Quiet day

I was so looking forward to getting something to open today as it’s my birthday, but… for some reason everything’s taking forever to arrive in Finland for a change. ;A; Every time that I’m looking forward to something, it takes five million years… and sometimes when there isn’t much of a hurry, the packages arrive within a day or so. =__=;;; Sigh… oh well, hopefully I’ll get something this week at least. I have a huge bunch of neemo clothes + L-type body incoming from Amiami, and then my two birthday gifts for myself… well, the other one was supposed to be a Christmas present but the release got delayed so it ended up becoming a birthday present instead, lol. But yeah, hopefully they won’t take much longer so that I can do some box opening again. xD

えっと…「悲しい」はちょっと… (-_-)ゞ゛
Yes, Kotone?
Manager, are you sad?
Well… “sad” is a bit…

私たちがいるから、元気にしてくださいね~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
君たち…! o(;△;)o ♥
We’re here, so please cheer up~
Happy Birthday, manager!!
Girls… !

… I’m such an idiot, lmao. x’D But it’s true that their cute little happy faces always cheer me up! ♥

I think I’ll reward myself by playing some Xenoblade Chronicles now~ It’s a gorgeous game, highly recommended to any of you who own a Wii! Although, seems like they’re releasing it for 3DS soon too~ :3

I love this game ’cause it’s beautiful and has really lovely music too AND you can play it with the original Japanese voices~! ヽ(;▽;)ノ ♥

EDIT: Lol, as I published this entry, the Amiami package finally landed in the country. xD Here’s to hoping customs doesn’t keep it hostage forever and the postal service won’t take 3-5 days to get it here once it’s released from customs. =__=;;;

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