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Ivory issues continue…

Long story, but: I bought a N416 Narae head and Volume body from D-storic last year before their final sales. When I received the doll in November, I was surprised because she was much pinker than my N401 Narin head from spring earlier that year. I thought that they must’ve changed the resin to a pinker one and there’s nothing I could do about it, so I decided to settle with this pink doll… however, later on I thought that I’d also like to get a N412 head for a different look, so I ordered one in December 2012. In January or February (I forget) they made an announcement that from now on they’ll have two colours: Korea Ivory Yellow and Korea Ivory Pink… I wrote to D-storic, worried, because I didn’t want to end up getting a too pink head. But they had stopped communication, unluckily for me, and shipped out the head before they read my message. And, of course, the head that I got in February was too pink. I wrote to them again (and showed them photos) and luckily they gave me a chance to get another head that would hopefully match my Narae body better…

Well, I finally received my replacement head today and… It seems like this one is the Korea Ivory Yellow, while the previous one was most definitely the Pink variant… but unfortunately my Narae N416 head + body is a colour in between these two. =.=; Well, at least it should be possible to blush this head pinker to match the body… I’m really sad, though, because when I originally purchased my N416 I expected to get this kind of light ivory colour. ;__; Now this N412 head is exactly the kind of colour that I wanted, but the body doesn’t match it so I have to blush it pink… sigh.

Well, I’ll post a resin comparison here for reference:

Korea Ivory YELLOW & Korea Ivory PINK
There are actually small differences between the two heads: the older pink one has more defined eyelid creases and mouth in comparison to the new yellow head. The yellow head also has smalled eyes and they’re slightly different shape too. I definitely like the new heads’ lips more, as they’re not carved as deep… but the old head has a nicer eye shape. Some work for sandpaper again…

Here’s also a comparison of the headbacks with my “in between” N416 head:

Korea Ivory YELLOW, Korea Ivory (transition from YW to PK), Korea Ivory PINK
I suppose I’ll just have to make do with blushing the Yellow head to match the body… but I am quite sad because in a way D-storic was really unfair about this whole resin colour thing… ’cause they went and changed it without any notice and THEN only later they decided to manufacture two different colours – and for some people like me, the damage had already been done. I never wanted a pink doll… well, at least mine isn’t as bad as it could be, but she still looks terribly pink next to my old Korea Ivory Narin and Milky White Narins… :(

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