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BJD update

I have two BJD photoshoots that I should post here… it’s just that I’ve been busy with sewing and other things, so I haven’t had the energy to edit the photos. Both are winter shoots in cloudy weather so they need A LOT of editing to look decent. But I’ll get them up eventually, I swear!

Anyway, I figured I’d ramble a bit about BJDs for a change… because I have new figure and Azone updates incoming soon. I should give some time for BJDs too in between, ahah. xD

Firstly, I’m still waiting on my Souldoll Vito Berial that I ordered in December 2014… I paid him off about a week ago and asked Souldoll if they could give me a shipping estimate. They quoted the beginning of April, which is fine with me – he’s Sandy Brown skin after all, and that kind of light tan seems to be difficult to manufacture. I asked Withdoll once if they’d offer a light tan colour like their Real skin in urethane resin, and they said no because it’s really difficult to manufacture. Sadly, I don’t care for French resin at all… but yeah, at least now I’ll get a lovely light tan from Souldoll~ I’m really looking forward to his arrival, my first Vito! *___* Although, I wonder where the hell I’m gonna get pants for him, though… I probably need to make some myself. Although, I just might bug Yenna to make him a pair, hohoho~ She makes the best pants. ♥

Photo ©Souldoll

A mock up I did when I was still deciding, to order or not. And then I caved. “”oTL

I’m also looking forward to Berial because she’ll be Saki’s husband, Yoshiki. I can take some sexy couple photos with them yaaaaay!! I don’t really have any complete couples of my own at the moment, most of my dolls are paired with Yenna’s, ahah. :’D Well, I have Nyx and Ceph but they’re idiots. And Ceph has to borrow René’s body and I’m always too lazy to undress René, dress the body in Ceph’s clothes, steal René’s eyes for Ceph and then put his head on the body lol. Also, Ceph would need a new face up, it got chipped… :E Nyx’s face up has faded, too, so she’d need a new one. And right now the weather sucks for painting. In terms of customising, summer can’t come fast enough – but in terms of photoshoots I don’t want winter to end yet! xD

… now I got sidetracked again. I was talking about Yosh, focus. Yeah, he should be real hot and I’m super excited about him (my sexy bartender, uhuhu~). Less excited about painting tattoos for him… he needs at least his trademark neck tattoo, although in reality his arm should be tattooed too (and continue to his backside, around to his shoulder blade). But I suck at painting tattoos so I doubt I’ll tackle that task lol. My mafia guys will probably never have their tattoos either because I don’t have the skills and I’m too lazy to send them off to be painted by someone else, ahah. But well, it doesn’t kill me even if they’re not a 100% complete. Sometimes I have to make compromises with the looks anyway, because I can’t find the right face and body for a certain character…

Which brings me to my next subject, hoho. :D I know I said no BJDs this year, but… I broke that rule already, whoops. “”””oTL I’ve loved the Oasisdoll girls ever since Yaoyue was introduced. And for the longest time I’ve wanted to get Yaoyue and Linglan as grown up versions of Riya and Yun Hee. Because those sculpts are beautiful AND the Oasisdoll Chic girl body must be the most beautiful female BJD body EVER. It has wide shoulders, it’s not super skinny at the waist and it also has hips, a lovely bum and relatively thick thighs. And the breasts look nice and natural, not all super push up-y defying-gravity-like NOR too saggy, so that they’d look weird clothed. But buying Oasisdoll girls with the Chic body has been a challenge because usually they sell them with the newer IT girl body… which is a whole lot shorter and smaller in general. The older heads like Yaoyue and Linglan are bigger than the newer ones and they look bobbleheaded to me on that body. x_o Do not want!

Anyway, last December they had a winter event where it was possible to purchase the Chic girl body. Only, I had just put Berial on order and barely recovered from Kyron and Elf Hunter Emma layaways, so I wasn’t able to order from the event. But now I was done paying off all the damned layaways and since my must-have list is pending because I can’t find the perfect sculpt for Ivanna for the life of me (how hard is it to make a frowny woman, Iplehouse???) and Bimong hasn’t re-released Narins and doesn’t know when he will… I decided to venture and email Twiggy if it might still be possible to order Linglan on the Chic girl body, in case there were some left over spots from the event.

