Background stories: Mi Cha

The other day I drew Mi Cha and was inspired to write about her. This ended up really long (it’s, like, over 10 pages in Word ahahah) as it took me several days and there most likely are some grammar errors and typos… I’ll have to proof-read it sometime, ahah. But yeah, I figured that I’d post it here, since I eventually do plan to publish background stories about all of my characters.

I’ve actually written about Kei and Hisoka before, and started Jae’s story, but those are several years old and have even worse grammar. ’cause my English was much worse back then. So I’ll have to rewrite and add some things before I can publish those.

But yeah, here’s Mi Cha’s story, up until now… well, it doesn’t include absolutely everything because that would get way, way too long for anyone to read, but… yeah. Maybe I’ll just paste that text here now and stop rambling, haha. 
Mi Cha is one of the models working in the same agency as Yun Hee. At first they didn’t get along at all, Yun pretty much hated her. The media would say that Mi Cha was a younger, more daring version of Yun (since she did these more… risque photoshoots for men’s magazines and such) and kept comparing them to each other… so there was this competition going on between the two of them. Mi Cha also moved in next door to Yun Hee, which irritated her even more. There were rumours that Mi Cha was spreading gossip about other models. Even some of Yun’s private info was leaked to the press. Mi Cha also tried to flirt with Cin in order to make him look bad in Yun’s eyes… only, well, that plan backfired when Cin pretended to respond to her advances and she then froze completely and got scared (she was afraid of Cin for a while after that, lol), which was a dead giveaway that she actually had no experience with men and was all talk. That was the first incident which revealed her true character a bit. Only at that point Yun still disliked her, so she didn’t think much of it and only laughed at Mi Cha’s pathetic attempt to seduce her boyfriend.

However, after that Yun had become mildly curious of Mi Cha and she kept observing her. She noticed that Mi Cha depended on her manager, who seemed to be the one choosing her jobs for her and pretty much ran her life in general. At times she would catch a glimpse of sadness and discomfort in Mi Cha’s expression, although she was able to hide it pretty well. So, Yun decided to try talking with her more in order to find out what kind of a person she really was. Until then everything that she knew about Mi Cha was whatever she’d read in magazines or heard from other models. After all, Yun herself was pretty different in her personal life, compared to her public model persona (actually just recently in our RP we had this situation where Yun and Mi Cha were on tv and Cin and Min Ki watched the program all “Who are these people???” ’cause both of them are really different in person lol) so she figured that there’s a chance her opinion of Mi Cha is inaccurate, since it’s based on gossip.

At first they didn’t talk that much and Mi Cha was really wary of her, as her manager had instructed her not to make any decisions by herself. But Yun Hee seemed really friendly and warm every time that she approached her, and Mi Cha had secretly admired her ever since she became a model. For the first time, she rebelled against her manager and started talking more with Yun Hee. She also gradually ended up letting her guard down around Yun Hee, who noticed that while Mi Cha pretended to be this energetic and cheerful girl, she actually lacked self-confidence and needed a lot of reassuring. She would also become nervous in bigger crowds and around people who she didn’t know. Apart from her work she didn’t really have much of a personal life: she would stay at home and watch tv whenever she didn’t work. Learning about all of this surprised Yun Hee quite a bit… at this point she had noticed that her manager would bully Mi Cha into doing work that she didn’t want to do, just to make her earn more money and to become more popular. It didn’t seem like the girl had anyone, who would encourage her, in her life. She barely talked about her family. Yun Hee only knew that she had lived with her father and stepmother until she’d started modelling at the age of 14 and moved into her own apartment.

Despite having a manager who clearly didn’t care about her well-being and no apparent support from her parents, Mi Cha didn’t complain much and seemed to always do her best… well, it was mostly because she was too afraid to talk back, but she also didn’t feel like she had the right to wish for anything more. The more they talked, the more Mi Cha opened up to Yun Hee. She eventually told Yun that her mother had died when she was born, which is why her relationship with her father wasn’t very good. Once her father had married again, he had become a little happier. Her new stepmother was apparently the one who had encouraged her to become a model, so she wanted to do her best to make both of them proud of her. Listening to this, Yun Hee felt that she wanted to take Mi Cha under her wing in order to encourage and support her, so that she would gain more confidence in herself. She wanted to show her that she’s worth more than what she thinks, and that she should do things for herself, and not just to please others. They quickly became friends, and Yun Hee was like a big sister to Mi Cha, giving her advice and looking out for her.

