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The Spaniard

I’ve been neglegting my blog quite a bit lately due to being busy with my studies… but luckily my winter holiday starts on the 17th, so I’ll have more time for my dolls again. :3 I hope to be able to take some Christmas-y photos before I leave for my parents’ place. I always spend Christmas with my family. But yeah…

Some changes have taken place. I sold my Withdoll Juwel and Angela, as well as Soom Feny. I want to concentrate on my human characters more right now, so Nyx is the only one I’m keeping from my fantasy crew for now.

Anyway! It’s already been, like, three weeks since he arrived, but… I got my Pale Tan SA Hound from Dollshe. :3 He arrived before I had his eyes and I still don’t have all of his clothes, so I haven’t photographed him a whole lot. I’ve taken some random snapshots of him, though, so I’ll post those here.

His character… well, he’s a serial killer. xD And obviously he interacts with my mafia characters, mainly Mihail and Ivanna. But because I don’t have Ivanna in doll form yet (I’m waiting for the perfect curvy bombshell lady with a frowny expression – very hard to find I tell you! All mature female sculps smile, agh), he’s mostly going to hang out with Mihail for now. :’3 But yes, his name is René Vasquéz, and he’s of Spanish origin. I’m really happy with him, although I had to paint his face up twice before I was happy with it… the eyes that I got for him are too dark, unfortunately, so I’ll need to search for a better pair. But they’re ok for now. I really love his wig, I searched for the perfect style for a long time until I finally found this, haha. xD ♥

René will dress only in white, because I love how white clothes contrast against his delicious skintone~ ♥ In the first photos he had a black vest, though, because I don’t own a white vest or a jacket… Yenna kindly borrowed me those for the time being, as it’ll take a while for Sadol to manufacture his own clothes.

But anyway, some photospam of my arrogant bastard, haha… xD

Before he had his own eyes and I was forced to photoshop the colour:

And once he got his eyes and white clothes to borrow:

Aaaaaand a bonus full body photo in crappy light and no proper set up because they’re so dapper. xD I still need to suede René before I dare to take proper fullbody shots of him (he’s quite unpredictable since his strings are thinner than Mihail’s and somehow his shoes are harder to stand in too):

I love my Dollshes so much!! *^* ♥

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