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August review: For my doll, with ForMyDoll

Phew, it’s been such a busy and exhausting week! x__x My August review wigs from ForMyDoll were available for pick up on Monday already, but I wasn’t able to visit the post office until Wednesday. I opened the box and took the photos for the review that evening, but I didn’t have the time to edit them until now. Thankfully it’s the weekend tomorrow, I’m so tired and need to re-energise! Autumn always brings responsibilities and busyness, ahah…

But yeah, onto the review. Like the last time, I will list some dates first, and then talk about the ordering process a bit, and eventually the wigs themselves. :3

I chose airmail as the shipping method, but FMD also offers EMS.
I tend to use airmail for small orders like this, though, as it’s less expensive and doesn’t take much longer than EMS to arrive either.

Order date: 11th of August
Shipping date: 12th of August
Order left Korea: 17th of August
Order arrived in Finland: 20th of August
Was available for pick up at the local postal office: 24th of August

Again, the shipping was super quick: the next day after I’d ordered. The last time I didn’t get any emails, but this time I did get a confirmation email after I’d placed the order, which was lovely. It’s always reassuring to receive emails in addition to status updates on the website. However, I didn’t get a shipping notice this time either, I had to check the order status on the website again. I’d like it if they’d send an email about shipping, but they do ship out so fast that it’s not a big deal even if there is no email.

Now, let’s move onto the box itself:

A compact pink box! ^^ Last time I wasn’t too happy with the box because the tape had gotten all loose and the box was about to fall apart… but this time there was no such problem. I suppose they use these small pink boxes for smaller orders, but since the last time I purchased a reeeeally long wig, it was packaged in a bigger (non-pink) box… I’m used to receiving these pink boxes from FMD, haha~ ♥
The wigs were packed in two layers with some padding.
The bigger wig was on the bottom.
Both wigs out of the box. As usual, I got some hairpins as a gift. :3
And both wigs out of the plastic bags & hair nets. Both seem quite lovely so far! ♥
From the back as well.

I promised in the previous FMD post that I’d do a comparison lineup with all the browns that I have so far, and here it is!

And then the wigs themselves:

[FMD K-002] CoCo Brown in L (8-9inch) size

I’ve been eyeing this particular wig for a while and thought that the style might suit Emiko nicely. And it does! ♥ The wig has a couple of flyaways and the wigcap shows ever so slightly around the parting, but there are no major issues for me.
It looks lovely from the left side as well~ I also find the CoCo Brown colour very pretty. ^^
A couple of flyaways at the back, too, bot those are easy to sort out!
I really like the wig from the right side! It curls around her shoulder so nicely~ ♥ The only complaint is that the bangs cover her eye a bit too much, but…
… with some styling, that’s easily taken care of! ♥ I also smoothed out the worst flyaways.

I’m happy with this wig, the style is very cute and has plenty of volume that works really nicely for Dollfie Dreams. ♥ It’s pretty effortless to style and I’m sure you can easily put it on a ponytail or do an updo. :3 The only issue with it were the flyaways, but I was able to smooth those out pretty easily… or cut the excess ones that didn’t behave otherwise. As a fan of symmetry, I would’ve preferred if the curls didn’t all curl in the same direction on both the left and right side instead of being mirrored versions of each other, but that’s just me being nitpicky. It’s not too bad, the curls are pretty much in harmony even if they’re not a 100% mirrored. The wig pretty much looks like what I expected and the CoCo Brown colour is very lovely~ ^^

The [FMD K-002 style wig is available in the following sizes:
LL (9-10inch)
L (8-9inch)
M (7-8inch)
S (6-7inch)
SS (5.6-5.7inch)

And in the following colours:
– Mild Black
– Cream Blond
– Sweet Milk
– Bronze Beige
– Sweet Carrot
– Sweet Brown
– Soft Brown
– Coco Brown
– Deep Gray
– Cream Pink
– Cherry Wine
– Vintage Green
         ***Please note that in SS-size, only Soft Brown and Sweet Brown are available!***
You can view the colour chart on the wig’s sales page.