And to my surprise, she said I could order one! O__O So naturally I had to, because it’s such a rare chance. I love the mini version of Yun to death because who wouldn’t love Naraes – but sadly she isn’t smiley enough and the Narae body has no hips and a really flat bum, so that bothers me. The bust size is perfect, but otherwise… :S When Linglan was released, I wanted to cry because her face was absolutely perfect for Yun’s character – that adorable smile. ;__; But I generally like the 40cm range dolls much better… but at one point I decided that heck – I’m just gonna buy grown up versions of my minis in SD-size. That way I can have nice compact mini dolls, AND super pretty bigger versions of my characters. Before the Narae/Narin era there would’ve been a bigger difference between the minis and the bigger dolls, because Dream of Doll and Doll in Mind dolls had much more childlike faces, so they were definitely teenagers around 15-18 years. Now the Narae/Narin ones are in their early twenties, so basically I wouldn’t necessarily need more grown up versions of them anymore, but… I still want the Oasisdoll girls at least. xD And then possibly Jae Sun, Kei and Hisoka, if I’m able to find lovely sculpts for them.

For reference, this is my current list of grown up versions that I’d want:
Riya – Oasisdoll Yaoyue
Jae Sun – Iplehouse Claude
Mi Cha – Beyours Kirara
Keiichi – Narin 60cm 3/4 eyes

I’ve had a Hisoka in mind at some point but now I can’t remember what sculpt I’ve thought about for him, haha… Iple’s Claude is definitely perfect for Jae, but I would never ever want their body. :’D Luckily now the sculptor has his own line of dolls and sells a slimmer body… although, that isn’t a 100% my dream body, but a whole lot better than Iple’s, by far. So I can only hope that I’d either be able to hybrid Claude head on that body or that he’ll release a new boy who’s similar to Claude, so that I can buy a full doll. But this is only if I can get Yaoyue as Riya… I’ll have no use for Jae if there is no Riya.

Yenna has a sculpt in mind for Cin, but we’ll see if that particular doll will ever be available. I’d really love if we could take photos of Cin and Yun together. ;__; They’re probably my favourite couple, and sadly their mini versions aren’t very compatible… xD;;; So currently there’s not much of a chance to enjoy them in doll form. I can only hope that someday there will be a sexy grown up Cin to go with my pretty grown up Yun~ ♥

But yeah, I’m really excited about this purchase! *____* I already have a huge shopping list thought out for her, but it’s gonna be a while before I can actually order anything… I have shoes picked out for her that come up to at least 100 euros in total and those are JUST a few necessary pairs. Agh, SD16 shoes are so expensive compared to the fashiondoll shoes… mini Yun has, like, 20+ pairs of shoes because they’re cheap. x’D In reality she should have waaaay way more. That woman is obsessed with shoes. Just recently Cin had her take a bunch of shoes out, because they were filling their closet, lol. xD

But yeah, 2015 is up to a good start~ I can’t wait to get my perfect Yun!!! *____* ♥


  • Heather

    I can’t wait to see your BJDs come in!

    I’ve actually been thinking about my bigger girls (and one guy) lately myself. I’m not really sure what to do with them, LOL!
    I need to spend more time paying attention to the resin folks, and maybe making something for them so I don’t feel so bad about them sitting around. I’ve got an Iplehouse Jessica who needs a new faceup for her character revisioning!!! XD

    I’m always so preoccupied with the Azone’s though, lol… they sort of took over!

    I really love when folks have awesome little stories for their dolls. They’re so much fun to read.

    And who is this Yenna you speak of?!

    • mizya

      I haven’t felt very inspired with BJDs lately myself, because I’ve had fun trying out new things with Azones and figures. xD BJDs are so high maintenance in comparison, they need to be painted, wigs, shoes and eyes to be bought, clothes to be made etc… and then there’s the restringing which I absolutely hate doing. :’D I currently have three dolls in pieces because I’m too lazy to put them back together ahah. >.>;; Azones and figures are so much easier in comparison, lol! It’s no wonder if they take over. :’D

      But yeah, I hope these new arrivals will rekindle my interest in BJDs, once they get home. xD

      Yenna is my best friend (and the devil who got me into BJDs in the first place lol), she also has a blog: here. :3 I talk about her so often that I’m usually too lazy to link her blog to her name, haha. I really look up to her, her photography is beautiful and her sewing and painting skills are top-notch, as well! ♥

  • Roterwolkenvogel

    Can’t wait to see the Vito guy in your pictures :3

    And I agree on the figures and Azones (or in my case Blythes) taking over because they are so much easier to deal with and easy to please – though I miss that I can’t restring them, restringing is so relaxing IMO xD

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