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The Runaway bride

I spent a couple of days at my parents’ place in the countryside again… I had this idea of doing a fashion shoot with Yun is a bridal-like dress in a dark forest so I wanted to try it out. Because I got to plan it for a while before I actually had a chance to execute it, I had formed a really specific image of what I wanted in my head… and finding the perfect location turned out to be an impossible task, haha. :’D I walked several kilometers around the grounds looking for the perfect spot, but nothing really fit… in the end it was beginning to get dark, so I had to settle for whatever was available. But I still like how the shoot turned out. :3 Yun is so pretty with her new face up, I love her so, so much~ ♥

Damn mosquitoes, though, I thought that the buggers would be dead already. But as the sun was setting, they suddenly they crawled out of whatever hole they’d been hiding in. >_>; I hate how they seem to have an obsession with lace & tulle, they would crawl under the skirt and drive me crazy. >_o Luckily I wasn’t harrassed by deer flies, those are even worse and I hate them with burning passion… I really don’t like bugs at all. =__=;;

But yeah, here are some shots of my Korean model girl in a Scandinavian forest, haha~

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