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Wonder Festival 2016 Winter

I planned to make a post about this already on Sunday but I spent the day suffering from a migraine, so… didn’t really feel like writing anything and just settled for retweeting stuff at twitter. But even though this is pretty late, I still wanted to talk about some doll & figure releases that I’m looking forward to. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

First dolls from Azone, because dolls are always relevant. ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Some dolls were already introduced in Doll Show 45 Winter so I’ll just skip those ones because I already wrote down my thoughts on those.

But, Azone revealed some new releases in both Twinkle a la Mode and Otogi no Kuni series! The next gem girl ended up being Yuzuha and from the Otogi no Kuni lineup they revealed Aika and Minami-sensei:

Photo ©taitan

WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_7082 WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_7084
Photos ©taitan

Yuzuha is one of my favourite girls so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that she’s the next one. And her gem is Lapis Lazuli~ I loooove blue and having my fave girl dressed in blue, what more could I want? ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊ Also, Yuzuha is White skin just like Peridot Maya, so at this point it’s safe to assume that the whole Twinkle a la Mode line will be offered in WS. Yaaay!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ Initially I was super excited but now after seeing these photos with better lighting, I wonder if Yuzuha’s eyes might be too bright of a blue to my taste… but I can just customise her if I don’t end up liking them in person. I definitely love her blue outfit! Although, secretly I was hoping that Yuzuha would be Ruby or something ’cause I’d love a redhead Yuzuha, since I already have one with black hair… but well, Yuzuha looks lovely in blue, too! (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )

For the regular version (blue clothes, black hair) Azone is planning to open orders in May 2016 and it appears that the limited version (white clothes, silver hair) will be available for purchase at the next Doll Show on the 4th of May.

WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_7076 WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_7070
Photos ©taitan

The next doll in the Otogi no Kuni Series is Aika, inspired by Snow White. The regular version with lighter clothes is called Snow White Princess Aika and the limited version with the black outfit is Snow Black Princess Aika. Originally when I saw the first teasers and got all psyched about these two on Instagram, I mistook Snow Black Aika’s hair to be caramel-coloured… but now that more photos with better lighting are available, I can see that her hair is actually a pink & brown mix, much like Nostalgic Story Collection DS version Alisa’s. (( ´∀`;)) I’m a bit sad because I liked the thought of Aika with caramel hair, but… at least it’s a pink & brown mix and not just pink. I really love Nostalgic Story Alisa’s brown & pink hair~ I prefer Aika with the にっこり mouth so I’d prefer the limited one, but I don’t know how difficult getting her might prove to be… I do love Snow White Aika’s clothes so I may consider ordering the doll just for the outfit and trying to sell the doll forward. Not that big on blonde neemos as I already have so many of them and the ぽよ mouth isn’t really my favourite either… (*;´□`)ゞ

The regular version is planned to be open for orders in early summer (so probably in June). The limited version is a bit more special: the order form for the doll is included with Dollybird vol 23 magazine. You fill out the form and mail it out to Azone – but I’m pretty sure that only people who live in Japan in a Japanese address can mail out the order forms. It was the same thing with the special order versions of Lil’ Fairy Chiisana Otetsudai-san Lipu, Erunoe and Vel last year, the order form for those dolls was included with the Lil’ Fairy photo novel.

Photo ©taitan

And yup, a new version of Minami-sensei was unveiled as well. She’s the Mermaid Princess. To be honest I’m not very thrilled with this release because… it’s like a pastel explosion and I don’t do that well with pastels. (-∀-`; ) But at least I’ll save money because I won’t need to get this doll, haha~ She’s cute but I wish she had at least a natural hair colour to contrast with the fantasy purple eyes… or at least a more toned town shade of pink. But yeah, no need to worry for my bank account with this one. Unless they surprise me with a neutral coloured counterpart, uh-oh! Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ But let’s hope there won’t be one since this Minami-sensei was introduced by herself.

Mermaid Princess Minami-sensei is also planned to open for orders in early summer. No detailed info on whether she’s limited or not at this point (that I could find, anyway).

In addition to their original pureneemos, Azone also introduced Tomori Nao from Charlotte and the next boy from Hetalia series, Italy at WonFes. I’m a big KEY fan and watched Charlotte last year and I do love Nao – but I doubt I’ll be pre-ordering this doll of her. I might get her later if I find the doll for a good price on the aftermarket, though.

