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Lizanna eyes comparison

Yenna visited yesterday and brought along a pair of Lizanna Moonlight series because I was curious to test those for Megumi. I have two pairs of Stardust series eyes for Emiko and Umeko, I made a review of them when I first got them. The Stardust series eyes have a nice narrow shape that is good for the DDH-06 head’s eyeshape, but Mariko has these wider, slightly droopy eyes so I thought that Moonlight eyes’ shape might suit her better. And looks like my intuition was right!

I took some quick comparison photos as Yenna was leaving – the next time I should remember to do stuff like this FIRST so that I wouldn’t have to hurry so much… once I get Megu her own pair of Moonlight eyes, I’ll do a more in-depth comparison. And include DDH-06 head for comparison, too.

First the two pairs of eyes together.
Close up.

And Stardust vs Moonlight in the Mariko sculpt. Next time I’ll take photos of both pairs in doll separately as well.
juu-yuki is going to have a custom colour event at the Lizanna webshop soon! I submitted a request for a custom pink eye colour, because I want pink eyes for Megu~

Lizanna custom colour event!

^ Click on the image for further information!


  • Irene

    Thanks for linking to this shop, I can’t find many shops carrying a similar shape to that moonlight series – which seems to suit Mariko’s eye shape very well just like her defaults!

    • mizya

      You’re welcome! :3 I really like the Lizanna eyes and juu-yuki is a sweet person, so I try to spread the word as much as I can. xD

      The Moonlight eyes’ shape is very close to Mariko’s default eyes indeed! I’m really happy that I can get brighter eyes with black pupils in a similar shape~ I tend to prefer eyes that have pupils for my dolls, the ones with no pupil seem kinda empty to me…

  • Pihlajakoto

    One day I will buy Lizanna eyes for my dolls too. I have twin-snow (previous eyemanufactorer of juu-yuki’s eye desings) metallic blue moonlight eyes for my Mariko and non-metallic grey moonlight eyes for my Sakuya and non-metallic green moonlight eyes for my Mai and I love them all. I can’t wait what the pink eyes will look on your Mariko :3

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