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Snowy adventures

I visited Yenna for a couple of days and had Alisa with me in case the weather was nice for outdoor photos. Well, today is was pretty cloudy but it started snowing, so I decided to try and snap a couple of photos. I didn’t have the proper equipment (well, mainly clothes) to roll on the ground, though, so I didn’t really get to take as versatile photos as I’d hoped – and I also managed to screw up the focus on the shots that I liked the most. The few decent photos that I got are too similar to post as a shoot, so I’m posting only two here again.

Alisa carries her plushie, Mr. Sheep, everywhere with her. She loves sheep a lot, you see. Today Mr. Sheep was being mischievous, though, and climbed up where Alisa couldn’t reach him – and then he almost didn’t want to come down at all. But he soon got cold and hurried back to Alisa to be cuddled. Mr. Sheep always gets a bit too excited when Alisa takes him out, yes.

She’s such a cutiepie. >u< ♥ That hat is a bit big on her because it was made for 40cm dolls, but I still think she looks cute with it, haha… xD

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