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Azone releases in 2015

Last year I wasn’t terribly excited about the Azone releases — apart from Haru Usagi-san Mia and Mio of course, haha. But those 10th anniversary re-releases weren’t very interesting to me because the outfits weren’t that much to my taste… nor did they include the face sculpts that I like best. Although, now later on the nikkori versions of Cheshire Cat Aika and regular Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno have grown on me – and I’d love to get Aika’s red dress and ribbon hairband for Yumei. It would look really lovely with her black hair. x3

But anyway, I spotted some photos of the incoming Azone Pureneemo releases on flickr from the Doll Show 42, then proceeded to check MFC and twitter for more info and photos – my gods, I really love that Swan Lake Raili!! ;__; Her cute face and outfit are perfection~ ♥ Although she’s perhaps a bit too monochromatic to my taste when her outfit has so many gray-ish tones, and I don’t generally care much for silver hair on dolls, but… she’s sooo cute!! ;__; I’ve been looking for either regular Majokko Raili or Bambi-san Raili, but especially the latter is hard to find for a reasonable price these days… I paid 30000yen for Usagi-san Miu ’cause she could be considered my “grail” when it comes to Azone dolls, but the others I’d rather not use as much money on. xD;; I’d prefer if I could buy them around 10-13000yen, my maximum price being 16-18000yen. But preferably as little as possible, ahah. So far I’ve had good luck with the others. But I certainly hope that the Swan Lake Raili won’t be limited – I’ll definitely pre-order her! T__T Finally a cute Raili of my own, eheh~ I really love that outfit, it has so many cute little details. >u< And her blue eyes are definitely lovely~ I just giggled a little because she seems like she'll be released in summer - her outfit looks very wintery to me, haha. xD I'd definitely want to photograph her out in the snow~ ♥ And also, quite surprisingly I really love the new Little Briar Rose Lien! ;u; She hasn’t exactly been one of my favourite faces, although her Majokko 1.1 version has grown on me… but this one is just sooo pretty, I completely adore her outfit, it’s to die for! T__T ♥ She’d be another green-eyed blonde girl, but… ugh, I want her too! xD I should’ve known that after many not-so-interesting releases, Azone is going to troll me hard this year, ahah. xD Fingers crossed neither of these girls will be limited. ;___; ♥

… although, it doesn’t end here. When I was digging around for more info, I also spotted that there will be two versions of Koron for this series too. She also isn’t my biggest favourite, but as I’ve seen her in other people’s photos, she’s grown on me. But, I right about died at the Wolf version of Koron! THAT WOLF HAT OMG! xD It’s soooo adorable, I love animal hats on dolls so much, haha~ Well, her outfit as a whole is lovely and she also has really beautiful blue eyes. ;__; She, too, has silver hair, though… and I generally like the regular smile better for Koron, than the :3 mouth… the Little Red Hood would have the mouth that I like better, but she’s blonde with green eyes… blue eyes definitely trump in this case. And the wolf hat. xD I really, really, hope that if one of them is the DS version, it would be the Little Red Hood one… because I really want the Wolf version, ugh. Those eyes and that hat, I can’t get over them. xD

The Pink! Pink! a la Mode Sahra is really cute, too… but she’s not a must-have, I’d rather get the Happy New Year 2015 Sahra because I love her kimono and brown hair… but she’s a DS version so hunting her down is a bit more challenging ’cause I’m sure her second hand prices just keep going up over time… I couldn’t afford to order her when she was released, so I’ll have to keep an eye on Y!J and Amazon. Perhaps I’ll get lucky at some point. :3

But yeah, this will certainly be a Azone year for me! I did already promise that I wouldn’t buy any BJDs this year because 2014 was crazy with all the limiteds — only exceptions will be if Bimong re-releases Narins and Soom has a Faery FCS including Asis and Gray skin — so I can fully focus on gathering more cute little neemos. They’re friendlier for my budget, too, ahah. xD I can’t wait for some new info on these cuties!! ♥

Here are some better photos that one of my contacts on flickr, Άρτεμις. posted:








Aahhh, so much cuteness! *___* ♥


  • Heather

    My year of weakness was year 9… the Mori girls were too much for me, and I am so (sososososososo) sad that they didn’t make true Mori versions of the smaller ones (Aoto, Yuuta, Nina and Chisa (and Sera))… and Minami… gah. I’m counting Mio as being Mori enough, since her look closely followed Miu and Mia’s.