New 1/3 scale dolls are incoming, as well~

Photo ©taitan

WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_6980 WF2016W-AZONE-DSC_6992
Photos ©taitan

There will be a new version of Cecily from the Black Raven series and also a new version of Moka from the Happiness Clover series. I like this Cecily’s clothes and hair colour, but I’m not a big fan of this dark green eye colour… and I tend to like the more cutesy girls from Azone’s 1/3 dolls the best. Moka is a good example of a pastel coloured doll that isn’t too much. She’s got a nice, natural brown hair colour to go with her purple eyes. (。’▽’。)♡ Her outfit is also really cute. I could definitely see her in my future… but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll have the funds to pre-order her. ( ´△`) Then again, the 1/3 girls’ price tends to hike quite a bit on the aftermarket, so… pre-ordering would be safer. I’m not that keen on paying, like, 20k-30k yen extra… … (;´Д`)

Cecily’s order period is planned for early spring and Moka’s orders will open in March.

In addition to these two original girls, they introduced some character models as well… but I’m not at all familiar with the series so I’m too lazy to link them, lol. Well I watched a few eps of Infinite Stratos a waaaaay back so this girl, Huan Ling Yin, rings some bells, but… not much, lol.( ´∀`)I pretty much disliked the show, it’s just some dull harem thing with a clueless male protagonist who can’t for the life of him figure out why all the girls act so hostile towards each other (because they all totally want him, of course!!!).

At the Volks’ booth, they had new outfits for Sheryl and Ranka on display, as well as a new Idolmaster outfit:

WF2016 winter VOLKS 軍服 WF2016w VOLKS ラズベリーキャンディ(ランカ)
Photos ©soraironora

WF2016winter VOLKS プリマコンツェルト
Photo ©soraironora

They also apparently had DD Miku and Shibuya Rin on display, but I’m too lazy to link photos since neither doll interests me much. I like ShibuRin in official Idolmaster art and as figures, but her DD version isn’t that pretty to me, for some reason… (・∧‐)ゞ

Aanyway, here’s a good chance for transitioning into figures! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ There were certainly lots that I liked, especially among figmas there will be many of my favourite characters available: Gwendolyn from odin Sphere, Saitama from One Punch Man, VOCALOID Meiko, Samus Aran from Metroid series, Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou Kid from, well, Kaitou Kid(/Meitantei Conan), Gilgamesh from Fate series AAAAANDDDD – something that I’ve been wishing for a long, long, long, long time: LINK FROM TWILIGHT PRINCESS YEEEEESSSS!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Like seriously, I saw one photo where in the lower corner I could see the top of Link’s hat and I was all OHH FFFUUUU THAT LOOKS LIKE TWILIGHT PRINCESS LINK PLEASE TELL ME IT IS TWILIGHT PRINCESS LINK I NEED MORE PROOF– and luckily I soon found actual photo proof that they are going to make that particular Link as a figma. Hallelujah!! Thank you figure gods!!!! O(≧▽≦)O Twilight Princess is my fave Zelda game along with Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker and I’ve been waiting for Twilight Princess figures FOR SO LONG! Now just get me Zelda and Midna (both versions) + wolf!Link and I’ll be satisfied. Yeeesssss~ (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Let’s just do a photo dump with my fave figures, if I start blabbing about each one in detail this entry will never end, lol! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

WF2016W[figma] Gilgamesh (2) WF2016W[figma] Gilgamesh (1)
Photos ©wata1219

I do have to mention that I like how Gil-sama was displayed well above the ざっしゅ, mwahaha~ ヾ(≧∇≦)ゞ I only watched Fate/Stay Night for Gilgamesh, not even ashamed. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ In addition to Gil-sama I like Rin and Archer is nice too but the Unlimited Bladeworks bullshit plot twist about Archer made me dislike him. ヽ(`⌒´)ノ At least I think it was that horrible movie that I watched some years back (originally I didn’t even wanna watch it, but bro trapped me when he said that Gil-sama (Seki-sama) is in it)… … now there’s been a new anime series of UBW made by my love Ufotable but I haven’t watched it ’cause I’m under the impression it’s the same plot-wise as that bs movie. (,,Ծ‸Ծ,, ) Not gonna watch that for a second time. Shirou Emiya is one of the worst protagonists ever, I can’t stand him UGHH! ((ヾ(≧皿≦メ)ノ)) Whoops, now I’m writing a novel here, let’s move on… …

