess. Well, at least the curls bend in the same direction, but they’re really frizzy with a bunch of flyaways. The braid starts at much farther at the back of the wig, so it doesn’t place nicely on her shoulders.
I would like for the bangs to not cover her other eye, but if I try styling them, the wig cap shows really easily. It’s not as obvious here in the photo, as it is IRL, but… I need to be really careful with this wig or she’ll look like she’s loosing hair.
The back side is the biggest mess. I mean, I get that hairdos can be difficult to maintain, but… come on. Making braids shouldn’t be THIS hard?

After A LOT of cutting and waxing, I managed to make the wig look decent… although, it still has a bunch of flyaways and the uneven braids bug me, so I probably need to open them and re-do the braids myself.

Here you can see how the wigcap tries to show, grrrr!

So… I don’t know if I have really, really bad luck with their wigs or if their quality just varies a lot… ’cause for example Turbow on flickr has LP wigs and they look amazing in her photos – heck, they even use her photos to sell the wigs. (」゜ロ゜)」And there are a few other owner photos where the wigs have looked really lovely… but I’ve seen a couple not-so-attractive wigs, too. Actually, I managed to find an owner photo of LPW019 in Mocha, and worn by a DD too. The ponytail looked much longer and messier than in their promo photos, though – and it had more like corckscrew curls than loose curls like in their promo photos, so I wonder if I’ll dare to order that wig or not… but it’s the best ponytail wig that I’ve found to date. If I were to buy from Leeke, I’d have to get a 8-9inch short wig AND purchase two hair pieces separately even though I’d only need one ponytail… so it would end up costing more, and their shipping is more expensive as well. (ーー;) Not to mention they don’t really have the kind of colour that I’d like for Ume… *sigh*

Very mixed feelings about Lullaby Poem, certainly. ( ̄□ ̄)


  • Irene

    Ughh, I hate it when the wig cap shows! I’ve had too many shitty wigs from Leeke as well, but they’re one of the few companies offering some special colors. However recently I’ve only been purchasing off taobao. I can recommend you a few shops with decent to great quality!

    Few styles/colors but fairly special designs and excellent quality!

    Their wigs have flyaways but the quality of the hair really surprised me in general! Recommend this one xD

    Love their quality, very thick hair! Lovely packaging too.

    If you need any help ordering off taobao you can ask me as well :3 since I live in China it’s very easy for me to do it!

    • mizya

      I do too. :C Actually now that I’ve put the other wig on Emiko, it’s harder to style the bangs. I suppose that is because the DD heads are differently shaped and bigger than Yun’s head. The wig cap tries to show now that Emi is wearing the wig. >.< Ahh, I actually have a huge shopping list from Taobao, but I've been holding off because I haven't been able to decide on which shopping service to use. I keep reading such conflicting reviews of them, it would be awful if I never got the items that I ordered or if I got the wrong ones. >.< ;;; I can't read/speak Chinese, so that's why it's also a bit intimidating to order... ;.; But wow, you really wouldn't mind helping with ordering? You're so kind!! I'll get back to you when I've completed my shopping list. I have to hold off dolly purchases for now because I have to pay off some figures that I pre-ordered in May-June, but eventually I'll want to make a taobao order! There are so many pretty SD16 size shoes that I want for Yun, but they're either not sold at all on eBay or cost three times more. >.>;;;

      And thank you for linking those wig shops! So many cute styles! *___* ♥ I’ve seen a few of those sold on eBay, jeeryama sells some Catblood and Camillia wigs for example as “self made” items – pff, yeah right. They cost twice as much, too. u__u

      Omigosh, this wig would be sooo cute on Ume!! >o< ♥

  • Fantasywoods

    Ohh this is so bad!I onle heard good things about LP until today. The first wig is not that bad imo, Ibut the braided one has just too many problems, though you did a great job fixing it in the end. I hate being disappointed by wigs, so thanks for sharing your experience with them.

    • mizya

      It was the same for me, that’s why I was so surprised when I unpacked that braided wig. ;__; Ugh! I was able to make it look a bit better after opening and re-doing the braids completely. But if I pay for a braided wig style, I think I shouldn’t have to re-do them myself. >.>;;

      I did buy a second-hand Lullaby Poem wig from another hobbyist. When it arrives, I’ll have to see if that is problematic like these two or better quality. Hopefully it’ll be okay… I doubt I will order from Lullaby Poem again no matter how nice their wigs might look in the shop photos. .___.;;

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