My rating for this wig:
Colour: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Style: ★★★★★ (5/5)
Overall quality: ★★★★★ (5/5)

[FMD-1116] Bronze Beige in S (6-7inch) size

With this wig, I’m going to be a little more nitpicky about symmetry. Because it looks completely different on each side and the curls are kinda all over the place… it doesn’t look very tidy to me. The complete lack of symmetry bothers me quite a bit, sadly. :C
There’s a lot more fiber on the right side of the wig… and because of that, there are more curls and they’re also thicker. It’s rather difficult to get them arranged nicely.
From the back you can see how the left side droops and the right side is very crowded in comparison.
I like the shape of the front curls better on the left side, but I don’t like how there’s this gap between the bangs and the rest of the hair. :C
Even after a lot of styling, I couldn’t get the wig to look very symmetrical. There’s just too much fiber on the right side and the shape of the curls don’t work. ;__; Also, there are quite a bit of flyaways…

Unfortunately this wig was a bit of a disappointment. :C The colour is lovely, although it’s a bit lighter in person than what I expected. But the asymmetry of the wig really bothers me, it makes the wig difficult to style nicely. With this hairstyle, it would be important for the curls to be a similar shape. And there is too much of the fiber on the right side, I noticed it especially after I’d combed out the curls – I then rearranged them but even after several attempts, I couldn’t get the wig styled very nicely… ;__; I didn’t even take any additional photos later. It could be that I’m extremely critical because this wig was intended for Mi Cha, who is my princess, and I’m very, very, very picky about what her hair should look like. I don’t think this will become her new default wig, sadly…

The [FMD-1116] style wig is available in the following sizes:
M (7-8inch)
S (6-7inch)
SS (5.6-5.7inch)

And in the following colours:
– Bronze Beige
– Sweet Brown
– Soft Brown
– CoCo Brown
– Mild Black
– Cream Pink
         ***Please note that in M-size, only Bronze Beige and Sweet Brown are available! In SS-size, only Soft Brown, Bronze Beige and Sweet Brown are available!***
Each colour has its own sales page.

My rating for this wig:
Colour: ★★★★☆ (4/5)
Style: ★★☆☆☆ (2/5)
Overall quality: ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

And that concludes August’s review as well as my contract with ForMyDoll. I’ve enjoyed making these reviews a lot, and I hope they’ve been of help to others as well! ^^ ♥

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  • Fantasywoods

    That bronze beige color looks really pretty!! I don’t think I even realized they had sucha shade in their store X) I love Coco brown, but I’ve owned quite a few wigs on that color so now I’m kinda tired of it XD though it’s a lovely shade too.

    Too bad the styling for the second wig didn’t work for you, I think it looks rather nice after the styling, but I totally understand why you aren’t happy with it. I hate styling wigs because more often than not, I mess it up more than fix it.

    • mizya

      It’s really pretty, but sadly not the kind of shade that would suit Mi Cha. :C I’m really particular about my dolls’ hair and eye colour, ahah… FMD does have a lot of colours to choose from, sometimes I miss out on what styles are available in which colours, too. xD Then I go back and am all “Oh, right, this colour IS available for this style!” It’s definitely nice that they have such a great variety of colours for their basic wigs, though~ ♥

      I did try to comb out the curls and restyle it, it turned out a bit better, but… I think I’ll sell it, though, and maybe buy it in Soft Brown sometime. I’m glad that I got to see Bronze Beige in person, though, and compare it to the other browns. :3 It gives a better idea to see them next to each other, because individually they look different so sometimes it’s hard to figure out how the colours compare to each other.

  • Alasse Carnesir

    Thanks for the review on these wigs. I really like the richness of the colours.

    I have been curious about that Bronze Beige wig so it’s good to hear your thoughts on it. I was never sure how it would sit and look on a doll. I think my worry would be those curls. You’d have to make sure the curls didn’t fall out. And how do you brush that hair to keep down the flyaways …

    • mizya

      You’re welcome! :3 I’m glad if it was helpful~

      Curly wigs like this are a lot of work to maintain… you need to comb out the curls individually and then curl them back with your finger or a pencil etc… it took quite a while to comb out that wig and reshape it. @.@;;

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