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The Red room

Unimaginative title, haha… I’m not feeling very creative today. But yeah, I took some photos of Saki because I haven’t photographed her much yet. Well, she doesn’t have a body of her own, so that complicates things a bit. xD; I’m also not a 100% happy with her face up, so I’ll have to re-do it once it gets warmer.

I’m aware that I keep shooting her in this kimono, ahah. But I haven’t really had the time/inspiration to sew her clothes. And I really love this kimono and since I don’t have an older Kei yet… well, Saki keeps claiming it for herself. :’D It does look pretty sexy on her and it photographs beautifully, so I love showing it off. =u= ♥ Maybe the next time that I photograph her, she’ll have clothes of her own… maybe.

These photos aren’t all that special, but I edited a few of them anyway:


  • Fyrd

    Well, don’t worry about shooting this kimono too much, as it is too gorgeous to get too much camera time ;) As is Saki with those stockings.

    • mizya

      Hehe, I won’t worry, then~ ;D She’s so much fun to dress, if only I could get around building her wardrobe. Well, perhaps once summer comes and I’m done with all my schoolwork. I’d like to sew every day but I have so many papers to write that I can’t, gahh. x’D

      I ordered some new eyes for Saki from Mako today, as Seiga stole her current ones. I have to photoshop these for Saki so I’m gonna try buying a lighter green, since the eyes turn quite dark in her. She and Jae have such difficult eyeshape/eyewells, lol!

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