Mi Cha was also happy about befriending Yun Hee, as she had never really had a friend before. As a child, when she was still living in the countryside with her grandparents (because her father was devastated after losing his wife, he didn’t want to have anything to do with his daughter – he had moved to Seoul and left Mi Cha with his late wife’s parents), she had played with some of the kids from the neighbourhood, but she had always been really shy so making friends wasn’t easy for her. When it was time for her to go into school, she moved to Seoul to live with her father, Se-Jin, who had recently married. It was apparently his new wife’s idea to take Mi Cha in to live with them. Mi Cha was sad about leaving her grandparents, but at the same time she wished that she would be able to have a relationship with her father now. He had sometimes written letters and called, but for the most part he was a stranger to her. Mi Cha decided that she would do her best so that Se-Jin would love her. When she moved to Seoul, though, her father was always cold and indifferent about her. Her new stepmom seemed really friendly, though, and treated her nicely, so she wasn’t completely unhappy in her new surroundings. However, it was quite different from living with her warm, loving grandparents. She often expressed a desire to call her grandparents, but Se-Jin would ignore her requests every time.

Soon after moving into her father’s home, it became pretty clear to her that her father would probably never love her back. For the most part he was completely indifferent about her and it seemed like he tolerated her as long as she stayed quiet and out of his way. Whenever she did something that he didn’t like, Se-Jin would raise his voice at her. One time, when she was around 10 years of age, she wanted to play tea party because she had heard her classmates talking about it in school. They had said that it was more fun to play when they had real tea. One afternoon she was alone at home, and thought that she could try making tea in the kitchen. Although she was being very careful, as her father always scolded her if she played outside of her room, she accidentally broke a teacup. Mi Cha tried to clean up quickly before her parents came home and ended up cutting her hand in the process. Unluckily for her, Se-Jin had decided to come home earlier in order to surprise his wife. As soon as he walked into the kitchen, Mi Cha apologised frantically for breaking the teacup, and promised to clean up right away, she only needed to get a bandaid for the cut on her hand first. But Se-Jin was furious. He stepped to her, grabbed her by her arm and pulled her up violently. Mi Cha kept apologising, hoping that her father would understand, but the next moment he hit her hard across the face and proceeded to yell at her. Mi Cha froze from fear and couldn’t do or say anything. Se-Jin kept yelling at her and once he was done, he forcibly dragged her into her room and told her to stay there for the rest of the evening. Mi Cha had never seen her father like this and she was in shock. She kept chanting to herself to always be a good girl, so that she would never upset her father like this. She didn’t want to be hit again.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the end of it. Se-Jin had always resented Mi Cha, because his wife, the woman he loved, had died while giving birth to her. He blamed her for his wife’s death. After the teacup incident, Se-Jin realised that he had found himself a new way to vent. From then on he would yell and beat Mi Cha whenever she did something that irritated him. He scared her so much that she was too afraid to tell anyone. In the beginning Se-Jin didn’t care where he hit her, but once he realised that people would ask Mi Cha about her recurring bruises, he started hitting her in places that would always be covered by clothes, so that the injuries wouldn’t be visible. The only people who knew about the true nature of her injuries were Mi Cha and her father… although, it seemed like her stepmother knew as well, but she never said anything.

When Mi Cha was 14 years old, her stepmom came up with the idea of making her into a model. She was a very vain person, whose only love in life was money – she had married Se-Jin for his money, too. However, he didn’t make quite as much as she had originally thought, so she was now in a bit of a situation. She liked her current life, as her husband completely adored her and was possessive of her. The thought of her being with other men was unbearable to Se-Jin. She greatly enjoyed being the center of attention. But it was a fact that he didn’t provide her with enough money to satisfy her passion for shopping and love for designer items. But to work herself was most definitely out of the question. Then, she realised that she had her slim, tall and pretty stepdaughter. With Mi Cha’s looks, she could work as a model and earn a lot of money if she became popular, so Soo-Yun decided to introduce her to the modelling world… she knew that her biological daughter, Yun Hee, was a successful model, after all (and obviously it was thanks to her, as Yun Hee had inherited her looks). Soo-Yun then hired a manager, who would do exactly what she wanted: make Mi Cha popular, whatever the cost. Soo-Yun and the manager schemed behind the scenes to get jobs for Mi Cha and to trash the reputation of other models. They would ask Mi Cha to make friends with some of the other models, and then demand to know what kind of things she found out about them. If she was told something confidential, the manager or Soo-Yun would leak it to the press. Mi Cha was completely unaware of this, until she read about it in magazines. After she realised that she’d been used to find out personal information, she was discouraged and didn’t try to befriend other models anymore — until later when Yun Hee approached her.