    I have to agree that the 10th Anniversary girls didn’t do much for me… it was supposed to be girls chosen by popular vote… but I never saw any ballots with who was on them, and they obviously left some of the most popular versions of the girls off the ballot (Sweet Dreams Chiika, for example…. with how coveted she was, and still is, I would have thought she would have won, hands down)

    I’m really interested to see what all of this year will bring… since they are doing collaborations with outfit designers this year, there could be some truly awesome stuff (like that blue eye, wavy grey/white hair wolf combo… beautiful!)

    • mizya

      I’m sure the mori series would’ve been my weakness as well if I hadn’t been avoiding neemos for as long as I did. xD I only allowed myself to look at them when Mia was released, so she was the only one that I was able to pre-order. And now I’m stuck hunting down the rest of the girls second hand and cry because they’re so expensive. :’D I started playing Poupeegirl in the beginning of 2008 and that way I was soon introduced to mori girl fashion and fell in love with it. I’ve been trying to build a mori wardrobe for myself, too, but it’s difficult finding (reasonably priced) mori-style clothes in Finland. I haven’t gotten into online shopping for myself, as I already buy enough for dolls online, lol!

      … oh, sorry I got distracted again. x_o;; I always start rambling… but yes, the mori series is definitely my favourite too. :3 I still need at least Bambi-san Raili, Ookami-san Himeno and Neko-san Aika. All three of them were on Mandarake for 18000yen recently, which was a good price but I prioritised getting Usagi-san Miu over them so they were sold out by the time I could’ve invested in one of them… oh well, I’m sure I’ll find them someday. :3

      But yeah, this new series has now got my interest as well. In a way I’m glad that they had the 10th anniversary girls in between, so I was able to hunt down a few must-have dolls that had already been released. If I’d wanted to pre-order new ones AND hunt down older ones at the second-hand market, I would’ve been in real trouble! xD

      Sweet Dream Chiika is definitely very sought after. I’ve been trying to help a friend find her for a reasonable price, but they’re always 30000+yen on Y!J, Amazon, Mandarake etc… >.>;; Surely there are many people who wish that she’d be re-released. But I don’t know if it’s because she was a collaboration with Kinoko Juice, maybe they can’t re-release her again because of that. Although, now KJ is working with Azone again and they’re selling those Kiki dolls of hers, so maaaybe there’s hope that they’d collaborate with KJ on Pureneemos as well… ? I hope so. Thankfully I don’t feel the need to get that particular Chiika myself (I prefer the Majokko Chiika Little Witch of the Heart with her cute black kitty, haha) but I’d love for my friend to be able to get her. :3

      • Heather

        Yeah, I started collecting Neemos after they had already released 2 dolls in series 8 (the little Majokko witches, thus my blog name, lol)… but then they came out with the Mori girls, and I sold off most of my witches, because I loved the Mori gals so much more (Bambi Raili really is adorable, and I wish you luck finding her!) I still have my Witch Aika though, she was the first Neemo I ever bought and I still love her devious red hair/red eye combo XD (I still have my witch Miu too, she’s the inspiration for the main character in a little story I’m working on!)

        I would love to have Mori clothes for myself too! But here in America, also, they are either harder to find, or waaaay too expensive. I’m too busy spending my money on doll Mori clothes, lol!

        I will keep an eye out for Sweet Dreams Chiika at a reasonable price for your friend, and if I see one, I’ll send you a message!

        • mizya

          Well I don’t blame you for wanting the mori girls, haha. xD They really did a great job with them, I adore their outfits so much. ;u; I’m a big fan of mix & matching clothes, and the mori girls come with several cute pieces that are easy to combine with others. It’s so much fun to create new outfit combinations with them~ ♥

          I feel you! There’s one brand that they sell here, called “Cream” I think… they have some really Mori style pieces, like one time there was this gorgeous delicate lace dress… but all of their dresses cost at least 80 euros or more. @__@;; That’s far too expensive for me to pay for one dress… I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to my own clothes, because I always count it like “I could buy a doll for this price”. xD Oh well, at least my dolls can dress up cute in my stead! And occasionally I do find some cute mori pieces for reasonable prices, for example this Esprit dress that I got for half the price is one of my treasures. xD ♥
          Oh, thank you so much! :3 It definitely helps to have more people on the lookout~ ♥

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