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Lizanna Custom colour event

Okay, so a few weeks back Juu-Yuki had a custom colour event for her Lizanna eyes, and of course I took part because I love the Lizanna eyes and wanted to get the perfect colour eyes for my Megumi. You can read the first review that I made here. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゙

I got to try out the Moonlight series eyes in Megumi thanks to Yenna, so I ordered a custom pink colour in that style.

Here is the instruction for the colour that I sent to Juu-Yuki:

Tourmaline and Ruby are basic colours from Lizanna, and I wanted a pink colour that is between those two.

And this is what I got:

The eyes are sent in regular bubblewrap envelopes, which is good. They fit in the mailbox so if I’m not at home to receive them, I won’t have to go pick them up at the post office. Yay! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
The eye box! This time secured with a black ribbon~ ♥
First look at the eyes. (。’▽’。)♡ They’re perhaps a bit colder in tone than what I wished for, but lovely nevertheless!
The Moonlight style is really pretty and perfect for a more cutesy look~ (*’∀’人)♥
Comparison with Stardust series Sapphire. Both pairs of eyes are 22mm.

Another comparison.

Then I tried out the eyes in my dolls. I only have two DDH-06 heads and Mariko for now, so sadly I can’t do a more extensive comparison, ahah… well perhaps one day I’ll have more DD girls, lol~

22mm Moonlight custom pink vs. 22mm Stardust Sapphire in Emiko (DDH-06)
22mm Moonlight custom pink in Emiko (DDH-06)
22m Stardust Sapphire in Emiko (DDH-06)
22mm Moonlight custom pink vs. 22mm Stardust Sapphire in Megumi (DDS Mariko)
22mm Stardust Sapphire in Megumi (DDS Mariko)
22mm Moonlight custom pink in Megumi (DDS Mariko)

Even if the colour isn’t a 100% like the colour sample that I made for Juu-Yuki, I’m still quite happy with the eyes. It’s understandable that there might be some difference due to different screen settings… it’s close enough to what I wanted and the eyes look really lovely in Megumi! ♥ The Moonlight series’ iris shape suits her eye shape and cute face really well! (´∇ノ`*)ノ♡ They’re quite close to Mariko’s default eyes shape-wise. Only these have a black pupil, which makes look sooo much cuter and make her a lot more expressive. I’m a very happy customer, once again! I cannot recommend these eyes enough, they are just gorgeous and catch light so well~ ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊

Here’s a photo of Megu-tan with her new pretty eyes:

Soooo cute!!! (/∇\*)。o○♡


  • Kaitlin

    So glad Megu-chan finally has her eyes! Too bad they weren’t exactly what you were hoping for, though. :( She still looks beautiful in them!

    • mizya

      Yup, I’m very happy with her now~ :3 Luckily it wasn’t more than a minor difference in the shade, otherwise they’re perfect! She does look very beautiful indeed. ^^ ♥

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