Thanks to modelling, she was able to move out from her father’s place, as she needed an apartment closer to the modelling agency and studio. After moving out, she no longer saw Se-Jin all that often and he didn’t have a chance to beat her… apart from the times that he’d been drinking too much and suddenly appeared to her doorstep, forcing his way inside. Mi Cha didn’t know this, but Soo-Yun had hinted to her husband that now that Mi Cha was modelling, it would be troublesome if she appeared to work with bruises, to which Se-Jin replied that perhaps she would become less clumsy as she grew up. They had always pretended that Mi Cha was a klutz, after all, and that’s why she often ended up injuring herself. Se-Jin most certainly did not beat his daughter.

Even when she was living alone, Mi Cha was still afraid of her father, so she didn’t try contacting her grandparents. She was afraid that Se-Jin would be furious if he found out and punish her… or worse, do something to her grandparents. She was in a hopeless situation, but she didn’t have the strenght to change anything. Se-Jin had always kept telling her how worthless she is and how it was her fault that her mother died… so she didn’t think that she deserved a better life.

But as she befriended Yun, she slowly started appreciating herself more. Even then she didn’t dare to wish for happiness, though. But she was happy that she at least had Yun Hee as her friend, which made her life a little more bearable. At the early stages their friendship was in danger for a while, when Yun Hee learned that Mi Cha’s stepmother was actually her biological mother, Soo-Yun. Yun hated her, because she had left her and her father when Yun was 10 years old. Soo-Yun had always been incredibly selfish and obsessed with money, and she never failed to complain how having Yun Hee had completely ruined her life. She also had a drinking problem and she constantly cheated on Jung-Hwa, Yun Hee’s father. Eventually she ended up running with one of her lovers (who turned out to be Se-Jin), and since then Yun Hee had cut all ties with her. Soo-Yun had tried to crawl back into her life, but Yun Hee didn’t allow it. She had hurt Yun, her father, as well as her manager, Hye Su (please refer to this post about the Soo-Yun/Jung-Hwa/HyeSu thing).

Mi Cha was aware of Yun Hee’s bad relationship with her mother on some level. Soo-Yun would always tell Mi Cha that she was far more beautiful and talented than Yun Hee, and that she would become a much more popular model. According to her, Yun Hee had been a horrible daughter and driven her out of their home. So, once Mi Cha ended up befriending Yun Hee, she wasn’t quite sure how she’d tell her about her stepmother’s identity – and she was also a bit afraid of Yun Hee’s reaction. Once Soo-Yun found out that the two girls had become friends, she showed up on Mi Cha’s door and deliberately showed herself in front of Yun, before Mi Cha had had a chance to explain anything to her. Yun was shocked at first and thought that Mi Cha had just pretended to be her friend in order to hurt her. Why else she would’ve hidden who her stepmom was? Yun didn’t talk to her in a while, but after she thought about it more, she remembered that it was her mother who was the cunning one, not Mi Cha. So they talked and cleared up the misunderstanding. Yun advised Mi Cha to have as little to do with Soo-Yun as possible, as she was definitely not a good influence on her.

However, even after Mi Cha had befriended Yun Hee, Soo-Yun and her manager managed to stay in charge of Mi Cha’s life for another year or so. It wasn’t until Mi Cha started dating Min Ki, the younger brother of Yun’s boyfriend Cin, that she was able to start changing things in her life. Mi Cha met Min Ki quite soon after she’d befriended Yun, but it took a year until they actually started dating. They met when Min Ki was visiting Yun in Seoul one weekend (Cin & Min Ki’s parents live in Busan and Min Ki obviously lives with them as he goes to school there – he occasionally visits Seoul for the shops, as he’s into fashion and also dresses in brand clothing). Yun was about to take Min Ki to the studio and stopped at Mi Cha’s door before they left. Mi Cha was caught off guard when she saw Yun in the company of a handsome young man. She was completely taken in by his looks and developed a crush on him right away. Because she’d never dated anyone and because she was awkward with people (and especially with guys), she was all panicky and jittery in Min Ki’s company. Their first meeting was quite brief as Yun and Min Ki were going out, but he definitely made an impression on Mi Cha. They met each other a couple of times after that (there were several weeks in between, though, as Min Ki didn’t visit Seoul that often), and after Mi Cha had spent more time talking with Min Ki, she started liking him even more.

