Lullaby Poem wigs part two

Well… those who have been reading my blog for longer know that in May I got the wigs that I’d ordered from Lullaby Poem and I wasn’t too impressed with them. You can read the previous review here: Lullaby Poem wigs.

I wasn’t going to order more wigs from them, but in August they released some new cute styles and I decided to contact them to ask about the new styles and colour and I also told them about my previous disappointment with their wigs. A few days later I received this reply:

Hello Mizya,

Sorry for the late reply! I’m Lala, the owner of Lullaby Poem.

For LPW035, “Honey” is the new colour for our products.
From now on, we are sorry that we don’t have photos of it. We will have photos when the wigs arrive in stock.

For LPW025, we are sorry to tell that we don’t have plan to add ‘Biscuit’ color of it because Cappuccino is in the similar color tone. ><

About the problems you get. we are sorry to hear about them…
For LPW026, as this wave of the style may not be symmetrical because the wig didn’t put out of wig net for a while, you can use a hair dryer to make them be symmetrical.

For LPW003, as we want to make this style not in ‘too thick hair’, we make it less hair. It’s our fault haven’t checked for showing through wig cap T__T
Although normally it won’t show through much wig cap like the one your received, it will still show a bit out for this style.
So in the futune, if you want to get any of this type (braid) of style at our shop, please think more about it.

For this situation, we decided to refund full payment $22 for LPW003 to you.
To apologize the problems we made and hope you will satisfy of it. ><

Thank you for your attention to us!
I can promise that our quality won’t like that in normally, especially for LPW003. It would be a defect wig if we found this problem.
All our wig photos are randomly picked from our products, not a sample wig.
But prevent you will feel any uncomfortable in placing order/receiving, please tell me which wigs you are going to order.
I will try to let you know if the styles is easy/hard to manage like our photos.

Thank you for your order!
Have a nice day,
Lala – Lullaby Poem

Encouraged by that message, I thought that I’d make one more order to see if I’d get better quality wigs this time. I thought that it wouldn’t be quite fair to judge them based on two experiences (because I’d ordered a wig with Aatos last year, and then those two wigs earlier this year by myself). I was also pleased because they’d promised to refund me for the LPW003. I sent them another inquiry asking about a couple of wig styles and to thank them for promising to refund the flawed wig.

However, I never received a reply. Then I won Mariko in the lottery and I really needed to get a wig for her, so I decided to place an order anyway. I thought that maybe once they notice I’ve made a new order, they will add a free wig in it because they hadn’t refunded me. I decided to wait until I received my order before contacting them again.

I made the order on the 2nd of September, it was shipped on the 6th and left China on the 9th. For some reason the post was reeeeeeally slow and I only got the wigs home today. Well, I would’ve been able to get them already yesterday if the tracking had worked, but I only got a notice about the wigs today. That’s our postal service’s fault, though.

Anyway, this time I took box opening photos since it wasn’t that dark today. The last order I was only able to pick up late in the evening, so I didn’t bother taking photos of the box. But yeah, this time I have photos:

Compact box.
No free wig… so I bugged them about the refund again. Hopefully this time they’ll answer.
Apparently they always send a wig comb with the order, I got one last time as well. I also got a free silicone cap the last time. But it’s a good thing I got a new comb because I managed to break the previous one when I combed my own human-sized wig, ahah… ((´∀`;))
The packaging could be a little more compact in my opinion…
Apart from the flyaways, the wigs seemed somewhat okay at this point…

Compared all the colours that I have from LP to each other.
First up is the wig that I got for Megumi, Volks DDS Mariko, which is LPW025 in Cappuccino:

Based on the shop photos, I was expecting more swirly type of curls, but instead they’re quite lame and wavy. (っ- ‸ – ς) It’s also a whole lot more poofy on the top compared to what I expected (one of the reasons why I chose a partly pulled back style, was to get a wig that is less poofy).
The left side of the wig is nice, but this right side… not so much. It’ll be more obvious in the close ups.
From the back.
And then my biggest issue with this wig… there isn’t enough fiber so that those shorter fibers would frame her face nicely. It’s as if there is a bald spot. ( ´△`)
It’s especially obvious when I pull the longer fibers out of the way like this. There really isn’t enough fiber there for it to look nice.
The left side is nicer, thankfully. The issues on the right side are even clearer when you compare it to the left side. (; ̄Д ̄)
No bald spot on the left side. After I combed the wig, I was able to separate some more shorter fibers that were hidden between the longer fibers, so it frames this side of her face even nicer after styling.
There’s a bald spot where the wigcap shows through, towards the top of her head on the right side, as well.
I combed the wig and put some wax onto the curls. They’re still not swirly like LP’s promo photos, though. Disappointing. Also, I need to cut the bangs because they’re uneven…
After styling, the left side is quite close to LP’s shop photos. But the right side can’t be fixed…
When I combed the wig, I noticed that it has a bald spot at the back, too. *sigh*

