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The Young couple + friend

I visited Yenna yesterday because I had lots of stuff to bring her and I also wanted to pick up Seiga’s pants + vest from her because he doesn’t have many clothes of his own yet. Well, I obviously took Seiga and also Mi Cha with me. At first we were supposed to take photos of the boys in their matching outfits, but… then we came up with some cute poses for Min Ki and Mi Cha and started photographing them. Poor Seiga was sidelined. :’D In the beginning the set up was really simple, but then we started adding props and eventually had a very cute little set up for the young couple. x3 ♥ We also took a couple of photos later outside before dinner… poor Seiga didn’t get that much attention then either, lol. x’D

But anyway, here’s my catch of yesterday’s photoshoot:

Then for the more cozy set up with Min Ki & Mi Cha:

And finally the outdoor photos:

I mainly included this because it’s the only close up of the boys in the same photo. :’D Photography-wise I don’t like it too much. ><;;;[/caption]

Sorry, the photos are a bit repetitive… I’m uncapable of narrowing down the cuteness. x’D I love Min Ki and Mi Cha together so much, they’re cuuuute~ ;^; ♥ Yenna also has photos in her blog~ ♥

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