Mi Cha was offered a role in a drama, where she was supposed to play this girl who was in love with her teacher. She found out that she would have a kiss scene with the male actor playing opposite to her, which made her very nervous as she’d never kissed a guy before. Mi Cha started wondering if it would be okay for her first kiss to be with a man who she wasn’t in love with in reality… and soon she found herself thinking about kissing Min Ki. But, there was no chance of that happening if she didn’t tell him about her feelings. But even the thought of it made her way too nervous, she wouldn’t be able to tell him. She ended up asking Yun for advice about the drama role and the kiss. When Yun suggested that she should try finding a boyfriend before starting the work on the drama, she ended up revealing that she had a crush on Min Ki. Yun wasn’t sure whether Min Ki would be interested in dating Mi Cha, but she encouraged her to at least try and confess to him. Thanks to Yun, Mi Cha decided to try meeting Min Ki… she almost got cold feet, but when they went into a café together, she somehow managed to say it… however, in the end she was too afraid of rejection so she didn’t give him a chance to properly answer her, and they went separate ways after talking for a while.

After the meeting in the café, Mi Cha decided to give up on Min Ki. She still remembered everything that her father had told her for years… how worthless she is and how no one could ever love her, so she didn’t think that she would have a chance with him. He was so handsome, and definitely popular with girls… why would he be interested in someone like her? No, she was better off not thinking about him. She started working on the drama as scheduled and her first kiss was with her co-star on set. The man, Chul-Soo, was a well-respected and popular actor who treated her with kindness. Perhaps because she was afraid of her first kiss ending up meaningless, she convinced herself that she liked him. After a while Chul-Soo approached her and suggested that they should start seeing each other. Mi Cha had had trouble forgetting about Min Ki, so she thought that if she were to fall in love with someone else, then she would definitely be able to forget him. Because Chul-Soo was a high profile celebrity and they had quite of an age difference (Mi Cha was 18 and he 34) they only met in secret. When Yun Hee learned of their relationship, she wasn’t too pleased as she had heard some worrying rumours of him… but Mi Cha continued seeing him, despite Yun’s warnings. Chul-Soo would keep telling her that he loved her, and she believe him… and believed that she was in love with him, too.

A couple of months later Min Ki arrived in Seoul again, planning to visit Yun Hee. However, whe he got to her apartment, he learned that Yun had a guest who he wasn’t too keen on seeing – Kei (they’d met once before and Kei had been really excited about meeting his “sensei’s” fashionable younger brother – traumatised the poor guy lol). So, in order to escape him, Min Ki left with Mi Cha. The sudden meeting resurfaced the feelings that Mi Cha had for him, leaving her confused. When they stepped out of the building, Chul-Soo was there, waiting for Mi Cha. The way he behaved with her (kissed her unexpectedly & groped her butt) made Min Ki question his intentions and he called Yun, who rushed there to stop Mi Cha from leaving with him. Chul-Soo wasn’t too pleased about it and tried to get Mi Cha to come with him, but she was hesitant because Yun was so against it. In the end Chul-Soo showed his true colours and revealed what Yun had been afraid of: he had only pretended to love her to get her to sleep with him. He’d been courting her for quite some time, but Mi Cha hadn’t let him get much farther than kissing and (inappropriate) touching. That day he had planned to take her into a hotel and have sex with her – whether she wanted it or not. But since Yun Hee ruined his plans, Chul-Soo left. Mi Cha was devastated and sad to hear that he hadn’t actually loved her. After she recovered from the initial shock, she realised how foolish she had been and thought that she wouldn’t be able to face Min Ki again.

However, after a while their paths crossed again, when Min Ki was visiting the studio with Yun Hee again. Mi Cha couldn’t avoid running into him and was embarrassed, as Min Ki had witnessed her trainwreck of a break up with Chul-Soo. To her surprise, Min Ki apologised to her for meddling. She had never thought of it like that, and hurried to explain that she wasn’t upset with him at all, and rather grateful that he had called Yun Hee – as otherwise she had gone with Chul-Soo (she was under the impression that they were going shopping, not into a hotel). Yun had adviced Mi Cha not to get involved with Min Ki, as he had already “rejected” her once, and now Chul-Soo had broken her heart… so at first she tried to avoid Min Ki’s company, but the two of them ended up spending the afternoon together. Later at home she swore that she wouldn’t see him again after this.