Here’s a side-by-side comparison with LP’s shop photos:

Original size (1079x2413px)
Don’t know about you, but to me it doesn’t look all that close to their photos… where are those swirly curls??? I would’ve just gotten a basic wig from LeekeWorld if I wanted a lame wavy wig.

And then, it was time to take a look at the second wig, LPW032 in RoseTea for Yun Hee, Oasisdoll Linglan:

… what a mess. This is so far from their shop photos that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… (;¬_¬)
So many flyaways…
And a bald spot. (ーー;) Thankfully it’s at the back, at least.
Still, it’s quite unfortunate…
I really am not a happy panda…
I really, REALLY love the colour, though! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ There are some pink fibers mixed in, eeep~ ♥ Although, I suppose the name “RoseTea” hinted that, haha… Yun loves pink, so this colour is perfect for her!
I really didn’t see any other way than to fully comb out the curls.
Combing out the curls revealed more annoying flyaways, grr… why on earth are there shorter fibers mixed in, when this style doesn’t need them?
After a lot of waxing and reshaping the curls, I got it to look nice. THANKFULLY.
It’s still not like their shop photos, but at least I can bear to look at it now.
I also managed to hide the bald spot a bit.
Nicer from this side now as well~

And side-by-side comparison with this wig as well:

Original size (1079x2413px)
Don’t even get me started on this wig….

Needless to say, I won’t be ordering from Lullaby Poem again. I swear I’ve used up half of my wax bottle trying to style these four wigs that I have from them. No wonder they always send a comb with the order, since you really have to comb them out and re-style them completely yourself if you want the wigs to look decent. The quality isn’t really worth all the trouble to me, even though I really like some of the colours that they offer. Such a shame. I don’t recommend their wigs to anyone, unless you reeeeeeally like styling wigs. A lot. ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

I sent them a message before I began writing this entry, and now while I typed this I finally got that $22 refund for the wig in my previous order. We’ll see if I receive a reply from them later as well. I’ll edit it here if I do.
EDIT// I received a reply:

Hello Mizya,

So sorry for the late refund since I’m too busy on my personal works.
I sent the refund to you just now, please check it.

About LPW025, after our team checked the photo from you carefully.
We noticed that the wig fiber was pulled to the back hence why that area looks thinner than the other side.
It may be a little trouble, but you can help us with your scissors.
About the wave, it is upgraded in this wave because many customers said it was too hard to manage.
So it would have some different(straighter) with our pictures, I’m sorry that you disappointed on it.

About LPW032, wig style always need to style after you put out of wig net.
It will become similar with our products photos after styling.
I’m glad that you make the style nicer than ours and looks best for your lovely girls! ^^

Thank you very much for writing to us.
Unfortunately, this is yet another time that our products did not reach your standards. ^^”
We do our best to make the wig as best as we can, but they are all handmade products.
Some of them may look a little different than the photo provided and we seek your understanding.
I’m so sorry to make those troublesome to you, and thank you for your advice to us!
We will take your comments and try to improve ^^!
Hope you will get the satisfied wigs from us in the future.

Have a nice day,
Lullaby Poem

They’re very sweet, but I think I’ll refrain from ordering in the future. Maybe I’m just too picky, ahah… (・∀・;)
EDIT2// Styled the wigs some more:

What I did to this wig was:
– combed it out
– reshaped the curls with a hair dryer and a round metallic-based hairbrush
– cut some of the longer fibers shorter to have more fiber to frame her face with and reshaped them
– redid the pulled-back part of the wig
– combed the wig again
– added wax for the curls to stay in shape

Lullaby Poem review
Original size (1618x2413px)

What I did to this wig was:
– combed it out
– pulled out some of the shorter & frizzy flyaways
– separated the curls with my fingers
– combed each curl some more
– added wax for the curls to stay in shape

Lullaby Poem review
Original size (1618x2413px)


  • Fantasywoods

    Wow this was the most unfortunate wig package I’ve seen in a while. I’m glad I missed the Lullaby Poem pre order by a day and went to Leeke instead (which probably is not ideal either, but there asn’t any other store besides these 2 with the style I wanted x.x).
    The Lullaby poem colors are so lovely though, so it’s truly a shame…
    Thanks again for the honest review.

