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July review: For my doll, with ForMyDoll

I received my wigs from ForMyDoll today, so I will be making the first review now. ^^ First I will list some dates, and then move on to talk about the ordering process in more detail, and eventually talk about the wigs that I received – with photos.

I chose airmail as the shipping method, but FMD also offers EMS.
I tend to use airmail for small orders like this, though, as it’s less expensive and doesn’t take much longer than EMS to arrive either.

Order date: 8th of July
Shipping date: 9th of July
Order left Korea: 13th of July
Order arrived in Finland: 17th of July
Was available for pick up at the local postal office: 21st of July

So, as you can see from the dates: The shipping was very quick and happened the next day after I’d placed the order. It took a couple of days for the package to board a plane and leave Korea, but it arrived quite quickly after that. Only in Finland there was more delay… when you live anywhere else but the capital city, Helsinki, airmail packages can take several extra days to deliver, for some reason… =__=;;

But ForMyDoll handled and shipped the order very quickly. :3 The only downside is that they don’t seem to send any emails: no order confirmation nor shipping notice, so you will need to go to their website to check on your order’s status. But there are a few other companies that don’t send out emails either, so it’s not that uncommon.

Now, I shall move onto talking about the packaging of my order:

The wigs arrived in a long box, as one of the wigs that I ordered was quite long (almost 40cm in lenght).
Unfortunately the tape on the box hadn’t held too well, and there was a gap on the bottom of the box. When the lady at the box office gave me the package, she said “I hope that everything is still inside”. So did I, this was not a very pleasant surprise…
Some smaller items (like hairbands or eyelashes) might have slipped through the gap. Luckily I only ordered two wigs.
The tape was coming off on all sides… I hope that this was just a bad batch of tape. I’ve never received this poorly packaged boxes from FMD before. Fingers crossed it is just a one time thing.
Then I opened the package. There was quite a bit of padding, although some corners still had empty space. But for the most part the wigs were nicely secured inside the box.
The two wigs that I ordered, as well as some gift hairpins. FMD tends to include hairclips when you order wigs, which is a lovely gesture! :)
The wigs out of the packaging. The fiber is nice and soft and the gray wig’s curls stay together nicely.
There are some flyaways, but that is common with curly wigs. A couple of flyaways like this do not bother me.

Next, I will talk about the wigs in more detail:

[FMD-1075A] Sweet Brown in S (6-7inch) size

This wig is a nice fit on my Souldoll Vito Berial. His head size is a bit tricky, as 7-8inch wigs are too big for him and some 6-7inch wigs are too small. Luckily this 6-7inch wig by ForMyDoll is a nice fit on him.
From the right side. I am very pleased with this side of the wig, it’s perfect~ ♥
And the left side. This side I’m not that happy with, I feel like there is too much fiber… also, the fibers get caught on his ears and stick out in a silly way. There’s no problem like that on the right side. But Souldoll’s dolls have big ears, so that can be part of the problem…
Here’s a close up to show how the fibers stick out.
And from the back. I wish the fibers at the neck would be a little bit longer, but that’s just my personal preference.
I styled the wig with wax as I wanted to see if I could get the left side to behave better. Well, it’s a bit better, but I still feel like there is too much fiber at the temple area, as well as around the ear.
The fiber is so thick that it tends to stick out and doesn’t frame his face nicely. Also, the wig cap is a little visible…
I moved some of the fiber more to the right side, and it covered the showing wig cap and now the fiber doesn’t stick out that badly either. But the fibers try to return to the left side, ahah… I need to add more wax and hope for the best.
This is the best angle for this wig, I think. :3 I really like the colour, and the fiber is very soft and stylable to a degree.

All in all I am quite happy with this wig. The colour is definitely my favourite thing about it, it’s such a lovely dark-ish brown and it’s not too cold nor too warm. Just what I wanted! ♥ I think that the style is also quite close to the shop photos that are taken in 7-8inch size. Although, it’s not too different from its bigger counterpart either. The only issue that I have with it, is that it has a little too much fiber on the left side. But hopefully with some more styling, I can make it work for my doll. ^^

The [FMD-1075A] style wig is available in the following sizes:
LL (9-10inch)
L (8-9inch)
M (7-8inch)
S (6-7inch)
SS (5.6-5.7inch)

And in the following colours:
– Mild Black
– Cream Blond
– Sweet Milk
– Bronze Beige
– Sweet Carrot
– Sweet Brown
– Soft Brown
– Coco Brown
– Deep Gray
You can view the colour chart on the wig’s sales page.

My rating for this wig:
Colour: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Style: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Overall quality: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

[FMD-1124] Deep Gray-Silver in L (8-9inch) size

This is a very lovely wig. It has lighter gray fibers mixed in with darker gray and an obre effect towards the tips: it turns into a light gray. This wig is a really nice and snug fit for my Senior Withdoll Cecily! I have a silicone cap under the wig and it stays very nicely in place, even though the wig is quite long. Sometimes long wigs can be heavy and slip off if they’re too big… but no such problem with this wig!
I really like wigs that have mixed fibers, it makes them look more realistic. Especially with this colour combination, the lighter gray fibers make the wig appear to have a nice silver shine to it! I love it~ ^^ ♥
Right side. The curls are easy to separate from each other.
From the back. I really love that ombre effect! ♥
From the left side. I have no complaints about this wig, really.
A close up of the ombre effect. :3
The parting is done quite nicely… it doesn’t bother me as long as I don’t take extreme close ups like this, at least.
I moved the parting more to the side to suit my personal preference. ^^ I’m very happy with this wig!

I’m a big fan of mixed fiber wigs, so naturally I love the colour of this wig a lot. I really love how shiny it looks thanks to the lighter fibers that are mixed in. There are some flyaways, but they are quite easy to style back in shape. The curls are nicely loose, and this wig works perfectly for my doll. ^^ Very satisfied with this one~ ♥

The [FMD-1124] style wig is available in the following sizes:
LL (9-10inch)
L (8-9inch)
M (7-8inch)
S (6-7inch)
SS (5.6-5.7inch)

And in the following colours:
– Deep Gray-Silver
– Baby Pink
– Light Lavender
– Caramel Macchiato
– Icy Blue
– Lemon Tea
Each colour has its own sales page.

My rating for this wig:
Colour: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Style: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Overall quality: ★★★★★(5/5)

And that concludes July’s review. The next review will be in August! ^^

Here’s an extra photo of Hesperie with her new lovely wig:

So much hair! The wig compliments her colourful face up very nicely~ ♥

Poor Yoshiki doesn’t get more photos yet, because he still doesn’t have clothes that fit his character. xD;;;

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