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LeekeWorld troubles

I am this close to boycotting this company. Every time that I have a problem, they are extremely unhelpful and do nothing. I swear during my 10 years in the hobby, I’ve never encountered a company with as awful customer service as Leeke.

Okay, so last week I made an order for a pair of shoes and some laces. The shoes that I got were a pair of sneakers in L-Girls size: LS-287_G. I have a Vito guy from Souldoll and his feet are bigger than my 65cm female dolls’, so he can’t wear MSD shoes but then 60cm+ boys’ shoes are too big to him. In the general category for the L-Girls shoes, they list the size as 6.7cm. I thought that the maximum outer lenght for the shoes couldn’t be more than 8cm. So, they should work fine for my Vito guy whose foot lenght is around 7.3mm.

Well, today I get the shoes, and they seem quite big to me. I measured them and lo and behold: the outer lenght for the shoes is 8.9cm. If they list their L-Girls’ feet size as 6.7cm, 8.9cm is over two centimetres bigger than that.

A photo of the shoe with a ruler.

Now, I realise that the outer lenght of the shoe HAS to be bigger than the lenght of the doll’s foot. But 8.9cm, really? What in the world… Not to mention, there are no measurements listed on those particular sneakers’ page. So, if I buy these shoes that don’t have any special measurements listed, of course I’m going to assume that they are the same size as their standard shoes for L-Girls, which is around 7.5~7.9cm, depending on the shoe. But yeah, definitely not bigger than 8cm in outer lenght.

So, I messaged to Leeke about this problem and requested that they would list individual measurements for each shoe in the future to avoid any more misunderstandings. For once they got back to me within the same day, but… well, see for yourselves:

Dear customer
Thank you for shopping with Leekeworld.

We checked your order.
We are so sorry about this problem.

When we make the Sneakers in Leekeworld. we made them larger than the actual doll’s feet size.
We thought it looks better when we take photos and wears the Sneakers.
So we are making the Sneakers larger.

The G size is bigger than G size.
The L size is bigger than L size.
The LL size is bigger than LL size.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks a lot and have a good day.
From Leekeworld

… all I can say is… what in the world?! Sure, maybe the shoes will look better in a larger size if you photograph them individually, or like, only from the ankle/knee down when a doll is wearing them. But I assure you, if you took full body shots of the whole doll, it would look quite ridiculous. And how is this “the G size bigger than G size” thing going to help me? How much bigger is it? Give me actual measurements! You expect your customers to buy these shoes that can cost between $36-49 to try and see if they might fit their doll? What in the world… I’m just speechless. Like, sure, no wonder your doll shoes look almost perfectly in-scale miniatures of human size sneakers if you make them bigger… that smells like false advertising to me.

Seriously, if this isn’t ridiculous, I don’t know what is:

“Size : Girl of DollLeeke-L type, SD13Girls and SD of Volks.” … such a great fit on my SD13 equivalent size girl, mm-hmm!

Too big for my 63+cm girls too!

This isn’t the first time I’m having problems with Leeke. Once I made a group order for their wigs and the order’s total value was at around 400 USD. Then, when I got the order home, one wig was missing. I took photos of the wigs that I did get, as proof, and messaged to them. In their reply they basically accused me of lying about the missing wig: that surely I didn’t inspect the box well enough and the wig had to be there. It wasn’t that they forgot to include it. And I’m just like… if I can afford to make an order worth $400, WHY ON EARTH would I try to scam you out of ONE wig? One wig. If I was being dishonest, don’t you think I’d have claimed that several wigs are missing from my order, hmm? Well, eventually they did believe me and refunded me for the missing wig (in points, not in actual money), but… it was unnecessarily difficult.

And just recently Yenna asked them to take a photo of one of their in-stock M-size shoes, as they use G-size shoes’ photos for the M-size shoes. Because let’s face it: shoes made for 40cm dolls ARE going to look different from shoes that have been made for 60cm+ dolls – just like a wig made in 9-10inch size is going to look different from a wig made in 6-7inch size. And Leeke’s reply? No, we won’t do it. Like, don’t you care that a customer might not purchase your items, if you can’t bother to market them?

