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Lizanna eyes

I still have some posts to make and photos to re-size but I’ve been pretty exhausted this week. (;´∀`) I’ve resized the photos from the Sakura Park meet up, but I haven’t finished re-sizing the individual shots of Ume. And I also need to reply to comments… last week was so hectic that I’ve been super tired now. Please bear with me! m(_ _)m

But, I got two pairs of eyes that I ordered from the Lizanna webshop a couple of weeks ago. I thought I’d make a small review of them. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Lizanna (formely known as Twin Snow) is a shop by juu-yuki (you can also find her on the DD forums). The main item that she sells are her self-made urethane eyes, although there are a couple of other products as well, such as shoes. Ever since I got my DD girls, I’ve been on the hunt for perfect eyes. Volks Animetic eyes are pretty nice, but I thought that I’d like to get some urethane eyes… since 90% of my BJDs wear urethanes, too. (*^^*)

The very first eyes that I bought were from SQ Lab, they were advertised as urethanes, but to me it seemed like they still had an acrylic dome. They were quite nice, but a bit small for my DDH-06 girls in 22mm size — I use 24mm eyes from Volks for them. After that I bought White Dolly Story eyes, although they were acrylic they seemed quite pretty. But those were a huge disappointment for me, they look so pixelated and dull. ( ̄□ ̄) Even Volks’ acrylics are better quality and they’re cheaper. I also had to pay EMS postage for the WDS eyes, so I wasn’t a happy panda. (ーー;) I was somewhat discouraged to try any eyes after that… But the Lizanna eyes seemed so sparkly and pretty, that I eventually decided to order two pairs. Although, I feared that they also might be a bit small, as they’re only available in 22mm.

The pairs that I ordered were from the Stardust series, Sapphire and Amber. (。・ω・。) It probably took about a week for them to ship and they arrived in Finland in about a week or less… but then customs took, like, three days to forward them to me, so I barely got them before the weekend. Grr! (ーー;)

Anyway, here are photos and more babble:

They arrived in a regular bubblewrap letter, so I didn’t photograph that. The shipping was only $15, which wasn’t that bad. The eyes themselves are packaged in these cute little boxes, the ribbon keeps the lid on. (*^ω^*)
There was cotton wool on top and the eyes are attached to the bottom with white blu-tack. Interesting.
It’s a bit difficult to get the colours to light up when the eyes are lying on the floor like this. In doll they become vibrant like whoah! Σ(゜゜)
Put the Amber pair in Ume. (*^▽^*) Emi is wearing Bright Blue Volks Animetic eyes for comparison.
Volks Animetic eye, Lizanna eye & White Dolly Story eye. WDS is my least favourite of these, so pixelated, ugh… Volks eyes aren’t nearly as bad.
Volks Animetic eyes on both sides, Lizanna eyes in the middle.
Here I tipped them over slightly to get the blue colour to pop out more.

And here are both twins with their Lizanna eyes. Amber in Ume and Sapphire in Emi. Sooo pretty and sparkly!! (*´▽`*)♥

I’m very conflicted because these eyes are soo pretty and definitely my favourites of all the eyes that I’ve tried so far — but they just seem slightly small to me. ヾ(´・ ・`。)ノ” I did ask juu-yuki on the forums if she has any plans to make 24mm eyes in the future, I certainly hope so… it’d be a bit easier to position them. With these 22mm eyes I can get them to baaaarely touch the lower and upper eyelid, so that they look nice directly from the front… but if I tilt the doll’s head up even a bit, the expression turns pretty much horrified, ahah… (⌒▽⌒ゞ so, bigger eyes would be better, I think. I’ll have to keep these on for a while and see if I’ll get used to them or not. But I’d definitely love to get these eyes for all my DDs! Highly recommended~ 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Although, I must note that it seems that like SQ Lab eyes, these also have an acrylic dome. But as you can tell from the photos, they’re very sharp and vibrant! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ No pixels like with acrylic eyes.


  • Pihlajakoto

    Thank you for very nice review :D I’ve been wondering if I’d dare to order the Lizanna eyes. If resin is too thin it makes it really hard to position. Seems they are okay size for 22mm

    • mizya

      No problem! I like making reviews and I’m happy if they’re of use to others, as well. ^^

      The Lizanna eyes are really nice and high quality, I think! I definitely recommend them. :3 Juu-yuki answered me on the forums and said that 24mm size should be available in 1~2 months, so I’ll have to purchase another two pairs then. With these 22mm eyes the iris gaps easily so the girls look so surprised if I photograph them from a lower angle, ahah:

      Poor Ume! :’D

  • Irene

    Thanks for posting, I wasn’t familiar with that shop but I’m definitely more interested in DDs recently so I will bookmark it for the future!

    • mizya

      It seems like a lot of people don’t know about Lizanna, SQLab and Arietta Project eyes… well, those are all more expensive because they’re made of urethane, but. xD;; When I was first looking for alternatives to Volks eyes, people kept suggesting WDS all “they’re awesome, you won’t be disappointed” … but really, to me they aren’t that amazing considering their price and I did end up being disappointed. ^^;

      I just like eyes that catch light well and especially with these kind of anime eyes, they look better to me if the print is high quality and sharp, instead of pixelated and blurry. I’m really picky about my dolls’ eyes to begin with, ahah. :’D

  • Kaitlin

    Hello! It’s taintedrose from Den of Angels. Thank you so much once again for this post. I ordered three pairs of her Moonlight series- Aquamarine, Zircon, and Topaz. I’ll be doing a review of them on my blog once they arrive. ^^

  • Nane

    Hello, I wanted to ask about the face-up’s on these dolls. They are beautiful and I am currently looking for some new heads for a DD. Please get back to me, I’d really appriciate it. P.S. Your review on these eyes are fabulous! :3

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