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The Red shirt

I’ve been meaning to remove Kei’s old lashes for ages now, but gluing lashes is something that I don’t enjoy doing, so I’ve kept putting it off… today I finally thought that now I’m going to do it. So I removed the old damaged ones and glued in the new ones, yay~ The old ones pretty much hanged over his eyes… now you can actually see his eyes better again. :3 And he keeps giving such flirty looks, ahahah. xD I also switched to his old Soom eyes… he’s had his ED Milky #23 for several years now and I love them, but… I’m kinda longing for a new look. So I thought that I’d try Mako eyes for him… so the Soom ones will be temporary until I get the EDs sold and Mako eyes bought. Yup. Hopefully I can order him the new eyes soon… although I’m not yet sure which shade of green I should go for, Mako’s photos can be misleading sometimes… -.-;;

But anyway, I took some photos of him, though I only got one that I liked enough to edit. It’s all rainy and gloomy, of course… I’ve been on holiday this week but I haven’t gotten much anything done. I can’t paint when it’s so humid, and it’s too dark for photos… and generally I just don’t feel like doing anything when it rains. Blehh!

But yeah, here’s my flirty boy:

I should tighten his strings because his body is being an idiot… I hate the MNF body because it becomes totally useless if the tension isn’t just right. :/ These days I’m so lazy to restring my dolls regularly (too many dolls to maintain I guess *works with the efficiency of a sloth*) so it’s definitely not a good thing. Ughh. I don’t get why everyone always says that MNF is the most amazing body out there… in my experience it isn’t. It has awesome elbow joints and good wrist movement, I’ll admit… but the rest of it is just avarage (I very much prefer handling my Narae and Withdoll boy). Not to mention I hate those rotating thigh joints that you CANNOT operate while the doll is wearing pants… they are just ridiculous. -__- I can only hope that when I get Kei’s older Narin version, his DOC head could share that body as well… so I could get rid of this one. :S


  • Fyrd

    Lots of people have switched over to Makos these days, but I haven’t had the guts yet…. *coughihavetoomanyeyesalreadyandthenicouldspendtwiceasmuchbecusetheyarecheapercough* Is the 14mm the largest you’ve had them? I’m just wondering if the iris looks nice even in bigger scale.

    • mizya

      Yeah, Makos are definitely a bit more affordable than most urethane eyes. xD EDs are still my personal favourites, but Makos suit my Narins/Naraes better because their eyes have a slightly smaller iris… so they look more mature with Mako eyes. Otherwise I would keep on buying EDs, I think.

      Most of my Makos are indeed 12mm and of the old Horoscope series, but I have one pair of the new V3 type eyes (AM-015) in 14mm for my Soom Feny. The Horoscope eyes had printed irises, I think, but I’m not sure about the V3 eyes… the AM-015 that I have is pretty and sparkly, though the colour is much darker in person than on the website. In my Feny the eyes are kinda lame (I guess his eyewells aren’t ideal shape-wise or something) and I have to photoshop them lighter, but when I put them in Alisa, they were much more bright, vibrant and sparkly. xD Alisa is the perfect model for eyes, haha~

      Here is a photo of Alisa with the 14mm AM-015:
      Mako AM-015, 14mm

      I haven’t had Mako eyes in other sizes, so I don’t know how the irises look in person in bigger sizes… now thanks to the photo competition, they have more owner photos in the gallery, so those are worth checking out I think. :3

      • Fyrd

        Thanks for the pic! Alisa is indeed a perfect model to sell any eyes :D I fell for the ED Milky #44s because of your picture of them on Alisa… That’s discomforting though, about them being darker. The one pair of eyes I really want, is 14mm ice blue eyes for my Nigel. But whenever I find a suitable pair, they end up looking something completely different in owner pics, mostly too dark or greenish. Still, going through the pics has saved me a lot of money, not purchasing just every pair that looks good online.

        • mizya

          Oh no, ice blue eyes… xD I’ve been hunting for the perfect pair of ice blue eyes since I started the hobby, and I still haven’t found one, lol! I’ve gone through all possible materials (glass, silicone, urethane), but it’s so damn hard to find an actually icy blue shade. The only pair of eyes that I’m happy with is the pair that I had custom made by kaourika from Dollbakery, so I’m just waiting for kao to resume business again so that I can have more ice blue eyes made. :’3 I’m a masochist because I have several characters with ice blue eyes (Jae Sun, Mihail, Ilya, Ivanna, Xanthe – might have forgotten someone) and those are the hardest to find, by far… x_x;;

          Mako definitely does not have anything even close to an ice blue shade. :/ AM-015 seemed like the lightest blue from the new series, but it definitely isn’t light at all… I got CAPb-013 then from the old series, because it also seemed like it might be a lighter blue. But it’s not. They are all medium blue, which is very upsetting… I did keep the CAPb-013 eyes for Jae, but I always have to photoshop them to the moon and back because they are waaaay too dark for him. x’D I made this comparison that I presented to Mako in hopes of them realising how much lighter their eyes should be for me to consider them an “icy blue”:

          They promised to consider making lighter blue eyes, but so far they haven’t introduced any new colours… I really wish that they’d introduce an ice blue colour, though, it would make my life so much easier… and then I wouldn’t have to get custom eyes made for everyone – because my wallet so can’t afford that, lol. :’D

          • Fyrd

            Oh that photoshopped colour would be perfect for me too! So far I’ve had Soom’s silicone Skyblues (had yellow in the middle and I want the eyes to be clearer) and my best match Leeke’s 193 glass eyes. The shade of those is pretty perfect, but the dome doesn’t fit into my Dia’s eyewells. So I want urethanes. And the perfect one would be 14mm with the smaller iris. I’m also looking into Vings, since their irises run very small, but their lighter shades also seem to be a bit greenish.

          • mizya

            I also had Skyblueeclipse for Jae’s DOC U version some years back… then I switched to Babyblueeclipse ’cause they’re lighter, though they also have yellow in the middle of the iris so they’re not perfect… but I had the Babyblues for Jae for a while (’til I got these glass eyes from Angell-Studio and then eventually the Dollbakery custom eyes), also got them for Xanthe while she was still the Soom R.Onyx. And now Mihail has the Babyblues as well, because I haven’t been able to commission Dollbakery eyes for him.

            These are the eyes that kao made for me, btw. It’s really hard to find anything like them… the ones that seem like a light blue in photos often end up being more of a mint green in person. :S I recently spotted these glass eyes at Rosen Lied’s site and I’ve been thinking about trying them out… I just haven’t had the energy to try arranging a GO ’cause I don’t want to pay EMS postage for just a pair of eyes, haha. xD I’m a bit afraid that they might be too minty, too… or that they’ll have a really high dome. .__.;

            I’ve been curious about Vings eyes, too, but there aren’t that many owner photos available yet… and their website was a bit confusing to me the last time that I visited. The longer I’m in the hobby, the pickier I get about eyes, so I’m a bit hesitant to try new brands (especially when they’re a bit more expensive). xD Lately I stumbled upon Silver glass eyes that look gorgeous, but they’re quite pricy again… I really need to come up with less tricky eye colours for my dolls. :’3 I have trouble finding this golden light brown with a tiny bit of a red shade for Hisoka, too… and Yun Hee should also have a very specific red-ish light brown. I’ve gone through at least 7 different light browns from Mako and none have been right for either one, ahaha – they’re either too gray or yellow or too orange. I’m stuck adjusting the colours of their eyes in photos. =A=;;

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