Her resolve didn’t last for long, though, as one weekend she was out with her friends and they stopped by at a café – after a while Min Ki walked in. Mi Cha pretended not to know him, but her friends were observant and noticed her looking at him. Being curious about him, they made Mi Cha introduce Min Ki to them. They asked him a lot of questions and during their conversation they kept observing Mi Cha. They realised that she liked him, and as Min Ki was about to leave to catch his train, Mi Cha’s friends said that she would want to walk him to the station. During their walk there, Mi Cha finally got around telling him what Yun Hee had told her to say: that she couldn’t see him because she wouldn’t be able to be his friend. Only, being nervous and contradicted by her own feelings for him, she also blurted out that it was because she liked him as more than a friend. Min Ki, who for a while now had started thinking that Mi Cha was actually a very cute girl (because of her risque photos, he’d had the wrong impression of her), then said that he felt troubled as she had now confessed to him twice, but he wasn’t able to give her a proper response because she hadn’t given him a chance to get to know her. Mi Cha hadn’t had any expectations, and she was really happy when he suggested that they should have dinner together. So, the next time that they met, they went to a restaurant, and Mi Cha was quite nervous and jittery almost the whole time… she worried about making a good impression so much that she ended up being clumsy and saying silly things… she had never been on a proper date before so she was shocked when Min Ki called it a date (according to her it was “meeting over dinner”, silly girl). They talked during the dinner and on the way back… Min Ki teased her a bit, so when he had walked her home and gave her a good night’s kiss on her cheek, Mi Cha thought that it was a joke and got upset. They cleared up the misunderstanding, though, and Mi Cha went home happily, giving him a genuine smile for the first time.

The next day they ended up meeting again after Mi Cha finished work. One of the models working in the same agency, Yong, had become interested in Mi Cha and as a ladies’ man was hoping to make her into one of his conquests… he saw Mi Cha meeting with Min Ki and decided to interrupt them. Yong had tried to conquer Yun Hee before, so he knew Cin — when he found out that Min Ki was actually Cin’s younger brother, he was pretty annoyed that “his women” were being taken away by a pair of (in his opinion: obnoxious) brothers. But Mi Cha only had eyes for Min Ki, so she went shopping with him. At the same time Yun was visiting Cin in Finland, so she had left her pet rabbits in Mi Cha’s care. Because Mi Cha hadn’t planned to go out that evening, but straight to home, she had completely forgotten to make sure that the rabbits had food and water. She suddenly remembered her error and apologised to Min Ki, as she had to hurry home — but Min Ki asked if he could come with her. Mi Cha was nervous about it at first (because her apartment was messy) but eventually agreed, so they headed to her apartment. Yong was standing outside when they got there and ended up misunderstanding the situation, much to Min Ki’s amusement and Mi Cha’s confusion. Min Ki warned Mi Cha about Yong, as it was pretty clear that he had hoped to visit her in order to sleep with her.

They got inside and Mi Cha started hastily clearing out her clothes and feeding the rabbits. At first she didn’t want to let him into her bedroom, as, unlike from the rest of the neutral, cold apartment, it was very girly. She was afraid that he would think that she’s childish and laugh at her. But in the end she couldn’t avoid showing her bedroom to him, as the rabbits were located there. She was still quite nervous and kept blurting out things that she wasn’t supposed to say and kept forgetting to ask what he wanted to drink etc, which Min Ki found adorable. Before they had stepped into the apartment, he had told her that unlike Yong, he wouldn’t try to do anything… so when he bent down to kiss her, Mi Cha was shocked as it was completely unexpected (she’d never thought that he would want to date her and had no expectations at all) and she ended up running away from him. At first Min Ki thought that she had disliked the kiss, but after Mi Cha had some time to calm down and collect her thoughts, she asked him to kiss her again (this time she was mentally prepared) – which he did. After that they had a talk and as a result they started dating officially, although they would only be able to be together on weekends as Min Ki had school and Mi Cha work… but for Mi Cha that wasn’t a problem, as she had never expected anything in the first place, so it was already beyond her wildest dreams. She’d had her one-sided crush on him for over a year at that point.

They’ve been dating since, though at first they had some issues as Mi Cha’s bad experiences with men had made her tense and afraid of touch… because her father beat her, she was in danger of being raped by two men once (Cin saved her before they laid a hand on her, though) and her ex had been forceful (they didn’t get as far as intercourse, but he would kiss and touch her without her consent and pin her down so that she wasn’t able to resist). So even while she loved Min Ki and he never forced anything on her, she was pretty jumpy at the smallest things at first (like him touching her boob lol). It took a while until she wasn’t super nervous about everything that they had sex for the first time. The next night, after they’d been to a club with Yun Hee and Cin, Min Ki brought (drunk) Mi Cha to his parents’ apartment in Seoul. As he helped her undress before bed, he noticed that her lower back was badly bruised. Mi Cha had said earlier that she’d fallen and that’s why her back was sore, but the bruises didn’t look like the result of a fall. The next morning he asked about it, but she kept holding onto her story off falling off from a chair and hitting her back on the edge of the table. Min Ki decided to leave it at that, but if he were to find more bruises on her, he wouldn’t be able to keep quiet.