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter [Corporate booth] Wonder Festival 2016 Winter [Corporate booth]
Photos ©Ryoku KASINN
Saitama and Kaitou Kid~ ヾ(o≧∀≦o)ノ゙

Photos ©akibahobby
Samus Aran & Zero suit version Samus from Metroid Other M. I haven’t played the Metroid games that much myself, but I’ve watched my bro play all of them. ヾ(。・ω・)シ Samus is badass! They’re good games, but I just suck at them, lol… I got the furthest in Metroid Fusion but I don’t think I ever finished that one either… … well, my bro’s ace at the games, it’s just as fun watching him play. Or, like, more fun watching him play rather than play myself ’cause I’m not panicking all over the place, lol~ (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

WF2016W[MaxFactory] Link (2)

WF2016W[MaxFactory] Link (1)
Photos ©wata1219

Max Factory’s Skyward Sword Link. I’m still undecided whether I want this figure or not… it’d be nice to have a cool scale of Link, but… Skyward Sword is among the Zelda games that I’ve enjoyed the least (I still haven’t finished it, ahah)… and especially now that they’re making Twilight Princess Link figma, I can’t help but wonder… maybe they’d eventually make a Twilight Princess scale, too ??? That’d be so freakin’ awesome! (╯✧∇✧)╯ We’ll see…

Wonder Festival 2016 Winter [Corporate booth]
Photo ©Ryoku KASINN

I don’t know much about Love Live! (and I’m not interested in getting into it either, to be honest) but looks-wise I like Kotori, Eri and Maki. And this figure of Maki by Alter is super pretty! (●´□`)♡ If only I had some extra money lying around, uhuhu… o(*´д`*)o Alter is my fave figure making company, by far.

wf2015winter-048 wf2015winter-049
Photos ©tom matsumoto

Tony Taka girls love~ ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) “Peace Keeper” Daisy is an older figure but I wanted to add a photo here because I love her a lot. “Innocent Fairy” Freesia is the newest in the series and I’d love to have her… she’s so cute, aghh!!!! (๑♡⌓♡๑)

ねんどろいどぷち 初音ミク りにゅーある
Photo ©mjyuki

Nendoroid Petit VOCALOID set! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ The regular Nendos feel a bit too big for me so I’ve been curious about the Petits but they haven’t released any new ones in a while… not that I’d noticed. And definitely not of my fave characters at least. So this set is very tempting, considering the fact that I’m a VOCALOID maniac, ahah… (♡´艸`)

Photo ©hanpen

I’ve never watched the original Sailor Moon, but I did watch Crystal up until… umm… 14 episodes? I should catch up on it. But this figure of Usagi and Mamoru is pretty cute. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Photos ©テリオ@千値練

Levi figures are always relevant to my interests! (人´ω`*)♡

Photos ©もっふる通り

This Ciel figure by Aniplex = so much want! It’s freaking GORGEOUS! (o´`o)♡*✲゚*。

Photos ©たけぶー

And more from Aniplex: my bby Kaori!!! (。’▽’。)♡ I already have a Kaori figure by GSC incoming, but I do want this one, too, as she’s playing her violin… I love this series so much! (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾♡ It’s called Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, in case you don’t remember me fangirling about it before.


I guess those are the most important ones… not all of the ones I want had even prototypes at display so it’s not even possible to link photos of them, ahah. I ended up rambling quite a bit even though it wasn’t my intention. Oh well. (゜▽゜;) Exciting times for a doll/figure collector! And my bank account is in grave danger, yes… (゚Д゚||)


  • Irene

    Ah so many great figures, ~ I love the butterfly-wing girls a lot x3 such lovely designs! I have to say the Saitama one is great too xD!

    As for the Neemos, I’m afraid I love the pastel explosions the most xD~ ahahaha

  • Uraru

    I really like the blue&black Yuzuha.
    Awwwh I wish they would have made Gakupo, I know he already has a figure of some kind but new one would have been nice too! : D
    (Or did he just get a new one? I’m outdated of figure and nendo news D: )

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