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Relationship chart, part I

Today I’m making a different kind of an entry. When I started this blog, I thought that I’d use it to tell more about my characters in written form as well, and not just via photos. Because I actually do have very detailed storylines planned for most of them, ahah… I just don’t have enough confidence in my writing skills in English, so I’m always reluctant to write about them in more detail, and usually just post small bits and pieces of character trivia alongside the photos that I take…

But I thought that this year I could make writing the background stories for the key characters of my mini crew my goal. So, that by the end of the year, I’d have their pasts written and posted in this blog. I roleplay the characters with Yenna so I’ll probably never get around writing in detail about the things that happened to them once they met their significant others… because we’ve already gone through those in our RP. But I’ll write some short summaries and updates about their relationship process.

Okay, I thought that I’d start by posting some relationship charts… and I’m starting with my key characters’ families because… I think it’s important to know their family dynamics first.

Click for the bigger version

Okay, so… some more trivia:

As you can see, Jae Sun’s family is quite dysfunctional. His parents have an unhappy marriage but refuse to get a divorce. They’re very career-centred, Dae-Hyun is a surgeon and Eun Mi a former supermodel, who still works in the fashion industry and has her own modeling agency. Neither of them gets along with their siblings either. Once Jae was old enough to leave home, he did so right away… and he hasn’t been in contact with his parents unless he absolutely had to. He also has no contact with his brother, as he’s much older than him and disappeared when Jae was around 13 years of age.

Riya’s family is the opposite of Jae’s: everyone gets along and Riya’s parents have a very happy marriage. Riya’s mother is originally from Japan, but she was visiting Korea in her twenties and met Hyun-Shik. They fell in love, so Rika moved to Korea to stay with him and they got married and had kids. Rika keeps in touch with her family as much as she can and especially her younger sister, Rio, visits Korea often.

Kei and Seiga’s family, the Yuharas, are a very old and prestigious family. The head of the family is their grandmother, Mitsuyo. She’s very strict and does everything in her power to keep anything from staining the family’s reputation. She has disowned her daughter, Kazue, for refusing to get married to her significant other – who is also an artist, so not prestigious enough in Mitsuyo’s opinion. He’s also a divorcee, which further displeases Mitsuyo. She is in good terms with all of her sons, though. The eldest son, Kiyotaka never married. The youngest, Kazuhiro, married the daughter of a rich family, so he is especially in their mother’s favour. Kazuyuki used to be the closest to their mother, but ever since he met and married Atsuko, Mitsuyo has been somewhat displeased with him as Atsuko was just a commoner (and his secretary in training, on top of everything). Grandmother Mitsuyo extends her hopes to the younger generation as well, so she’s extremely displeased with Kei’s “choice” of lifestyle – she refuses to accept that he is gay and has tried to intimidate Kei into marrying according to her wishes (a daughter of a rich family). She also disapproves of Saki, as she’s promiscuous and has an illegitimate child.

Saki is close with her father, but doesn’t get too well along with her mother as she doesn’t approve of her carefree lifestyle (her upbringing was also old-fashioned, so she has certain ideas of what is and isn’t proper for a woman to do or wear). Her parents were introduced to each other when they were teenagers, Kazuhiro’s mother chose Satomi as his fiancée. Luckily for them, they developed feelings for each other and eventually married for love. Satomi became pregnant with Saki soon after the wedding. She was never too fond of children, but loved her own. Once Saki became a teenager, though, she often clashed with her mother and they became somewhat distant to each other. Later in life when Saki had a child of her own and got married, her relationship with her mother has gradually improved. They still don’t see eye to eye when it comes to most things, though.

Kei’s father Kazuyuki and Hisoka’s parents used to go to the same university, so they know each other well. Kazuyuki is also friends with Yun Hee’s father, Jung-Hwa, as they work in the same profession (they’re lawyers) and Kazuyuki and Atsuko visit Korea frequently. Kazuhiro is also acquainted with Jung-Hwa through his brother. Kazuyuki and Jung-Hwa originally arranged an engagement between Kei and Yun Hee, but Kei broke it off when he told his parents that he’s gay.

