New things

No photos today, just babbling about things that I should be receiving in the mail soon. No new dolls, though, just stuff for my current ones. :3 Tomorrow I should finally get my Leeke spring pre-order things: wigs for Apate, Momus and Alisa. And lots of lace, hehe. xD I can’t wait to see the spring colours~ I really hope that the new wigs will suit everyone. ♥

I also got a message from Mint on Card today, it seems like my black uniform has arrived there! It should ship within the next few days, so hopefully I’ll get it next week or the week after. I really can’t wait to see Mihail in uniform again~ ^^ I loved the white uniform, but alas, it’s a bit unfortunate for him since he’s white skin… it made him seem quite yellow in comparison. :( So I decided to get him a black one instead, ’cause black tends to make him seem more pure white. But luckily the uniform didn’t go far as Yenna bought it from me – so I get to see it on her handsome Dollshe men, hehe. xD ♥

I was really surprised that the uniform was finished this quickly, though. I only ordered it at the end of March, and last time the white uniform took like, over four months to make… so I definitely wasn’t expecting it yet. xD But I’m not complaining! Summer is just starting here and it’s the best time for photography in terms of light, so I’m very pleased that I’ll be able to get it earlier~

What else… well, nothing too important. I’m also waiting for some supplies that I ordered from Etsy for Apate’s dress… hopefully they’ll arrive soon, I can’t wait to work on her dress. Obviously I will be working on some sales clothing, too, as soon as my last exam on Wednesday is over. I’m going to be making slim mini clothes, as well as some casual shirts in Dollshe size. ^^

Tomorrow I’ll probably post some photos of wig fitting, hehe. xD I’ll also make colour comparisons since my order has pretty much all the spring colours, except for the lavendar one. Yay! ♥

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