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Spring colours

So, I was supposed to get my Leeke order already yesterday but the postal office screwed something up… and this morning they didn’t even try to deliver the package to me, so I’m quite annoyed with them for a change. -_-; But well, I got to pick it up myself this afternoon and the contents of the package made me veeery happy! I’m so glad that I ordered these colours, they are gorgeous! ♥ I wasn’t sure how the Misty Green would work for Apate – since I generally dislike purple and green together – but wow this colour is so beautiful in person, and in photos too~ *_* ♥ She looks like a fairy princess now, not sure how she appreciates that definition lol. x’D

She also looks quite nice with long hair… I tend to like long hair on my girls. =u= The shorter gray curly wig will still be her default, but I’ll play around with these spring colours every once in a while. ;3 There was an accident with one of her horns, so she’s currently horn-less for the time being…

I meant to take photos of all the colours but they didn’t really turn out that well… the light was really cold today for some reason so the photos ended up very blue. I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

I call the last one the “Apate, your yandere is showing” photo. x’D Crazy Soom eyes, the pupils go red from certain angles when light hits them… but it’s only appropriate for my fantasy crew since they’re all a bit insane. And yeah, Apate is a yandere… :’3

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