Every time I deal with their customer service, I’m left with this feeling that I’m doing the wrong thing by messaging them. Like, I’m bothering them and if I report a missing item or a problem with an item, I’m a liar trying to scam them. Customer service is supposed to, you know, serve the customers… would it kill you to be helpful for once?

I seriously wish other companies would pick up more variety in wig colours, ’cause damn… I really feel iffy about supporting a company that treats their customers like trash. :/


  • Yenna

    Yup, Leeke probably has the shittiest customer service out of all the companies I’ve ever dealt with. Too bad they have the best colour options for wigs and as long as you know what style/size combos to avoid, also the best wigs around.

    But I sure as hell am NOT buying shoes from them again unless I know with 100% certainty what I’m getting. The pair I asked a photo of, ended up pretty much how I’d envisioned them to be, but the other pair I also bought in MSD size was just ugly as hell. I understand it takes time to take, edit and upload photos of the products but how about do it anyway?? The small sized shoes are signifigantly different looking from the large ones they photograph. They even have a different angle in the heel height for the MSD shoes. And that whole let’s add like 2cm extra to make them better is utter bullshit. Even 1cm is pushing it a bit, if you want the shoes to, you know, look like they’re in scale. Let alone 2!

    Clearly they don’t care that their shitty service is turning away even their long-term customers. I remember ordering shoes from their very first shoe preorder ever, so basically I’ve been with them for as long as they’ve been making shoes, but I really don’t want to support them anymore.

    I’d also really like to give them feedback on those ~arteesteeeek~ wig photos they have from their other photographer (the one that doesn’t shoot in studio light, uses weird angles and stupid filters on the photos) cause those are not one bit helpful. But I know they won’t do anything about it even if I mention it. Luckily most wigs also have the studio light versions but those are only with 9-10″ size on huge round volks heads. :/ The msd size photographer should lay off the filters and artisty when they’re trying to sell products.

  • Irene

    Yeahh, I tend to avoid Leeke unless I need some extremely special wig color (like those gradients they offered). But recently taobao really has been fulfilling all my needs. The reason I avoid Leeke is that their wig quality has actually disappointed me 9 out of 10 times =/

    I’m sorry to hear about your issues with them, that really takes the cake. I would try to avoid them as much as possible after that ^^;;; The worst thing is a company that doesn’t seem to care at all =O And they’ve done some other shady things in the past as well I remember.

  • Chuiga

    Joo, leekellä on ollut riman alituksia niin kauan kuin muistan :/. Tosi harmi, että se on yksi ainoista firmoista noin isolla peruukkivalikoimalla (värien ja mallien kanssa). Aloin boikotoimaan firmaa sen jälkeen kun olin tilannut peruukkini ja toinen oli ihan käsittämättömän huonolaatuinen. Valitusviestin vastaus oli että “Joo, joskus nää peruukit on tälläsiä”. Maksan erikoiscustomi peruukista normaalia peruukkia isomman hinnan ja firma ei halua edes korvata peruukkia jota on täysin mahdoton käyttää tai stailata millään lailla. En edes käsitä miten sieltä päästetään tuollaisia kakkosluokan tavaroita läpi asiakkaille (joista ei selkeästi välitetä pätkääkään). Viimeinen niitti oli silloin aikoinaan leeken “taidevartalo” joka ei “missään nimessä” ollut mikään toisen tekijän kopio. Että sellainen firma.

  • Junco

    I’ve never had a single problem with Leekeworld, and they always responded fast and professionally (albeit in broken English) whenever I wanted to combine orders etc. I must be one of the lucky few. This, however, is inexcusable. They should clearly state on their website the exact measurements of their products, so their customers aren’t mislead like this. I hope you can get your money back. This is clearly false advertisement.


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