    If you ever have time could you do a tutorial for styling wigs? you seem to be a pro at it. I’m such a noob, I just cry at the flyaways XD. Or at least I’d love to know which wax you use to style them, is it normal wax for regular hair or? sorry for the questions >.>

    • mizya

      Yeah… I was hoping that since I’d complained to them before, they’d double-check that I got perfect wigs this time, but… I guess not. :’D Well, after I spent over three hours working on Megumi’s wig, I got it to look decent, but… still, quite a lot of extra work that I didn’t sign up for. =A=;; Leeke also sometimes sends out really awful wigs, but I’ve had maybe 1/10 Leeke wigs that were really, really awful… while now with Lullaby Poem 5/6 wigs have been awful. :’D So Leeke is the lesser evil in terms of wig quality, although I’m avoiding them now because I got really upset with their terrible customer service. Lullaby Poem staff is really sweet, at least.

      Ahah, well I guess I could… I’d just have to think how to go about that first. xD I suppose it could be done… too bad I didn’t realise to take wip photos last night when I worked on Megu’s wig, because I had to do A LOT to it… cut it and used a hairdryer to bend it into shape. I’ve noticed that I screw up a lot when I use a straightening iron, probably because I have a cheap one and I can’t change the temperature so I guess it’s too hot for wigs — even hough they’re heat-resistant fiber — and they get frizzy if I use the iron on them too many times. Thanks to Lullaby Poem’s suggestion I now use a hair dryer together with a round hairbrush that has a metallic base that heats when I use the dryer and curls the fiber nicely into shape without any damage. :3 That technique worked wonders on that Raspberry coloured LP wig and now Megumi’s wig, too.

      And the wax that I use is this water wax from Volks, product page: here. It has this creamy consistency and works really well for doll wigs. I used to have this matte wax from Leeke that needed to be heated by rubbing your hands together and I liked that, too, but they also switched to a more creamy wax but I just didn’t like it… it felt more like hand cream than wax. ^^; Volks wax is nicer to work with, I think.

        • mizya

          No problem! ^^ I’m always happy if my ramblings can be of help, I’m not very good at explaining things (which is one of the reasons that I didn’t choose to become a language teacher when I started my studies in the university, haha). XD

  • NyteRaine

    I’m glad you did a review on Lullaby Poem wigs, I was going to order from them on their next pre-order since they have really cute wigs… But now I’ll pass on them. Good thing I joined a Crobi GO and Leekeworld GO instead.

    • mizya

      It really seems to me like they just ship out the wigs as they come from the factory without doing any quality checks nor styling. Or, at least the wigs that I ordered weren’t checked properly. Usually the only things that I’ve had to do for wigs is to cut some annoying flyaways and just gently brush them with my fingers, but with Lullaby Poem I have to re-create the style entirely to get them to look at least half decent. I guess they’re the perfect kind of wigs for someone who loves to style wigs, but… I’m the kind of a difficult customer who expects to get the style that I paid for. I don’t want to spend hours doing it myself. :’D

      I think I’ll just stick to Crobidoll and ForMyDoll wigs from now on. Leeke I’m also avoiding because their customer service is awful, although they sometimes have those lovely limited colours that you can’t get anywhere else, so we’ll see if I end up caving at some point… :S

  • starobots

    You might be more picky than some but there are issues with those wigs that are just unforgivable. When I initially read on Flickr that you said they were messy I never imagined they’d be THIS bad. That second wig is just awful, it doesn’t even look like they used the same fibre to make it. :I You’ve had a lot of terrible luck with them or I had good luck because my wig which is the same as the first one of this post (only in Sugar) doesn’t have any bald spots and the sides look great! It has the same waves that yours does though (I personally prefer them because I’m awful with curl management) and fly-aways galore. The comb they send is the best part of the deal, really. I’m sorry you’ve gotten such awful wigs but I’m happy they seem to be reasonable to deal with when they mess up. I’ll keep these posts in mind next time I’m browsing their site.

