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The diva returns

Ever since I couldn’t get the N412 faceplate to work for Yun Hee, she’s had a bit of an identity crisis… I suppose I’ve talked about her a bit at some point here, too. But yeah, I’ve been trying to figure out who she could be… for a moment I played with the thought of making her into Riya because I rather miss her, but… she wasn’t quite right for her either. A few weeks ago it finally hit me: the N412 can pull off this smug smirk really well. And I do have a female character who fits that description. The female in question is, of course, Kei’s cousin, Saki.

And now it’s like… how come I didn’t see this right away? xD I suppose it was too obvious of an answer, ahah… but yeah, this faceplate really is the perfect match for Saki. Now I just need to re-do her face up ’cause she definitely needs black smoky eyes to be more Saki… and, well, eyes of her own, naturally. xD; Right now she’s wearing Jae’s, photoshopped green. :D;;; But yeah, I’m pretty psyched to have my diva back~ She’s fun ’cause she wears all these revealing sexy clothes… I mean, Yun is pretty sexy, too, but she doesn’t go overboard like Saki. xD She’s not very well liked around here, though, ’cause she loves to flirt with men… especially Lilya and Yun don’t like her, ’cause she’s been all over their men, lol. :’D

But yeah, I took some test shots of her today:

I really love this wig that I got from Crobi for her, it’s soooo silky. >u< ♥ Also, it's not too poofy, luckily. Most of my Leeke/DollGa wigs are really poofy so they didn't look good on her at all... I was starting to get nervous whether she'd look good with any wig. But thankfully she's rocking this one, 'cause it's very much Saki. x3 For reference, here is what she looked like as MNF Chloe a few years back: photo. I got her in winter so I didn’t get that many good shots of her. But yeah, now she’s all grown up and beautiful~ The MNF aesthetic never worked for me, I’ve had three (Ryeon, Chloe, Rheia) and ended up selling them all in a short timespan… ^^;; They’re just not my kind of dolls.


  • Fyrd

    Oh I vagely remember that Chloe of yours! I can make the connection in the style of this new doll, but she looks totally different. Gotta love that smirk though. And she rocks in the kimono :)

    • mizya

      Oh, you do? Well, she was a bit different from the usual sweet blonde Chloes at least, haha… xD Hopefully there will be more similarity with her and this new shell once I get around fixing her face up. These warm peachy tones aren’t really Saki, she should have black + olive eyeshadow and pinkish lips. I just have some difficulty finding the time and inspiration to focus on painting due to my lectures… and it always rains whenever I’m at home. =A=;;

      Well, hopefully the weather will start cooperating with me soon. I can’t wait to get her properly completed so that I can take better photos of her~ >u< ♥ Kei is definitely not happy that she stole his kimono, haha. x'D

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