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Sweet in lingerie

First blog post of 2019 and it’s a BJD photoshoot, wow! ヽ( ・∀・)ノ I’m so lazy to do photoshoots these days, but my friend Yenna made such a beautiful lingerie set for Yun Hee as my 30th birthday present that I had to make an effort to try and take pretty photos of Yun in it.(*’∀’人)♥

I’ve got this mattress set that I bought a few years back and I’ve been meaning to ask my dad for help to make a bed frame for it… but I just haven’t found the time, summers are always so busy. (-∀-`; ) Maybe I’ll finally manage to do it this year, but we’ll see if I’ll be too busy working again. ANYHOW… at least I have the mattress set, although I’ve been way too lazy to make a pillow cover and a duvet cover, ahah… so I just used some fur fabric, ahem.But maybe I’ll eventually get around making proper bedding… maybe. (^~^;)ゞ At least if I ever get that bedframe done, lol! I also have a very limited piece of hardwood floor so it was a bit challenging to take the photos because the floor ran out and then I had to do some fixing in Photoshop… but well, it’s a decent shoot. Could have a bit more variety but I ran out of light. The days are still short at this time of the year in Finland.

But Yun looks so beautiful and I totally love the lingerie set~ ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡ Thank you so much Yenna, it’s the best birthday gift!! (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡ I’m such a lazy person that I would never have the patience to work on any other kind of lingerie, except ones made out of stretchy lace. It’s super easy to just shape & pin the lace on a doll, peel if off and then sew the pieces together. Using non-stretchy fabrics to make fitted lingerie would need drafting a pattern and I’m bad at that to begin with, let alone when I’d have to do something fitted for boobs. No, no, no. Luckily I’ve got such an amazing seamstress friend who can make things that I can’t make myself. (。’▽’。)♡

I very much recommend cheking out Yenna‘s shop if you havent already: Dimensiondolls. She also offers sewing commissions, btw. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

… I always start rambling on, even though when I start the blog post, I’m all “what should I write”. ((´∀`;)) Ahem. Maybe I’ll just stop here and post the photos, since they’re the actual point of this entry.

I even made a new watermark since it’s a new year. Not sure yet if it’ll stick, but we’ll see.

These photos also serve as demonstration of how beautiful the sculpting of the Oasisdoll Chic body is. ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊ I absolutely love it, there’s not another body like this that I’ve seen during my years in the hobby. It’s got my ideal hourglass shape: wide shoulders, wide hips, big butt and thick thighs. I love it so much~ And of course I love the Linglan sculpt, too, her smile is so charming. She’s such a great match for Yun Hee’s character~ (´∀`)♡

Oasisdoll’s sculptor Sarina has an instagram account that I recommend checking out! (*^▽^*)

The Chic body also poses quite naturally and effortlessly. To make it even better, would be if the joint in the torso was a bit lower at her waist… but it works well like this, too. (*´꒳`*) Definitely better than it would if the joint was right at the breasts. It’s kind of ironic that sculptors put the joint there so that a line won’t be seen in the torso when the doll is wearing lingerie or bikini… and sure, there’s no problem at all if you keep the torso in the default position. BUT if you want to take a photoshoot where the doll does something else than just sits up stiffly or lies down like a fish, you’ll have to bend the torso and then you get these not-so-lovely lumps and holes to the side or back of the doll. That’s when it stops looking pretty and makes my head hurt. So not a fan. (´Д` ) Luckily I don’t own a single female doll body with a boobjoint anymore, only lovelies with waist joints (Classic Narae43, old Minisup, old Super Gem female, Oasisdoll Chic), so I can do pretty lingerie shoots like this~(*´▽`*)♥


  • Fantasywoods

    I remember your hate for under the boob joint so well XD i’m not a fan either, but since I don’t collect msd or SDs anymore it hasn’t been an issue.
    Lovely photos, Yenna did amazing on that set.
    Hope that mattress gets a bed frame this year, it would make for excellent photos!

    • mizya

      Hello Twiggy! I am happy to hear that you like my girl! ^^

      Yes, you can re-post the photos, I would be honoured to see my photos on Oasisdoll’s weibo. I am a big fan of Sarina’s work and love Oasisdoll dolls very much! ♥

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