    • mizya

      Yeah, the wigs are quite unfortunate… =A=;; My current track record with Lullaby Poem is 5/6 awful wigs, so either my luck is terrible or they have some serious quality control issues. Incidentally the only decent wig that I have I bought second hand, haha… D:

      In their latest reply they said that they changed the curls to a more wavy style because customers had complained, but… if you changed the style, then you should take new photos, geez. I really wanted those swirly curls in their promo photos and not these lame waves that you could get from any company that sells wigs. ;__; Booh…

      I kinda feel bad for complaining because they’re so sweet, but… agh, I didn’t sign up to be a dolly wig stylist. XD I want readily done hairstyles, thank you very much! *lazy person*

      • starobots

        This is a late reply but I recently risked it and ordered from them, so we shall see! Also, I noticed that they HAVE now changed their promo photos for the one wig and it shows that they are waves, not curls. Looks like you might have influenced them!! :D

        • mizya

          Oh, I hope you’ll make a blog post when you get them! I’d definitely like to see if I’m just really unlucky or not, lol. XD Well, here’s to hoping that they pay more attention to what they send out, now that I’ve been complaining to them about the quality…

          Hmm, so it seems! And that wig isn’t overly styled either, you can see that there are some flyaways here and there. Definitely a more truthful photo now, so points for that! :3

          All those lovely colours that they have tempt me so much, but I must stay away… XD I don’t have the heart to complain to them anymore if I get messy wigs, ahah…

  • Alasse Carnesir

    I get a bit grumpy too when I order a wig and it doesn’t really look like the promo shots as that’s the whole reason we order those particular wigs. I’ve ordered wigs with curls before from other places and there’s been no problem using them straight out of the packaging, no styling needed. I’m glad you did eventually get your refund and a reply to your email. That’s a good sign on the customer service front but the quality issues in these wigs are a bit worrying. I’m kind of glad now that I never ordered one of these wigs. I had thought about ordering some a few months back.

    The wig cap showing through, I’ve found this problem with a lot of lighter coloured wigs. I’ve now ordered three (white, pink and pale green) and I’ve found the caps do show through (wigs were all from different companies). I keep wondering if I can add fibers to wigs that have this problem.

    Thanks for your review.

    • mizya

      Yeah, I completely agree. If I pay to get a certain style, then I expect to get a wig that looks like it. I didn’t sign up for this whole “get a wig that is somewhat similar and spend hours styling it yourself to get it to look decent” ordeal. -.-;;

      They certainly redeemed themselves on the customer service front, but I doubt I will place an order for their wigs again. I’ve now had trouble all three times that I’ve ordered from them, so… I think it’s time to give up. ^^; I’ll only buy their wigs second hand if I see actual photos of the wig on a doll… LP’s promotional photos cannot really be trusted.

      I’ve only had problems with the wigcap showing through in Lullaby Poem and Leeke World wigs. And yeah, it tends to be more obvious with lighter wigs. Like Leeke’s “Snow”, which is one of their limited colours, is this really terrible quality fiber and no matter what style you order, the wigcap shows without fail. -__-;; I think that my favourite wigs quality-wise are from Crobidoll, I’ve never had an issue with those. They don’t have bald spots but they aren’t too poofy either. Former Cherishdoll, now under Migidoll, also has really lovely wigs but sadly now they offer only a couple of different styles. They used to have more variety in the past. ForMyDoll wigs tend to be really nice, too, although some of the super curly wigs can be challenging… and some styles have awful bangs. But they’re generally quite close to their promo photos. :)

  • Kathy

    Thank you for sharing this honest review. I also JUST received an order from Lullaby Poem that I had placed on June 7th, I ordered an outfit and three wigs. I will not order from them again as I was very disappointed in the quality of all the items I received, they were nice enough to include one free wig due to the length of time I had to wait.

    • mizya

      June 7th??? That is a REALLY long time to wait. @__@;; I’m sorry to hear that you had to wait so long and that the items you got weren’t even good quality. :(

      I would definitely recommend taking photos of the items and contacting them via the form on their website to see if they’d refund you for them. One free wig doesn’t exactly cut it if you had to wait double the usual time. x__x

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