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Temporary blonde

My time has been taken up mostly by sewing so I haven’t had the time nor energy to think about photography… last night I tried snapping some photos of Yun, though, since the all-white outfit inspired me to try a blonde wig on her again. I’ve been thinking about repainting her to have a more subtle smoky eyes look, so I wanted to make use of this dramatic look while she still has it… ’cause I like the black eyes with the blonde wig, haha. xD

This is so out of character for her, though, she’d never go blonde… maybe wear a wig, but not actually bleach her hair. A warm brown is her colour, definitely. And well, her ex supports the bleached look, so I doubt she’d want to match him lol. x’D

Yun’s public model persona seems like this really sweet and innocent girl… but in her personal life she’s got a lot of attitude and she’s very sassy. xD Especially after she started dating Cin, she’s become more open and confident… she finds his bad boy side appealing and it has rubbed off on her a bit too, lol~ Me and Yenna originally tried pairing them all “well, let’s see if they work together”, but they ended up being a way better match than we anticipated. :’3 They’re one of my most favourite couples~ ♥

But yeah, anyway, here are a couple of photos:

I tried doing some cutesy poses, since the hair and outfit is pretty ooc (she’s more a pants type girl and doesn’t wear ruffles anymore – when she was younger she used to)… but the photos wouldn’t work out ’til she got to be sassy, haha. x’D

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