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The Queen and her companion

Nothing all that special… just took some photos of Nyx and Ceph for a change. The other day my idea didn’t quite work out so I tried again today, although I still didn’t get the kind of photo that I wanted. But I’m too lazy to try for the third time so this will have to do.

Here’s a photo from Monday:


And today’s shot:


… and from there things escalated pretty quickly, haha. But I’m too lazy to edit all the photos that I took (nor do I dare to *cough*), so here’s one of them – solely because Nyx looks pretty there… NSFW warning! 

The old type Super Gem female body has such pretty curves~ ♥ Oh how I wish it was possible to get Breccia’s large bust for Nyx… but well, it hasn’t and never will exist in Pearl Violet resin so it’s a hopeless wish, haha. xD

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