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Summer time

I visited Yenna last weekend. On Saturday evening we decided to pack our dolls and cameras and make a trip to look for some nice photography locations. We visited the beach, but there were too many kids swimming and occupying the dock so we didn’t get any photos. But we had better luck at the two other locations.

Somehow my photos didn’t turn out that well, and I did forget to take my lens hood with me… I don’t know what I was thinking since we WERE planning backlit photos, and I know that I need my lens hood for those. -__-;; So several of the photos that I took at the top of the hill as the sun was setting had not-so-pretty lens flare all over them. *sigh* Well, hopefully I’ll be wiser next time.

I’m also including the backyard photos from Sunday here because there aren’t that many of them to begin with… and well, I’m lazy to make separate entries, lol~

*Yun Hee giggling and squealing*
Min Ki: “Do you two have any shame?”
Mi Cha: >//////<;; *fidgets*[/caption]

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