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Temporary princess

Since my actual princess Riya doesn’t have a body now (I want to upgrade to a Little Harmony body, I don’t like MNF bodies anymore… LH body is chubbier with a smaller chest, so it’s more accurate for her character hehe), Kei has to work as a substitute so that I can get my cuteness fix lol. x’D He’s not happy about this at all… but he does make a very cute girl. ;u; ♥

Debating whether to post this to DA at all… I’m sure there will be Hatsune Miku comments and I don’t want those. u__u I quite dislike Miku… IA, Luka and Rin are my favourite VOCALOID girls. ♥ /OT

Ahaha pastel colours, so unlike Kei… x’D

Eagerly waiting for the day when I can get a more grown up Kei… he’ll be so beautiful when he grows up. >u< ♥

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