Hisoka’s parents met in university and got married shortly after graduation. Josuke’s friend, Kazuyuki, started his own law firm and asked Josuke to become his partner. He was always immersed in his work and even after their son, Hisoka, was born, he could not slow down. Hisoka resented his father because he didn’t spend time with him. Josuke died of an intracranial hemorrhage when Hisoka was 13-years-old. Hanae was devastated and stayed a widow for several years. Eventually she met Yuichi and remarried. Hisoka gained a step sister in Yuichi’s daughter, Aimi, who at first had difficulties adjusting to the role of a sister and developed a crush on Hisoka. Eventually she was able to forget those feelings, as Hisoka had met Lilya.

Jung-Hwa, Hye Su and Soo-Yun have known each other since high school and they all were friends. Jung-Hwa and Hye Su had feelings for each other, but neither of them had the courage to confess. Soo-Yun noticed Hye’s feelings and decided to snatch Jung-Hwa before she could (she wanted a rich husband and Jung-Hwa was to become a lawyer). They stayed friends even after that, though both Jung-Hwa and Hye Su could never forget their feelings for each other. Jung-Hwa and Soo-Yun’s newlywed happiness didn’t last for long and they kept slowly drifting apart. Jung-Hwa was happy when they found out that Soo-Yun was pregnant, and was hopeful that it would bring them closer together again – only Soo-Yun didn’t feel the same, as she had never wanted children. After Yun Hee was born, Soo-Yun started drinking and had several affairs. Jung-Hwa had his doubts, but still tried to make the marriage work. Eventually Soo-Yun ran off with one of her lovers and demanded a divorce. Because Soo-Yun had neglected Yun Hee, Hye Su became a mother figure to her once Yun got into modeling and Hye Su became her manager. After several years she and Jung-Hwa finally got together (Yun fixed them up when Cin noted that they have feelings for each other) and married.

Hwa-Young’s parents eloped when they were young, as her grandfather was an influential politician and wanted his daughter to marry into a wealthy family. Ae-Sook lived a very sheltered life, but she would occasionally go for walks to a nearby park. One day she met a bit of an eccentric man, whose dream was to build his own business. She listened to his stories amusedly and returned to the park to meet him. After a few weeks the man, Seung-Hwa, proposed to her. They agreed that their only option would be to elope, as Ae-Sook’s parents would never allow them to marry. They moved to Seul and Seung-Hwa started his own business, while Ae-Sook remained a housewife. They also have a happy marriage, they’re so in love with each other to the point that their daughters find them embarrassing.

Mi Cha’s mother died when she was born, and her father blames Mi Cha for it even to this day. Yu-Min had a frail health since she was young, but once she met the love of her life, Se-Jin, she wished strongly for a child. They went to see a doctor, who told them that pregnancy would be very risky for Yu-Min. Se-Jin was frightened by this, as he didn’t want to lose the woman who he loved, and was against children for the longest time. Eventually Yu-Min managed to talk him into it. The pregnancy went surprisingly well and everyone was hopeful. However, Yu-Min died in child-birth. Se-Jin was devastated and wanted to have nothing to do with the child, so he left her in Yu-Min’s parents’ care in the countryside. When it was time for Mi Cha go to school, though, he brought her to live with him and his new wife in Seoul. He started abusing Mi Cha and his wife pretended not to notice. Se-Jin also didn’t let Mi Cha contact her grandparents, so she was completely alone. Only after Mi Cha met her significant other, Min Ki, she was able to cut her father and stepmother from her life and contact her grandmother again. 

… whew, that took a while to write, even though they’re just short summaries. xD; I’ll make a part two with mine and Yenna‘s RP characters either later today or… later this week. xD; That chart is a whole lot more complicated so it needs more clarification, haha. But here’s the start of my long project. :’3

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