After that they didn’t see for two weeks as Min Ki had to stay in Busan. When he called Mi Cha after those two weeks, she said that she was too busy to see him due to work, although it sounded like she wanted to avoid him. Min Ki went to Seoul anyway and dropped by at Mi Cha’s apartment, but she didn’t answer the door or her phone. He then asked Yun Hee if she knew where Mi Cha was. But Yun hadn’t seen her at work either… so she tried calling Mi Cha, who surprisingly answered. She let Min Ki talk with her and Mi Cha then admitted that she had hurt herself and didn’t want to see anyone until her injury had healed. Worried, Min Ki borrowed the spare key to Mi Cha’s apartment from Yun and went to see her. Mi Cha’s face was bruised, her lip cut and her arm broken. At first she insisted on it being another accident due to her clumsiness, but Min Ki could see the true nature of her injuries. Eventually she admitted that it was her father, Se-Jin, who had caused the injuries and later she also told Yun. But she protested strongly when Min Ki and Yun adviced her to tell the authorities… as she thought (and still does) that she must protect her father because she wants to be accepted and loved by him. So, in the end Min Ki couldn’t do much than threaten Soo-Yun (as she had been the ’cause of the injuries — Mi Cha had refused to obey her, so she went to complain to her husband, who then proceeded to punish Mi Cha) to prevent something like this from happening again. The matter wasn’t completely resolved. Mi Cha spent the following week in Busan with Min Ki.

The incident brought the two closer together (the first time Mi Cha said “I love you” to Min Ki was the night when they had sex for the first time… Min Ki said it when he came to see her after the two week break — he’d been thinking about it but hadn’t had a chance to tell her before then) as Mi Cha was able to tell Min Ki her most well-guarded secret… and he now knew the reason behind her behaviour and low self-esteem. Min Ki and Yun Hee were able to convince Mi Cha that she wasn’t responsible for her mother’s death and that she shouldn’t blame herself. With Min Ki’s support, she was able to start changing her life… she got a new manager so that she’d be able to do the kind of jobs that she wanted and she was also able to arrange more time for school. Mi Cha even gathered the courage to ask her father for her grandparents’ address so that she could go see them (only when she got to the village, she found out that her grandfather had died – but she was able to meet her grandmother)… slowly she would gain more confidence in herself as well.

Right now in the story they’ve been dating for almost a year (30th of October is actually their anniversary) and they’re doing well… Mi Cha still has a lot of insecurities, but she’s definitely been a lot happier since she started dating Min Ki. They often have double dates with Cin and Yun, haha. They’re really cute in general. They’ve also had some difficulties, though… in the beginning Yong tried to hit on Mi Cha, but once he learned that she’s actually a sweet & cute girl (and definitely not some sly vixen like he originally thought), he started thinking of her as more like a little sister. They were friends for a while (Mi Cha even called him “oppa”, lol… she also calls Cin “oppa”, btw) until Mee Yon, a popular model, who developed a crush on Min Ki tried to break them up with the help of Yong. Even though he’d changed goals midway the scheme (as in he just wanted to be friends), Mi Cha was still hurt that he had originally lied to her… so she hasn’t spoken to him since. Due to her past, she has a lot of trust issues. Recently she made a new male friend, Ha Neul, though. She’s also good friends with two girls from her school, as well as some other models… including Yun’s friend, Hwa-Young. But yeah, Mi Cha is completely in love with Min Ki. She hopes that they’ll always be together, but she hasn’t been able to put her past behind her yet, so on some level she still doesn’t think that she deserves to be happy. And the situation with her father isn’t resolved yet either. A while ago Se-Jin came to her apartment to borrow money from her, as his business isn’t doing well. Min Ki was there and wasn’t happy about her giving money to him (but it was the first time that Se-Jin had ever asked anything of her, so she wanted to believe that she’d finally be of help to him – and perhaps someday he would accept her), but at least thanks to that he’s stayed away for some time now. As long as her father is a threat, Mi Cha won’t be able to fully move on, though…

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