おまけ: His secret

Haha, I was visiting Yenna and… this happened. She recently got a new camera, a Canon 7D so she also got the miniature version of it. I was handling Yumei when she gave me the miniature to look at, so I had to put Yumei down. René was in front of me ’cause I’d just dressed him, so I placed Yumei on top of him. There I was fiddling with the miniature 7D when Yenna looked at René and said that Yumei would make a nice doll for him, lol. Somehow it then escalated to us going to the backyard with René, Yumei and the camera and we set up this little “story” of René photographing Yumei.

This isn’t anything amazing photography-wise, I was laughing my ass off so it was hard to take photos. x’D But I wanted to post it anyway because I’m a dork with a bad sense of humour. Oh I’m so going to get killed for this… it’s just so hilarious that a serial killer in a fancy white suit is photographing a cute frilly dolly. x’D And even funnier is that the 7D miniature is a bit small for 70cm dolls, so it looks like one of those amateur DSLRs, lol.

Me and Yenna should not be let in the same space, clearly. :’D But anyway, here are the photos, lmao…

D’aww, look at him, taking such good care of his cute dolly. x’D /shot

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