A bit of rambling

I’ve been sick for two weeks so I haven’t had much energy for doll things… seems like I’m finally starting to get better, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to my usual phase of doing things.

Especially since Moros, Souldoll Kyron, is now sitting at the customs’ office. I’d been waiting the 21st of November anxiously ’cause Souldoll said they’d be able to ship him out then. Only last Friday his order status didn’t change nor did I receive a shipping notice, so I was kinda disappointed and spent the weekend thinking that maybe he’ll be delayed until December or something… But on Monday when I woke up and checked my email – there was a shipping notice. And once I checked the tracking, it turned out they HAD shipped him out on the 21st after all, just like they’d promised. ♥ Actually it was good that they sent it a little late so I’d already passed a couple of days’ wait at that point… I’ve been checking the tracking like crazy since Monday and late last night he arrived in Finland.

I’m really excited to see him in person! >u< The wings and the weapons and his face~ ♥ The only thing I'm concerned about is his skintone... before I ordered, I asked Souldoll if Kyron's "Violet Gray" skin is more gray than their Tarot Kayla's "Ice Violet". Because I could swear I've seen/read somewhere that Kayla's skintone is really close to Vesuvia's Pearl Violet, which is a lovely gray-ish violet. And Souldoll replied this: “Kayla skin color is more lighter than Kyron’s skin color and it has more violet tone”, which made me believe that Kyron’s skin tone is darker and more gray. And that’s why I decided to order. But now that I’ve seen owner photos, the colour looks more like Soom’s Light Violet, which is very IN YOUR FACE lilac. x__x I really don’t like that kind of colour… so I’m rather nervous if I’m gonna like him because of his skintone. :S

His face and all of his gear is lovely, but that goddamn lilac… I’m gonna have to do a resin comparison the first thing when I get him – ’cause I have Vesuvia’s normal hands still that I’ve kept in bubblewrap in the dark so they’re still somewhat close to her original skintone. The doll herself has turned gray long ago, lol. xD But yeah, if Kyron is a really bright lilac, I’m so going to complain. x__x;; Well, not like Souldoll will be able to do anything about it, but if they tell me he’s gray when he’s lilac, then that’s false advertisting… and I doubt I’d ordered the doll at all had I known there’s nothing gray about his skintone. No matter how pretty he is. ;__; Oh and somebody on DoA also got a really weird long & curly wig with him, which looked nothing like the one he had in the sales photos. I also ordered the wig thinking it’s the same as in the photos… I’m not going to be happy if it isn’t. It was quite expensive too. :S

But we’ll see. I should be able to get him home on Friday, unless the postal service screws something up. I certainly hope they won’t, ’cause I think I might go crazy if I have to wait until next week to see how hideous that skintone is in person… x__x

I also have some other dolly news, I’ll be writing about those later in detail.


  • Valneanne

    I hope he turns out to be less lilac than you fear! I stared at Kyron for so long wondering if I should get him and I’m still not sure I made the right call! Mainly because I don’t quite know if my character would have elf ears (or rather, he could, no problem, I’m just not sure if I want him to? xD) and there’s one up (or was I’m not double checking and risking weakening my resolve :P) on DoA in normal skin which was and is tempting.

    Anyhow, I hope things turn out for the best! And that they’ve sorted out whatever the issue was with the wig and that it was an unfortunate one-off and not something they’ll repeat! So yeah, crossing my fingers for you and hoping for the best :) And hope you get well fast after being sick for so long!

    • mizya

      Haha, I’m not sure if I should tell you how beautiful the Kyron sculpt is in person. Probably not? :’D If you’re trying to resist him, then… hmm… well, his face is unsymmetrical, would that bother you? x’D I really like Kyron’s ears, it’s so rare to see proper, long elf ears. *___* I was always a bit sad that his previous shell didn’t have elf ears at all.

      Sadly the resin colour ended up being quite lilac and the wig was awful… but well, at least the wig I can cut to suit my purposes, I think. xD I just have to learn to live with the resin colour… although, I’ve now left him under the window in hopes he’ll mellow out. xD Too bad that it’s winter and we get daylight only for a few hours a day… and I haven’t seen the sun in weeks. -__-;;

      • Valneanne

        Haha! I’ve seen a few photos of him and I’ve heard people talk, so yeah, I have noticed the beauty a bit already :P But yeah, I did actually spend ages staring at the promotional pictures of him on Souldoll because I felt like he wasn’t quite symmetrical, but I wasn’t 100% sure. I’m actually rather pleased to see that it’s true for how he is in RL too as I found it kind of charming! Which doesn’t help the whole “resist him and save my wallet”-plan at all XD

        That’s too bad! Hope you can get the wig to play nice! And I know what you mean about lacking sun. We’re out of luck here too (not surprising, we’re both way up North xD) and even when there is supposedly daylight outside it seems to be cloudy so it doesn’t really feel that way xD We’re moving slowly but surely towards lighter days though and a better chance of mellowing resin out as well!

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