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Leeke’s Spring 2013

Okay, so… it took me a few days ’cause the light was being weird but today it was finally a bright day – even though it was supposed to rain. But well, anyway. I took photos of all the spring colours together – with the exception of Misty Lavender ’cause it wasn’t included in my order. The Bright Lime will be going to Yenna and I’m not keeping the Spring Olive after all (because the style didn’t suit Momus and the colour is too green for him – I wish they’ll bring Fairy Olive back in the next summer pre-order or I’ll be very very sad as it’s the perfect colour for him). But the other colours will stay. :3

But yeah, here are the photos:

And then I did a comparison of Bright Ivory with some other blondes from previous pre-orders:

I also have an older comparison with Bright Beige, Beige and Muddy Blond (for reference). I find it quite ironic that Bright Beige is more yellow-ish than Bright Ivory… I expected it to be the other way round haha.

But yeah, hopefully these will be useful reference for someone. :3

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